ActiveCampaign Review

ActiveCampaign review introduction

There are several strong operating points to a good email marketing software, including ActiveCampaign. As it happens, some of the points are more relevant to some users than others. It stands to good reason that people use a certain software product for its benefits than for its negative aspects. In this ActiveCampaign review, we will point out both sides so you can have a clear picture of this software.

Discussed in brief are some of the advantages of using email marketing software, and it points to the good that a system can prove to the user over its demerits. As is the case often, the software has a few disadvantages no matter how good its performance.

ActiveCampaign Review
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  1. Timely Campaigns: When using an automated email campaign software, it’s mostly that the person would stick to fixed or decided timelines. This could well be the most vital point to something like ActiveCampaign as it allows a user-independent working of the platform. This is compared to the more traditional email campaigns that need to be planned out months in advance. And even there, it cannot be said that there is a surety to delivering the emails on time.
  2. Increase Leads: The role of leads and subsequent conversion cannot be stressed enough with any email campaign. Email marketing can increase the leads and deal with the need to convert them to sales. A package like ActiveCampaign tends to help speed up the process of lead acquisition and conversion. This is because it’s possible to analyze the campaign and strength the strong points and stress on the weak areas of operation.
  3. Right people: An active email campaign needs to reach out to the right set of people at the right time as well. This is achievable with packages like ActiveCampaign and remains one of the strong operating points of the system. It’s to be noted that it’s easy to reach out to people with email marketing campaigns as it is possible to access the messages from the comfort of the handheld device most of the time.
  4. Being Cost-Effective: In these days, when ROI is so important to any business, the use of emails to market a product or service is one of the most cost-effective ones possible. It’s a fact that email doesn’t cost anything to the user, and it is always sure to be delivered to the recipient. Simply put, an email campaign would provide more bang for the buck at any time of the email campaign.

Features of ActiveCampaign

Take any email campaigning software, and it is evident that some strong points make it indispensable in situations. ActiveCampaign has some of the most promising features in email marketing software, but most of the features are standard as with any other email software available.

The features

  • Customization: This could well be the strongest point when it comes to using email marketing software at any time. It would be rather bland to have emails having the same appearance and feel no matter the type of use that it’s put to. That is why ActiveCampaign has some of the strongest customization features possible on a comparable platform. One of the strongest points with the software is the customizable templates.
  • Workflow Capability: In an email campaign, sending out emails is the culmination of a series of initiated processes over some time. With ActiveCampaign, it is possible to automate the series of steps that finally lead to sending emails to market a product or service. This hands-free approach works wonders to smoothen the workflow and to maintain an actable set of actions.
  • Internationalization: This describes the ability of the software application to process data and emails in different languages and currencies at one time. This enables the use of the process in a larger number of email campaigns and cross-cultural environments as well.
  • Reliability: ActiveCampaign is one of the most reliable software for automate sending emails and their analysis. In just a few cases the platform needed to be shut down for repair or maintenance. A strong operating point with the software is that it can run for days together without any human intervention.
  • Integrations: It’s possible to integrate the software application with many common software platforms that enable the smoother functioning of the email marketing campaigns as with the ease of integrations. This feature only increases the use of ActiveCampaign as more applications are compatible with the platform.

ActiveCampaign review – the downsides to the software platform

One of the most common grouses with using ActiveCampaign is that it lacks dynamic content within its forms. A campaign would need to have different forms filled in compared to a single form in case of dynamic content. This is inherent with the product and could well be addressed in future updates to the platform.

We can say the software could be more flexible so the small and medium scale operations could be a lot smoother. But it’s impossible to have systems that cater to all sections of the markets with equal ease.

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ActiveCampaign an automizing system

No doubt, few people would find fault with automizing systems that need repetitive actions. Email campaigning is one such area that does with many recurring actions that can undergo a large amount of automation. ActiveCampaign is one of the foremost email marketing software for the kind of features it offers at any time. It’s also one of the easy to use as well compared to the complexity that it handles in everyday operations.

Few people have been able to find fault with the working of the ActiveCampaign software. It stands to reason that the application’s undesirable qualities have been overcome with practice and execution as far as possible.