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AMZ Review Trader

Shopping is with no doubt an activity that implies quite a lot of pleasure. When done with moderation, acquiring new things means improving the quality of life, even if it is minimal, and that’s why it brings so much satisfaction. But do you know what brings even more pleasure? Buying while saving money.

Such a thing it’s even delicious. It makes you happy to see that you purchased something %25 cheaper due to an offer or similar because you can allocate that saving to something else just as important. This is called being a savvy shopper, and you must be proud of it. 

And it is only necessary to see how much sales go up during Black Friday to know that this is true. The main problem is, Black Friday is not every day, nor even every Friday, so you can’t find such tremendous deals daily.

But what if we tell you that there’s a way to get a good discount on everything you buy, no matter what time of year? Because that’s what AMZ Review Trader is promising, in short. No matter what you buy, you can get a good discount almost all the time.

But there are too many websites claiming this stuff, and most of them are a scam. Does it happen the same with AMZ Review Trader? We invite you to continue reading and discover if this website is a scam or legit!

What is AMZ Review Trader (Vipon)

Before telling you if this website is legitimate and how it supposedly works, it is necessary to put yourself in context and tell you what this platform is. First, we’ll let you know what you would be dealing with if you decide to use it.

Formerly known AMZReviewTrader, Vipon is a website where you can find incredible deals and on Amazon, as long as you’re a member. You can purchase products with a 20% discount, or even a discount of 90%. People can even find items with a 100% discount, or in other words, you can purchase free articles on this website, and all you have to do is pay for the shipment and nothing more.

So far, this sounds really great, but let’s look deeper and go beyond the surface.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

How Vipon works

As you can imagine, Vipon is a platform for both sellers and buyers. And it works in the following way: legit Amazon sellers share coupons for quite a lot of their products already listed on Amazon. Then Vipon lists such deals on their website, and people enjoy the discounts by buying from this website.

Like Amazon itself, if you’re going to buy or sell, the platform works differently.

Vipon for buyers

Before you start buying, you must sign in, and the good news is that it’s completely free. And to purchase items, you can look for a particular article directly on the searching box, or you can browse and see what deal you can find. If you spot what you’re looking for, click on the item, and you’ll be redirected to Amazon, with the article on the cart and the coupon code automatically applied to the purchase.

And that’s how you can buy on Vipon. It’s as easy as it seems.

Vipon for sellers

Unlike buying on Vipon, selling is not free. If you want to list your Amazon items on this platform, you must register first, choose a plan, and pay for it, of course. Each of these plans allows you to promote a precise number of items per market.

The plans are the following

  • $100 per month – Standard – 3 Product promotions per market
  • $200 per month – Professional – 12 Product promotions per market
  • $400 per month – Enterprise – 50 Product promotions per market
  • $800 per month – Enterprise Plus – 120 Product promotions per market
  • $1600 per month – Enterprise Premium – 300 Product promotions per market

Of course, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any moment. And in case you’re asking, the minimum discount you can offer is %20, although it’s not wise to choose such a low deal, as it’s not competitive enough.

Photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash

Why people use Vipon

Why people buy Amazon products through Vipon is self-explanatory. They offer great deals, and people love deals, so it’s pretty evident why this platform is getting more and more popular. But you might be wondering what sellers gain using this website and selling their stuff with huge discounts. It’s all about visibility.

Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform globally, where you can find almost all the products you can imagine from even the most obscure brands. For this reason, it’s a very competitive market. And whether your item sells depends primarily on two things: good reviews and how close your product is to the top spot on Amazon’s search engines.

Reaching the top spot in searches or getting close to it is not easy, especially for new sellers. You must sell to gain visibility on Amazon, which is hard for new products or brands. So new or small sellers use Vipon to boost their sales and get good reviews, which will help them be more visible within Amazon at the end of the day.

Does Vipon go against Amazon’s terms and policies of service?

Believe it or not, no, Vipon doesn’t break Amazon’s guidelines because, unlike other similar websites, they don’t force you to leave a 5-star review of the product on Amazon to enjoy the discount. In this case, the review is entirely optional.

When Vipon was still AMZ Review Trader, it was different. It was mandatory to write a good review of the item. But this changed after rebranding in 2016, when Amazon updated its Terms of service and prohibited such practice.

Is AMZ Review Trader (Vipon) a scam or legit

Countless websites offer what Vipon offers, and most of them are scams. But Vipon is entirely authentic. Without any tricks and without putting your Amazon account at risk, you can get amazing deals by shopping on Vipon. All without unethical practices like giving fake reviews. So you can use this website with 0 concerns; it works pretty fine, and it’s excellent to save a lot of money.