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AppPresser vs MobiLoud (Features & Pricing)

AppPresser vs MobiLoud (Features & Pricing)

AppPresser or Mobiloud? Which is the best way to turn your website into an app? Well, we are about to give your answers to that. AppPresser and Mobiloud are two services you should be aware of. Both of these services are aimed at helping you convert your current website into a mobile app. All this without any coding knowledge whatsoever. It is not hard to do in 2019! Exciting times, you may say.

By now, it is pretty clear that mobile apps are essential for any modern business and your website being one of the businesses; you also need an app to stay close to your potential clients and fans. 

Mobile apps are one of the best ways you can use in the modern age to keep in touch with your customers. For e-commerce businesses, for example, not having a mobile app is placing your business at stake. As much as people have laptops and desktops, most of the time, people are glued on their phones. Smartphone addiction is at an all-time high – but, to you, as a business person, this is an excellent opportunity to sell. 

Let us not dwell on this; however, we bet you already know reasons why you want a mobile app for your website – it is why you landed on this page in the first place. 

In that manner, and without wasting any time… can we please jump on it already?


AppPresser is more of a tool, while MobiLoud is a service. MobiLoud will design the custom app for your while AppPresser is just a tool for converting your website into a mobile app. These two platforms offer the same kind of service, however. In this article, we have placed the two side by side, stacking each feature and functionality available on each. For those who would love to jump straight into the answer, well, let us give you an early tip. 

In this review, AppPresser is the best solution that offers better value for money. The same can be said about MobiLoud, but only for large-sized websites with a massive following. For starters, sticking to AppPresser is good since you will be provided with all the tools needed to make your mobile app, for less. And not just for less – AppPresser is way cheaper than MobiLoud. Some AppPresser yearly plans are even equal to MobiLoud’s monthly pricing. But MobiLoud offers more functionality with massive capacity, more integrations, and even more functionality. You can read on to find more about the review.

AppPresser vs. MobiLoud: Features

AppPresser Features

Facebook Login

Mobile apps build with AppPresser allow users to login via social media. This is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with your blog readers and community. With Facebook login, it is so much easier for users to log in and interact with your platform, unlike relying on segregated login and password -which turns out as tiring for some. What’s even worse, most people don’t bother remembering what credentials they used in creating an account on your website, so using social media is so much easier since they log in every day. Apart from the Facebook login option, your visitors can also log in using the regular WordPress terminal.

Social Sharing

Social media sharing buttons are pretty typical for most platforms, ranging from websites to mobile apps. Unless you are a government service portal, social media sharing buttons are essential to driving more traffic. AppPresser mobile app builder lets your visitors share your content either to social networks or as well as directly via email.

Camera Support

With this feature, your users can be able to upload photos directly to your website by either snapping on the go or from their photo library. This is an excellent addition to customer reviews on e-commerce platforms.

Offline Content

The offline content feature allows your visitors to download pages or media for offline viewing. 

Restricted Access 

This applies to users who offer members-only content on some sections of their websites. So, logging in will give a user more privileged to the pages they can access. In addition to that, sites that offer content that is exclusive to premium members can also make good use of this feature. This is quickly done using AppPresser through integration with your membership plugin.

Monetize with Ads

For websites, most people use AdSense, but for mobile apps, Google named its advertising program a different name. Mobile app monetization can be done via Admob, which is supported by AppPresser.

Maps and Check-ins

AppPresser also supports check-ins via its mobile apps. You can allow your visitors to check-in using the Maps support available in apps made using AppPresser.  

Push Notifications

AppPresser allows you to send push notifications to all users who have your mobile app installed. It is easier to set them up and can be sent in variant ways. You can send from WordPress using the AppPush plugin, the platform’s dashboard, or anywhere using our custom API. The platform is integrated with BuddyPress, which allows users to receive notifications from their devices, a similar way they do with Facebook mentions or Private messages. AppPresser also enables you to build your custom events under which a notification will be sent to your subscribers. These custom events can include new posts or articles, or based on a given period like a week or so.

Live App Preview

This works similarly with WordPress customization with live previews. You will be able to preview your mobile app as you continue building it up. In this way, it is easier to see what the result is, and will help you customize the app to be the way you want it.

WordPress Customizer

We are sure you are asking yourself, how then does AppPresser achieve this – enables easy creation of mobile apps. Well, this tool gives you several mobile app themes that you can choose from. Your work will generally be to customize the theme to your liking to fit your websites’ color theming and all that. However, this modification is not that difficult if you have worked on a customized WordPress theme before. For developers, this is easy a pie. 

Device Testing

On top of the live app preview, AppPresser also allows you to test the resultant app on your device. That way, you can tell what is missing on the app and how you could make it better in terms of design.


AppPresser apps can also be integrated with an analytics tool to record the usage stats of your mobile apps. You can integrate your mobile app with Google Analytics for this.

MobiLoud Features

Customized for you

First and foremost, the difference between the two is that MobiLoud will customize the app for you, unlike AppPresser. Everything within the app will be custom made to match your website’s design features. Among the key areas that MobiLoud customizes are the brand, colors, custom list and article screen designs, custom tabs, and functionality.

Custom article screens

Unlike AppPresser, which gives you a bunch of themes to choose from, MobiLoud goes a mile further by customizing your article screens as well. With this, you will be able to have all your content, embeds, and functionality easier to load, delivering a great reading experience for your app users’.

Configurable Menus

MobiLoud offers various Menus you can utilize in your mobile app. Some available configurable menus include hamburger menus, tab menus, as well as header navigation. Not to forget that all of these are entirely customizable menu tabs with intuitive design and UI, so it makes it easier for visitors to navigate your mobile app.

Advertising integration

Like AppPreser, you can also integrate mobile ads into your app, which will generally increase your income. From the word go, MobiLoud supports the following app advertising networks; Google Admob, DFP / Ad Manager, Google Ad X, Facebook Audience Network, and Mopub.

Subscriptions & Paywalls

This is pretty much similar to restricted content available in AppPresser. You can restrict access to some content, and only give full access to users who subscribe by paying a fee or by logging in the platform. Some perks that you can include in the premium access can be ad-free access for websites. If your website has a paywall, you can also integrate with your mobile app made by MobiLoud. 

Native sharing

Unlike in AppPresser, where you only get access to the sharing buttons, MobiLoad takes it a notch further by including native sharing to other platforms as well that allow content sharing. This can consist of instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, productivity apps like Slack, and even via email. There is also an option to bookmark a page, add it on your reading list as well as copying the link to share on whatever platform you wish to.


MobiLoud apps also support the commenting feature on articles inside the app, like what is available on WordPress or any other CMS. 


This feature basically allows your reader to view images on your app natively.

Offline Support

Offline support is also available on MobiLoud. Offline support is essential and will prove efficient for readers with poor network connectivity. It is also handy for users who want to save the pages later for reading.

Push notifications

Push notifications are a MUST-HAVE feature for any mobile app, especially for e-commerce stores and even media platforms. This is a great tool to notify your users of the upcoming article or news regarding your platform. You can send notifications from your WordPress site for new content. 

Customized Push Notifications

Because news websites can be aggressive with push notifications since they publish several articles in a day, it is good to give your readers control on what they should be notified about. MobiLoud mobile apps allow you to give your readers control on which topics they should be notified about. This will definitely increase the engagement rate than spamming users with push notifications on topics they least care about.

Video and audio players

Just like what you would do on WordPress, MobiLoud apps also allow you to embed videos or audio players within your posts. This can be done in two different ways – via native SDKs or HTML embeds.

Rating reminders

Although this is not so important, it is highly beneficial in the long run. Inviting users to rate your app in Google Play or Apple Store will help your app even attract more users who visit the app stores to hunt for new apps. With higher rankings, your app will be able to gain more organic downloads. 

Content recommendations

For apps build with MobiLoud, users will also be recommended other articles related to what they are reading on the article screen. Recommendation functionality can be achieved via the use of any third-party services or plugins.

Native Search

MobiLoud apps also come with native search functionality. This can be handy for users when searching for specific articles or content based around a particular keyword. The search functionality is pretty easy to access and can be located at the top of the article screen as a sticky bar for convenience.

AppPresser vs. MobiLoud: Small Comparison Table

Who is this for?

MobiLoud and AppPresser are both dedicated to turning your website into a mobile app. MobiLoud is more of service since they do it for you while AppPresser is a tool – all the work is on you. Both of these services are amazing and will be cost-saving – depends, if you want to have a mobile app of your own. 

So, yeah, this is for those who have WordPress websites already. 

Pros and Cons

AppPresser Pros

  • Cheaper than MobiLoud
  • Easy to create a mobile app

AppPresser Cons

Customization is limited, unlike hiring a developer to develop an app

MobiLoud Pros

  • Everything is done for you
  • Has more functionality than AppPresser
  • Supports multiple advertising networks

MobiLoud Cons

  • A very expensive service

AppPresser vs MobiLoud: Pricing

On pricing, there is a massive difference between the two. First, let us start by looking at AppPresser.


AppPresser’s pricing is based on a yearly billing cycle – no monthly plans available. That may sound expensive to some, but wait until we cover its competitor here, MobiLoud. AppPresser has three pricing plans; Basic, Business plus, Business, Agency, and Agency Plus. The latter two are for those who need multiple apps created. Under the first three plans, you will Build one app for iOS and Android, and there are no restrictive measures on the number of app downloads.

Basic Plan goes for $249 per year. It includes the following features;

  • App builder: use our visual customizer to build your app.
  • Support and updates: technical support and regular maintenance and feature releases from our team.
  • AP3 Ion Theme: our WordPress theme to integrate your WordPress content.
  • Social sharing: share button on posts.
  • Multiple Language Translations
  • Push Notifications (Limit; 5,000)

Business Plan – priced at $499 per year. It includes the following features;

  • Camera
  • App Login/Registration
  • Geolocation
  • Admob Ads
  • Downloads & Offline media
  • Advanced Push Features
  • Push notification limited to 500,000 Devices
  • App builder
  • Support and updates
  • AP3 Ion Theme
  • Social sharing
  • Multiple Language Translations
  • Memberships
  • WooCommerce
  • BuddyPress
  • LearnDash
  • 1 App Store Submission

Business Plus Plan unlocks all the functionality available on the platform. Features included are;

All the features in the business plan, plus

  • One bonus app
  • Segmented Notifications
  • Add Users
  • In app purchases
  • Notification limited up to 1 million devices

Agency Plan goes for $599 a year. It includes the following features;

  • 25 iOS & Android App
  • Push Notifications
  • Core Features
  • Advanced Features
  • Memberships
  • WooCommerce
  • BuddyPress
  • LearnDash
  • Push notifications limited up to 1million devices

Agency Plus

Includes all the features in the Agency plan, plus;

50 iOS and Android apps

  • Plus features – Segmented Notifications, Add Users and in app purchases
  • In App Purchases
  • Push notification limited to up to 2 million devices

Agency Plus goes for $780 a year, billed annually, just like the other plans.

MobiLoud Pricing

Before we talk about MobiLoud’s pricing plans, here is a little info you need to know; MobiLoud offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Unlike AppPresser, MobiLoud has both monthly and yearly plans available.


MobiLoud has 3 plans: Custom, Professional, and Essential.

Essential Plan is the lowest plan available. It will set you back by $249 paid monthly or $199 yearly. Paying upfront for a year will save you a massive $600.

Features included are as follows:

  • Native app for iOS & Android
  • Configuration and publishing included
  • Custom designs for icon, splash screen & screenshots 
  • Icon, splash screen, screenshots design
  • Ongoing updates and maintenance
  • Send targeted push notifications
  • No MobiLoud branding in your app
  • Monetize with Google Admob
  • Up to 2,000 active users

Professional Plan goes for $399 per month, paid monthly. Paying twelve months upfront will help you save a ton – up to $958. It includes the following;

Setup & configuration a value of $1,850 and a Custom designed app. You can also monetize with your own ads and ad networks.

Professional Plan features everything in Essential Plan, plus;

  • Custom design for lists & articles 
  • Unlimited active users 
  • Monetize with Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Google DFP & more
  • Access to Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) for 25%-50% higher CPM
  • Priority support 

Custom Plan is the highest plan available. It will set you back by $599 per month or $499 billed annually. With the custom plan you can MobiLoud will offer you a Custom quote based on your requirements. Apps build under this plan include a Paywall & Membership site integration. In addition to that, you can also sell subscriptions.

Here is a summary of the features included;

Everything in Professional Plan, plus;

  • Custom Development 
  • Sell subscriptions with in-app purchase 
  • Require a login for premium content or for all users to access the app 
  • Integrate with your Paywall provider or Membership plugin 
  • Integrate Quantcast, Comscore, Taboola or any other analytics or advertising SDK
  • App Source Code
  • Individual SLAs
  • Volume discounts


On user-friendliness, MobiLoud is more user friendly. MobiLoud will do everything for your once you pay their hefty subscription fees charged. The setup is free and you can even request anything customized depending on your needs which will attract even more fees as a result if you opt for the Custom Plan.

AppPresser vs MobiLoud: Integrations Table

Some AppPresser integrations;

  • BuddyPress
  • Google Analytics
  • WooCommerce and more

MobiLoud integrations:

  • Google Admob
  • DFP / Ad Manager
  • Google Ad X
  • Facebook Audience Network
  • Mopub.
  • WordPress
  • Quantcast
  • Comscore

AppPresser vs MobiLoud: Customer Support

AppPresser offers support via email only. You will have to fill out a form on their customer support page. In addition to that, you can also find some help in their resources page, which will offer you a step to step guide on how to go about the various feature available on the platform. The best time to contact AppPresser’s support team is on a weekday from 8 AM to 5 PM EST.

For MobiLoud, there are multiple channels that you can use to access the team’s support. Some various channels you can use include;

Email;, via phone support through either +44 020 8798 0959 or +1 800-790-1107. There is also a physical address for those who want to hit their physical offices.

The Verdict

Each app has its own strengths and weaknesses. AppPresser provides you with all the tools to set up a mobile app while MobiLoud will do it for you. A significant advantage of AppPresser over MobiLoud is the cheaper pricing. MobiLoud is as expensive as $3,000 per year, with some of its monthly plans costing the same to AppPresser yearly plans. 

For starters, AppPresser is definitely worth your money. It offers more than just basic functionality for less. For large businesses and those who want to make the most out of their mobile app, we recommend you opt for MobiLoud instead. MobiLoud offers full customization for apps if you need to, at an extra fee. 

MobiLoud will also provide you with the App source code, which gives you the freedom to develop your mobile app even more to increase its functionality. The latter is, however, not available for AppPresser. That is why we recommend large businesses going for MobiLoud instead. 

MobiLoud also covers a tone of user with support up to 2 million devices for push notifications. This is the best for large size websites with a large fan base.

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