Mailgun vs MailChimp? What's better?

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Introduction  TimeCamp is a software that keeps track of how people get to use their computers at the workplace. It is one of the most flexible ones in the

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Introduction  A good time tracker software like Hubstaff can perform wonders to the team’s productivity and personal productivity. It would help by keeping a real-time log of what everyone

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What is OfferUp? OfferUp is an online marketplace that aims at matching sellers with buyers for products. Built into the system is a biding process that ensures that the

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Introduction  Mint is a free to use online financial application that can be used to control personal budgets and spending. Some various tools and tricks would make personal finance

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Introduction  With most people, sticking to the desired amount to spend for a particular activity is hard enough. When the pulls of balancing out a budget take over life,