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1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing

Password managers are quickly becoming an essential security measure these days. Between 1password vs Dashlane, which one should you choose?

1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing
Password managers are quickly becoming an essential security measure these days. Between 1password vs Dashlane, which one should you choose?

Password managers are quickly becoming an essential security measure these days. With many digital accounts and devices to secure, it helps to have one place to store all your passwords. Many of us have an increasing number of passwords we are supposed to track. These passwords are usually complicated. They require combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. This complexity is vital for proper security. No matter how good your memory is, you may end up using the wrong password on any of your accounts. We need password managers for this reason. 

Dashlane vs 1password are two leading password managers. Their reputations are solid but which one of 1password VS Dashlane should you choose?

1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing
We need password managers to improve our online security

1password VS Dashlane


As a potential user, you should evaluate a password manager on some fundamental features. You should look at how easy the software is to use, security, and how much it will cost you. In each of these three areas, Dashlane has very elaborate capabilities which we’ll look at in more detail shortly. Also, we’ll look at some additional features. It is critical for firms that provide password management to innovate, and this is why we will explore their added features. These extra features are what help us determine which software will suit your needs in the best way possible.

Dashlane Security

Saying that Dashlane provides a secure platform is not enough. Dashlane bases their security structure on the following pillars:


Simplicity is critical for Dashlane. Their security system is easy to review and understand. It is especially crucial for people who work on the system. People must understand Dashlane’s system to change it in any way.


Dashlane does not rely on, trust anything or anyone. It does not matter whether it is servers or the designers of the system. Dashlane remains detached such that an attack on any front doesn’t affect it.


The Dashlane system should, at the very least, handle all forms of known attacks. These attacks are frequent, and might even happen daily. The system should foil such attacks quickly.

Dashlane’s security works primarily by separating user authentication from the process of ciphering their data.

1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing
essential security measures

Data Ciphering

Data ciphering is how any security software converts your data into an unreadable form. Even if a malicious entity were to get access to this ciphered data, they wouldn’t know the content. This process requires a ciphering key. Dashlane takes your master password and generates a ciphering key from it. Dashlane derives this key from what is known as 10000 PBKDF2 iterations. All your other passwords, payment information, and personal information are then ciphered using AES-256 encryption.

This ciphered data is stored locally on your device and Dashlane’s servers. This way you can synchronize it. Dashlane, however, does not store your master password on their servers. Even if a hacker were to access the servers, they wouldn’t find the master password. The master password is the essential piece of data in the whole setup.

User Authentication

You need user authentication as it is the only way Dashlane can know who you are. After that, they provide you access to your ciphered data. Dashlane does not rely on master password hashes to authenticate users. When you first log in to Dashlane, the system asks for a one-time password (OTP) which Dashlane sends to your email. As this process is happening, Dashlane generates a device key and sends it to their servers. So, for an attacker to have access to your data, they must have your master password and the device you use to log in to Dashlane, or your email.

Password Cracking

For additional protection against password cracking, Dashlane utilizes an algorithm known as Agron2d. This algorithm is built on top of AES 256 encryption. You can rest assured of maximum security.

Security Dashboard

Dashlane offers you a dedicated security dashboard where you can monitor the state of your passwords. This dashboard highlights any weak, reused, or dangerous passwords. With these consistent notifications, you can fix your passwords and save yourself lots of pain in the future. Dashlane has stiff password requirements. It cannot permit passwords confirmed as weak. One of the critical advantages of Dashlane in this area is how the software offers you an opportunity to change many passwords at once.

Two-Factor Authentication

Dashlane offers you a dedicated security dashboard where you can monitor the state of your passwords. This dashboard highlights any weak, reused, or dangerous passwords. With these consistent notifications, you can fix your passwords and save yourself lots of pain in the future. Dashlane has stiff password requirements. It cannot permit passwords confirmed as weak. One of the critical advantages of Dashlane in this area is how the software offers you an opportunity to change many passwords at once.

1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing
Two-Factor Authentication is a must

Security White Paper

Dashlane has provided a white paper with more details on its patented security architecture. You can download it freely on its security page.

Ease of Use

Dashlane is quite easy to use. Once you install their essential browser extension, Dashlane will guide you step-by-step on how to set up your account. After this, Dashlane will send you a link to their mobile application. If you are using Chrome, you won’t be able to import your passwords directly. Other browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari will automatically import passwords. This extension has only one small downside: it doesn’t have all the extra features of the Dashlane software. To access these features, you must be on their website.

All in all, the usage of Dashlane doesn’t have complications. It is pretty straightforward to set up and find your way around.


Dashlane has excellent customer support, especially on email. Customer Support replies to emails in a span as short as four hours, even for free users. Premium users receive a better standard of treatment. They also have a knowledge base and phone support. Phone support is available from 9 am to6 pm EST from Monday through Friday. The knowledge base is free of charge and has tutorials on almost all tasks.


Now with the basics out of the way, let us look at the extras. Dashlane has done a spectacular job incorporating extra features into their platform

Receipt Capture

This feature is useful for online shoppers. With every purchase you make, Dashlane automatically captures the receipt and stores it along with the rest of your data. You can then easily track your costs and charges.

Inbox Scan

This feature scans your inbox for any credentials you may have sent mistakenly. Dashlane will then request you to change your passwords to prevent any possible compromise

Dark Web Scan

The Dark Web is a scary and hard-to-access part of the internet where anonymity rules. The Dark Web is a massive market for stolen passwords, which means your security could be at risk without your knowledge. Dashlane has Dark Web scans to ensure your passwords are never among those found there.


A Virtual Private Network is a secure way to access the internet. Accessing the internet from public places at enormous risk, especially if you are dealing with sensitive data. Dashlane is unique among password managers because they provide you with a VPN. This VPN enables you to access the internet safely from wherever you are.

Identity Theft Insurance

As proof that their security architecture is robust Dashlane offers identity theft insurance. If someone steals your identity from their platform, Dashlane will compensate you up to a tune of $1 million, including legal fees.


Dashlane offers 1 GB of storage for your files. The maximum file size you can store is 50 MB for individual files

Need to check out more options on cybersecurity? Be sure to check out “Dashlane VS LastPass 2019 (Review & Comparison)” and see how they compare. See how Dashlane compares to LastPass.

1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing
Dashlane has excellent customer support


1password can confidently claim to be among the best password managers in the market. However, what is it that makes them stand out? What features do they offer, and are they much better than everybody else? To answer these questions, we have to delve deep into their feature set. We have to look at their security model, storage, and additional features. Only after this comprehensive dive in the can, we claim to rate 1password.

Before choosing a password manager, you must consider the protection they offer. More than any other feature security takes precedence. You want to rest easy knowing that your passwords are safe from any form of attack. For this to be possible, you must understand how a security platform works, what are its key features, and what steps are taken to ensure your data is safe.


1password claim they are secure by design, meaning their model is built on safety more than on any other pillar. 

Master Password

Much like Dashlane, the first thing you’ll provide with 1password is a master password. Using this password, all other data you supply is encrypted. This master password and all additional information you store with 1password is kept secure through several innovative methods.

AES-256 Encryption

1Password uses AES-256 encryption. This form of encryption is the safest yet. For example, while AES-128 is considered a weaker algorithm, it is still virtually uncrackable. 1password guarantees your passwords are safer than ever from hackers with this encryption level.

End – to – end Encryption

End-to-end encryption anticipates that someone may infiltrate the network. Using keys at each end of the network is the central concept you need to understand. These keys are highly unique, and only you, as the user and the sender of the data have access to it. Both the sender and the user must present these keys for data to decrypt. With 1password, your passwords cannot be decoded and stored in a location. Any hacker who manages to access your passwords will get them in an encrypted format. There is nothing they can do with encrypted content without the decryption key.

Secure Random Numbers

The algorithms we’ve talked about and many other public-key encryption algorithms require use random numbers. You can have decent random number generators, but these tools may not be useful enough for cryptographic applications. Numbers used for encryption must become cryptographically secure. You can rest assured that the random number generators 1password uses are cryptographically safe.

1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing
1Password uses AES-256 encryption.

Storage of Master Password

To make sure that your data is secured further, 1password never stores your master password with your data. The risks that come with third parties acquiring your master password are too significant. For this reason, 1password saves them in an exclusive location.

Secret Key

In addition to your master key, 1password encryption also uses a secret key. With these two systems, even if someone could get your master password, they still wouldn’t be able to decipher your data.

Smart Features

1password goes one step further than most password managers. This second set of features comes under the term – smart features

  • Auto-lock-This feature prevents access if you are not on-screen. It is also activated when you close the lid of your laptop. This feature is optional
  • Clipboard management-This feature is also optional. You can have passwords erased from your clipboard after a certain period. 
  • Browser authentication-1Password has to verify your browser before you can input any passwords. 1password cannot work on compromised browsers.
  • Secure fields for input-This feature works against keyloggers. Fields are protected, ensuring that keyloggers cannot duplicate your data.
  • Watchtower alerts-These alerts are sent to inform you of vulnerabilities.
  • Phishing Protection-You can only input your security credentials into their respective websites. This verification prevents phishing.

Other security features include biometric access and open data formats to ensure transparency.


1password gives you storage space based on the plan you have purchased. This space is separate from where you store your passwords. It is a space you can use for document storage, software licenses, and other files.

Other Features

The extra features offered by 1password are nowhere near as many as Dashlane, but it still is an impressive array


All your different devices, browsers, and even operating systems can be synchronized. Synchronization ensures uniformity and seamless integration of data. You can access websites from many devices without any hitches.


This feature is exclusive to mobile devices and only for apple devices. After you give your master password, 1Password fills in your username and password automatically.

Browser Extension

This extension is available to Chrome and Firefox users. From your browser, you can access your vault and manage your passwords at will.

Travel Mode

Suppose you’re traveling and you lose your device or it gets stolen. Someone could quickly gain access to your data. With 1password, you never have to worry. All you have to do is enable travel mode. Your passwords will be erased while in this mode and automatically restore when you’ve arrived at your destination.

Customer Support

Customer Support for 1password is more do-it-yourself than anything else. Email support is quite inefficient. There are many reported cases of users who reached out and never got answers. Emails are prioritized based on the subscription level of a user. Premium users do not have the same kind of support as users on a free trial, for instance. 1password’s do-it-yourself support is, however, quite compelling. They have a forum and a Youtube channel with tutorials you can use to troubleshoot.

Pricing 1password VS Dashlane


1password have a twenty-day free trial period. That’s the only free thing you get from them. Their Individual user plan is the most economical option they have. Aside from password storage, you get 1GB space for your other storage needs. You’ll have to purchase a $2.99 monthly subscription for this option.

The next plan is 1password families. This plan targets families and other family-like types of groups. The plan permits five users per group, and you pay $4.99 monthly. 1password’s Teams option is another multi-user option. It costs $3.99 per month for every user.

The Business Option is the next available package. The best things about this package are the 5GB of space and advanced customer support. It costs $7.99 monthly. Lastly, there is the Enterprise package. For pricing details, you have to contact 1Password directly for a quotation. 


Dashlane have a free version of their software. You get a maximum of 50 passwords and auto-filling in this package. The premium plan costs $3.33 per month. This plan has no limit on passwords and devices. In this package, you also get Dark Web scouring and a VPN. Dashlane offers this package on an annual subscription.

The business plan targets groups of users. It costs about $4.00 every month per user and has all the benefits of the premium package, excluding VPN services. It has other features designed for groups. These features are known as smart spaces: for storing work and personal data, an admin console, password sharing, and a few others.

1password VS Dashlane (2019) Features and Pricing
1password vs Dashlane, Which to Choose

On the core issue of password security, both Dashlane vs 1password employs robust encryption schemes. AES 256 is secure encryption as you’re ever going to get and both have added security mechanisms. 

Dashlane is more expensive than 1password. If you’re thinking in terms of cost alone, then 1password is the way to go. However, in light of all the added features, the extra money you pay seems like a decent trade-off.

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below if you’re implementing one of these password security systems in your business or at work. Be sure to check out other amazing content to find the best software for your business at BestandVS. Check out “Namecheap VS Google Domains (2019) Features & Pricing” and “Website Builders Compared: Duda VS WordPress (2019)” for full guides to building your business website today.

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