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link to Verydice


What is Verydice  It’s a free, wacky, funny mobile app available on iOS and Android phones. Several users can add and collect redeemable tickets by rolling a virtual dice

link to Perk TV

Perk TV

What is Perk TV? Perk TV is an application that pays to view countless videos on your smartphone or tablet. Videos duration are around 1 and 2 minutes, and

link to AMZ Review Trader

AMZ Review Trader

Shopping is with no doubt an activity that implies quite a lot of pleasure. When done with moderation, acquiring new things means improving the quality of life, even if

link to Decluttr


What is Decluttr?  It is a website, which provides an application where you can negotiate used stuff. The site promotes a wide range of used items, such as: –

link to What is Handy Pro

What is Handy Pro

Handy Pro app Handy Pro is a practical application that contributes home cleaning and maintenance services to homeowners willing to pay for the additional support. Created in 2012, it