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Acronis VS Macrium Reflect (2019) Recovery Tools Comparison

Excellent backup and recovery software are important for a business. However, it may be tricky choosing between Acronis vs Macrium Reflect. Read on to know!

Acronis VS Macrium Reflect Recovery Tools Comparison
Excellent backup and recovery software are important for a business. However, it may be tricky choosing between Acronis vs Macrium Reflect. Read on to know!

Summary: Acronis vs Macrium Reflect

Acronis and Macrium are both excellent pieces of backup and recovery software. Both are similar in cost; however, Acronis offers perpetual licenses putting into the lead cost-wise. Both platforms are feature-rich, albeit Macrium’s poor UI. In the following review, I’ll go more in-depth on the prominent features and aspects of these two pieces of software.

Design: Acronis vs Macrium Reflect

It’s essential to have well-designed software, for usability and efficiency. A clean and straightforward interface lets you get your work done, without any hiccups.

Acronis has a nice and clean layout, with most of its features organized into small tabs. A simple blue and white theme allows you to navigate Acronis easily, with little to no effort. Acronis separates your computers and drive’s into manageable tabs. Acronis is great for large corporations that need their staff drives sorted for secure backups and recovery. With its well-made interface, Acronis is well poised to be an industry leader in terms of design.

Macrium’s software has an aged look and feel. Much of the software feels aged and caters toward more legacy customers. Macrium has a blockier feel and often feels slower to use during navigation. In usage, Macrium is hard to navigate and has the feel of almost ancient software. Seasoned IT individuals should have no problem with it, but newer IT staff might be put off by its more ancient look and feel.

Winner: Acronis takes the win here, with its more advanced and organized interface.

Macrium isn’t far behind, but it’s harder to use for newer IT staff.

Acronis VS Macrium Reflect (2019) Recovery Tools Comparison
Interface of the Macrium Reflect software

Flexibility: Acronis vs Macrium Reflect

Having software that can match your business’s growth is essential for continued improvement. As you scale up, your software should follow suit and cater to your interests.

Acronis offers G Suite and Office 365 backup so you can guarantee your team’s work will be safe. As you grow as a business, it’s essential to have past documents and analytics secured for record-keeping and growth predictions. Acronis also allows you to monitor much of its inner workings from a mobile device. When your business is experiencing rapid growth, you need to maintain the same backup quality to ensure a smooth ride to the top.

Macrium offers advanced and capable monitoring software similar to Acronis. However, Macrium does not provide anything substantial in the form of flexibility. Macrium does not have many unique characteristics that make it as flexible as Acronis.

Winner: An easy win for Acronis, it manages to be very flexible and open-ended, unlike Macrium.

Acronis VS Macrium Reflect (2019) Recovery Tools Comparison
Business products for Macrium

Features: Acronis vs Macrium Reflect

A powerful and feature-rich platform is crucial in the competitive business world. Having the edge over your rivals in any way, shape, or form is vital for success.

Acronis is an exceptional feature-rich platform, offering deep customization and cutting edge features to guarantee an edge. Acronis hands you complete control over backups, letting you choose how long until they are deleted and what should be backed up weekly versus daily. High-level encryption ensures your backups are safe and secure. Acronis allows you to integrate third-party services directly into the software. Parallel Access will enable you to monitor backups and computers remotely, ensuring everything is running correctly. In short, Acronis provides a feature-rich platform capable of meeting the rising demands of the business world.

Macrium is no stranger to features, boasting an impressive array of competitively designed features. Macrium features Rapid Delta Restore, a process that can restore images much quicker. This feature allows you to restore critical computers enabling you to get up and functional fast! Macrium offers many of the features Acronis offers as well!

Winner: There’s no clear winner here, as both pieces of software have certain features that may attract different clients. It’s best to think about the key elements you require and acquire the software which meets your requirements.

Acronis VS Macrium Reflect (2019) Recovery Tools Comparison
Backup interface for Acronis

Price: Acronis vs Macrium Reflect

Having a low-cost backup solution takes the burden off of your earnings, allowing you and your employees to walk away richer.

Acronis offers exceptionally competitive pricing, allowing businesses of any size to keep up to date and robust backups. Acronis’s workstation plans come in at $99 per year, with three years costing $249. Acronis also offers perpetual memberships; however, they have to be installed on-premises. Acronis server backup software starts at $839 per year, with continuous and 3-year memberships costing just under $1800. Acronis also offers software for Office 365 backup at $300 per year or three years for $600. G Suite is supported, costing $200 per year or $400 for three years.

Macrium’s pricing is very low for the exceptional services it offers. A free, albeit limited feature-wise, the edition is regularly updated and perfect for personal/ small business use. Macrium’s cost per workstation is $75, with prices dropping to $67.50 if you buy 10+. Macrium’s server-grade software is $275 per server, with prices dropping to $247.50 on orders over ten licenses. Macrium’s server plus software is $599, with prices dropping to $539 if you buy more than 10. Macrium has multiple other bulk purchase offers and offers technician packages for even more options.

Winner: Acronis has perpetual licensing plans, allowing you to save quite a bit of money over time. On-premises installation might deter some businesses, but for the majority of companies, Acronis will end up being cheaper.

Acronis VS Macrium Reflect (2019) Recovery Tools Comparison
Payment plans for Macrium Reflect

Support: Acronis vs Macrium Reflect

Customer support is an underappreciated side of most businesses and corporations today. Many take it for granted how important having access to a sound support system is. Often being able to contact a support team and getting an issue resolved quickly is critical in the heat of the moment. You may never have to use it, or you may have to use it frequently, but having that sense of security is something you cannot put a price tag on.

Acronis support has sadly proven time and time again that it is inadequate for the clientele it caters to. Many users describe the lack-luster support experiences they receive and unacceptable delays in communication. In a competitive business world, every hour counts! The Acronis forum, however, is home to a helpful community of users.

Macrium customer support has been shown to provide quick responses, usually between the response times of around 20 minutes to an hour if wait in between responses. For longer and more complex issues, it’s been shown that Macrium Support’s response times can be up to 24 hours but has rarely ever shown response times greater.

Winner: I think it is clear to see that until Acronis can step up their game, Macrium takes the crown in this situation!

Acronis VS Macrium Reflect (2019) Recovery Tools Comparison
A MacBook Pro and iPhone on a desk

Comparison chart: Acronis vs Macrium Reflect

Product Acronis Macrium Reflect
Design ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐
Usage ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐
Features ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Price ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
Support ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Acronis proves time and time again to be the most compatible software for the job. Although missing some points for customer support, Acronis easily makes up for them in other departments. And although Macrium is a reliable platform, it does not keep up to pace with the consistency across the board that Acronis provides. Overall, both pieces of software are suitable, yet Acronis takes the win in our books.

What do you think is the better option here? Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out the rest of our other comparisons at BestandVS. Find out the best way to save money online in “WikiBuy vs Honey (Comparison) Saving Money Online Made Easy“.

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