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1Password VS LastPass: Features and Pricing

We will make a side-by-side comparison of each of the critical features expected of 1Password vs LastPass, read on to know which one to choose!

1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
We will make a side-by-side comparison of each of the critical features expected of 1Password vs LastPass, read on to know which one to choose!

Back when there weren’t so many online applications, there was little need for password management. You’d usually only have your email account to worry about, which meant you could have a secure password and still remember it. However, things have changed.

We have our lives run by internet applications. Accessing information at our workplaces and schools requires that you at least have an account. Social media has now become an integral part of our systems and lifestyles.  Banking and money transfer can also be done online now. We secure our personal computers and devices with passwords. We need passwords. All these online applications require passwords. A simple enough password can provide a reasonably high level of security to your devices and applications.

Password managers have become more and more vital to the everyday man. Because of password managers, having just the one password to worry about is a massive relief to most of us. Generally, many people have trouble mastering many combinations of words, numbers, and symbols. This article will explore two popular password managers in the market today.

1Password vs LastPass

1password and LastPass are two of the most recognized password managers.  Each of the two software solutions claims to offer the best services at the best market rates. If you want to choose the best of the 1Password vs LastPass you will need to know about the features and pricing models of each. You will also perhaps use any additional information we might find that would make one software a clear favorite over the other.

This article intends to present all this information to you. We will make a side-by-side comparison of each of the critical features expected of 1Password vs LastPass, then branch out into any other unique features provided by each. Lastly, we will make a comparison of the costs involved.

1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
As we use more accounts, the need for a password manager arises. @techdadinc


Without a doubt, the essential issue we should discuss password managers is security. You’ll be storing all your passwords in their vault and trusting that they will be secure.  Therefore, knowing how password security systems work is vital, and here, the critical concept is encryption. 1password claims to be secure by design. You provide a master password when you sign up with their service, and this password is used to encrypt all the other data you provide. You can employ various methods to keep this master password secure, and the additional information you provide safe.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end encryption is one of the safest forms of encryption. It is designed to prevent any third party intrusion from intercepting data. Only the sender and the recipient can get the data. 1password employs end-to-end encryption, meaning that all the keys are available only to the users. Passwords are never decrypted or saved at any location. Even if a hacker somehow manages to get hold of your data, it will be gibberish to them; they will need your key to decrypt it.

256-bit AES Encryption

256-bit AES Encryption is one of the most secure algorithms. AES-256 is an industry leader, and as such, is employed by 1password to keep your data safe. To illustrate how secure AES-256 is, the NSA couldn’t crack a weaker version of the algorithm (AES-128). That’s how secure your data is

Secure Random Numbers

In random number cybersecurity, numbers are essential for all algorithms. 1password uses cryptographically reliable random numbers to ensure you have the highest level of security for your data.

Master password storage

You store your master password in a different location from all your other data. This feature adds another layer of security.

Secret key

Encryption requires both your master password and a secret key.

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1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
1password office @1passwordofficial

1Password Smart Features

Clipboard management

You can erase passwords from your clipboard depending on the settings you choose. If anyone manages to access your clipboard, they can’t retrieve your password.

Browser level protection

Before you can fill in any information, 1password confirms that a qualified developer has signed the browser. In case of any browser tampering, or use of a browser that isn’t approved, you will not be able to fill in any information.


This feature prevents access to your data when you are away from the screen or when you close the lid of your laptop. It has to be enabled in settings to work.

Secure input fields

With this feature, any information you provide is reliable and keyloggers cannot access it.

Vulnerability alerts

Their alerts are known as watchtower vulnerability alerts, and they are sent to you informing you of any hacking attempts on your sites.

Phishing protection

You can only fill passwords for websites to which you saved them. Any fake websites set up to steal your passwords will be instantly flagged, and 1Paswword will not enter your data.

Your permission is paramount. 1Password will only fill in your password with your consent. Without this, no data will display. 1Password also uses biometric access. You can opt to use your fingerprint to access your account on Android and Mac devices. The third level of 1password security is transparency. 1Password uses open data formats, trusted encryption algorithms, and more to ensure the safety of your data.

1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
1password two-factor authentification

LastPass Security

LastPass operates on a zero-knowledge security model which is similar to that of 1password. Almost all of the encryption and other security measures employed by 1password are also in use here. Such measures, including AES-256 encryption and PBKDF2 for password generation. Here are some added security details, however:

Two Factor Authentication Login

A combination of biometric and contextual information is used to authenticate a user and hence keep the hackers out.

Pen tests

LastPass conduct regular pen tests. Pen tests are meant to reveal any security flaws. The last time LastPass had any security flaws was in 2015, and even then no data was breached.

Bug bounty program

They have included incentives in the quest to rid their system of bugs. This program ensures that researchers and other security experts are extra motivated to keep the systems secure.

Incident response

In case of any vulnerabilities, the information is clearly and quickly relayed to the community.

Centralized control

A user can have control over all kinds of processes from the admin dashboard.

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1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
LastPass on iPhone with two-factor authorization @lastpassofficial

Other Features of 1Password

Security is the key feature with password managers, but it isn’t the only one. There are other features available, and a comparison of these features we could not overlook.

1password has several exciting additional features, these include:

Multi-device sync

It is possible for devices, browsers, and operating systems of all types. You won’t have to worry about the incompatibility between two devices or operating systems.


Works on mobile devices where your password automatically fills the form after you provide your master password. This service is only available for iOS users, which is quite sad as Android has a majority of phones worldwide.

Document storage

Depending on the plan you’re on document storage is guaranteed. Business plan and below are allocated 1gb for each user; above business plan, the storage available is 5gb. A thing to note is that this storage isn’t for your passwords, this is storage you use for other kinds of data, so however many passwords you have they will not infringe on this space. These different kinds of data may include software licenses, database information, and more.

Browser extension

The browser extension works on Chrome and Firefox. With it, you can manage anything in your vault, be it password generation, autofill, and more from your browser.

Travel mode

Travel mode enables the erasing of all your data from your mobile device and storing it in your vault in case your device is lost or stolen while traveling. Restoring your data is through a single tap when you get to your destination.

User Friendliness

1password might have a standard browser and desktop extensions, but it manages to log differently. Each new user receives what’s called an emergency kit. You are required to store this kit uniquely. It has your secret key, your address for signing in, and your regular email address. This kit is 1password’s way of actualizing Two-Factor authentication. You use this key in case you’re logging in from a machine that you don’t usually use.

The browser UI doesn’t have as much functionality as the desktop UI. With the desktop, you can add items to your vault something which the browser UI cannot manage. 1password doesn’t have a folder system in their vault-like LastPass do. Also, automatic importation isn’t possible; you must add your passwords manually on each site you visit.

1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
1password for Windows

Other Features of LastPass

LastPass has features provided to the user depending on the plan they’re on. A user on the free plan gets only the browser extension and the standard benefits you’d get from any other password manager. For all features, you need to upgrade to a paying plan.

The free plan has no emergency access or item sharing. The emergency access would have been helpful in the case of sudden death and a loved one wishing to access your information.


The interface is simple to use, and navigation is also not a problem. You can import passwords through a CSV file or from another password manager. There is also the option of adding them manually for each website as you visit it.

Neatly organized vault

As a user, you can access the vault from a browser, and a user will get to see all their passwords arranged in tiles. You can add folders to your vault as you wish from the browser extension. Folders make for a tidy looking vault and integrate nicely with all operating systems.

Desktop UI

There is a desktop interface as well as the standard browser extension. Multiple ways of accessing your vault can’t hurt.

1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
LastPass vault

Customer Support 1Password Vs LastPass

In any business customer support is such an essential factor of business that it is often the difference between success and failure.

LastPass has a customer service email though they do not assure you of immediate replies to your queries. The formal customer support channel is a toll-free line. They don’t recommend these avenues, however. LastPass prefers that you interact with them through social media. They also have articles on their websites that offer information on all the actions that a user would require to know. Their articles help you as a user from getting started with their features to using advanced administrator tools. They have it all covered.

1password has all the standard means of customer contact using email. Also, they have a forum that they promote as the fastest way to get help. It is open 24 hours a day, on all days of the week. They admit to not having the quickest email response times, but they recommend using social media platforms. This honesty is quite refreshing to hear. Lastly, their website also has some articles that deal with frequently asked questions.

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1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing

Pricing 1Password Vs LastPass

When it comes to pricing, these two password managers differ with their plans and the benefits that come with each plan. Let’s deal with LastPass first.

LastPass have a free option. This plan is not a thing most other providers have. The free option allows access to the password vault and one user. The next level is the premium user level. At the premium level, the user can get priority support in addition to all that they get from the free tier. It costs $2 per month.

The family level plan is for multiple users; hence, the number of users allowed is six. There is a family dashboard that all six users can access. It costs $4 a month. Teams level is for admins. The price for each user admin is $2.42 per month, and each admin can manage from 5 to 50 users. Enterprise-level offers a dedicated support group and costs $4 per month.

1password does not have an all-time free option; all you get is a 20-day free trial period. However, they have pretty reasonable prices. Their cheapest plan comes in at $2.99. With this plan, an individual user receives an allocation of 1gb of storage for documents and all the other essential features we discussed.

1password families permit up to five users and go for $4.99 per month. The team’s option is cheaper than families going for $3.99 per month per user. Business option is a bit like the team’s option, but it has 5gb of space, high-level support, and you pay $7.99 a month. The Enterprise level is the highest level on offer, and for that, you must get a quotation.

1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
LastPass Business Pricing

Comparison 1Password Vs LastPass

Having gone through the features and prices for each platform, it is time for an objective comparison. A comparison of security features would have been the most helpful pointer of the two platforms utilized different schemes. However, as it stands, the two have an almost identical security setup. That really shouldn’t come as a surprise; the AES-256 encryption is one of the most secure public-key cryptosystems. Deciding on these two based on security isn’t the way to go. You’ll be getting the same deal both ways.

Pricing then becomes, arguably, the most critical differentiator. The absence of a genuinely free option on 1password does it a reservoir. 1Password prices their plans quite well. However, when you consider that you’ll be getting excellent service as a single user from LastPass, the choice is clear. For family or business users, the differences between the two providers are again minimal. You can choose any option, and the quality of service and features offered wouldn’t be different.

LastPass’s vault displays files in folder format which lends to an aesthetically superior interface compared to 1password. This interface may not be an issue to you if you aren’t that much into aesthetics, but 1password really could do better given that there is so little that varies between these two platforms. Such minor aspects could tilt the scale away from them.

One area where 1password excels is the provision of document storage. Again it is a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but it could be what influences a user to its platform. Considering that the security they offer is top-notch, a user could choose to use their storage for sensitive material. The fact that access is easy makes matters better.

1password does not prove information on whether they carry out regular pen tests and audits. Probably, they do not neglect this vital aspect. However, LastPass’s transparency gives them a win here. Availing information on potential breaches however minors cultivate trust with their clientele, who choose to stick with LastPass for this simple reason.

1password’s importing of passwords could use an upgrade. While LastPass allows for automatic imports, with 1password, you have to add passwords with each website you visit manually.

1Password Vs LastPass: Features and Pricing
Winner LastPass!

LastPass easily wins in this comparison for all the small extra details they have in their arsenal. LastPass has a decent free option. Their paid option, however, isn’t expensive. Also, it offers slightly more services, and the paid option works well. You don’t get to spend much monthly, and you get a decent level of service.

1password get the basics right. Their security is at par with the best providers, service, and navigation are also satisfactory. 1Password requires time to be comfortably used. These little details they skip over are what make LastPass a better option.

What’s your choice between 1Password vs LastPass? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to also check out related content for your business like “Constant Contact VS MailChimp (2019) Review and Comparison“. Find which software is better for you when deciding how to reach your audience more effectively online. Thank you for reading!

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