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Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing

Antivirus software is now more critical than ever; most Internet-accessing computers must have some form of such software installed, such as Avira and Avast

Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
Antivirus software is now more critical than ever; most Internet-accessing computers must have some form of such software installed, such as Avira and Avast

The internet is perhaps the most important discovery ever. Never in the history of humanity has there ever been a more powerful tool. Ever since the advent of the internet, we have made many strides in our modern society. It has made all aspects of life more manageable. As such, we have continually become more and more dependent on it. We wouldn’t be far off the mark in asserting that many of us, all young people, cannot entirely function without the internet.

However, the internet is much like your standard neighborhood. It is a great place to hang out. It has excellent resources and amenities, but without a proper security system, it can quickly turn into the Wild West. The internet has and continues to serve rogue, illegal, and immoral people and groups. The internet is essentially an open platform meaning without protection you are vulnerable.

Enter antivirus software. This class of software seeks to provide protection.  Antivirus software is now more critical than ever; most computers that access the internet must have some form of such software installed. Think of them as your local police precinct, or at best, the US army, that protects you from attacks when you go into the Wild West.

Avast and Avira are two popular antivirus solutions. Both software is individually aggregations of different modules rather than being single applications. For us to decide which software is better, a closer look at their features is necessary.

Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
Introducing Avast @avast


The core product Avast offers is their antivirus. We will break down their protection strategy into three sections. That way, it is easier to understand what they offer.

Avast Free

Avast Free is the most popular product from Avast obviously because it’s free. It supports all the major platforms (Windows, Android, and iOS).

Virus Protection

Avast is one of the best free antivirus software solutions. Their latest iteration comes improved with unbeatable threat detection. By employing outstanding analytics, Avast Free can successfully combat threats before they have a chance to infiltrate your network. This smart protection extends to viruses, spyware, malware, phishing, and ransomware.


CyberCapture is a monitoring feature that scans all files on your local computer. If any data appears suspicious, Avast uploads them to a cloud location where they get analyzed. If the file is indeed a threat, the action is immediately recommended, not only to you but also to all other Avast users as well.

Network Inspector

This feature is always on alert on your home wi-fi. It looks out for weaknesses in your network and intrusion by any foreign users.

Smart Scanning

Many types of malware look for any little vulnerability to infiltrate your network. Avast offers smart scanning, which finds all these areas of potential entry. Be it deprecated software, wrong settings, weak passwords, and dangerous add-ons; nothing will be allowed to place you in harm’s way.

Behavior shield

The behavior shield regularly checks applications for malware. It also additionally monitors the behavior of these apps for any unusual or abnormal activities.

Layers of Security

Avast’s security model is layer-based. The advantage of a layered approach is that there are more options to capture threats. On top of all these layers is a cloud-based AI system that is in constant monitoring mode. These security layers receive regular updates to combat new threats. The different protection layers in Avast include:

  • Fake site protection
  • File shield
  • Behavior Shield
  • CyberCapture
  • Ransomware shield

Do Not Disturb Mode

This mode was known as the Gaming mode in previous iterations. It is quite advanced and has even more capability to block popups and other distractions. It is especially useful when you’re gaming, or watching movies, or making full-screen presentations.

Avast Premium

The free version is quite capable but performs even better as Avast Premium. Premium is a paid option that comes with a multitude of features.

Multi-Device Use

Up to 10 devices can use it. However, you are not under any obligation to use it on ten devices. It will work just as well on one. It just means that you can share security with multiple devices or devices of people who are close to you.

Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
Security with Multiple Devices @avast

Added Protection Against Spoofing & Ransomware

Premium Security prioritizes scanning against spoofed websites. Spoofing is the use of fake websites to entice users to enter their private information. If you fell prey to a spoofed website, you could lose your data, identity, or money. Premium security scans ensure that you don’t become a victim of these traps.

Ransomware protection works in the background to give you adequate protection against ransomware. Avast Premium prevents Ransomware attacks rather than trying to decrypt files affected by them. Hackers will not get anywhere near your data, let alone encrypt it.

Other features you get on the premium platform include:

  • Capturing photos and audio of thieves in case someone steals your device.
  • Automatically locks your phone if stolen and someone attempts to swap SIM cards.
  • It tracks the last location of your phone after the battery dies.

Avast Free and Premium have standard system requirements for computers. Requirements for the other devices and platforms are on the Avast website.

Avast Mobile Security

The third product offered by Avast is a unique app for android devices called Avast Mobile Security. It is designed to guard your device against phishing, malware, and other threats such as trojans. The app has a leading scan button at the top and four options for customized scanning.

  • Normal scan:  Scans all your installed applications and reports risks to you.
  • Boost RAM:  Automatically frees RAM by shutting down apps operating in your background.
  • Clean Junk:  Shows you the space in your system and gives you options to free more space.
  • Scan Wi-Fi:  Scans your network for connection problems, encryption, and more.
  • VPN Protection: Gives you access to a secure AvastVPN. We’ll talk more about it more shortly.

Avast Mobile Security has a free version and several paid versions. The Avast Mobile Security Premium platform (one of the paid versions) allows for the following:

  • Disabling of foreign ads
  • App locking for an unlimited number of apps
  • Avast anti-theft which captures the picture of a thief if someone enters an incorrect password.
  • You can also schedule your device for scans so that the whole process is automated.

For more information on how the Avast mobile platform works, including how you can customize your protection, to performing all the essential protection steps, jump on to the Avast Mobile webpage.

Other than these three core features, there are also additional capabilities, including a VPN and a Password Manager.

Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
Security from Avast @avast

Avast SecureLine VPN

This VPN by Avast and available on all major platforms. With this VPN, Avast assures you of protection from all forms of online intrusion and spying. It protects you against DNS leaks which could lead to information about your network falling into the wrong hands. Additionally, it completely hides your online presence. No one will track your online activities because there is no log recorded on the websites you visited. With this information absent no one can track you.

The VPN uses bank-level encryption to secure your browsing. It also disables all content blocks so that you can get to your favorite websites. It also provides anonymity for streaming services.

The servers which enable the SecureLine VPN to work for you are stable and robust. These servers exist in over ten countries worldwide, including Brazil, Denmark, France, and Germany. These servers make the speed of your connections super-fast. You get double the benefits. Your presence online is protected, and you get fast internet access.

Password Manager

Through Avast Password Manager, you can manage your passwords more comfortably. Now you don’t have to remember long lists of complicated characters. This password manager is available for all major operating systems. The Avast Password Manager app is easily accessible from Google Playstore. It works decently and has all the features that you would expect of a password manager.

Interface & Ease of Use

The installation process doesn’t require any expert knowledge. You need these standard system requirements to install any version of Avast on your personal computer.

  • Your computer should run on Windows Seven and above. Ideally, you should use Windows 8 or 10.
  • Have at least 1GB of RAM and 2GB of free hard disk space.

You shouldn’t worry much about these requirements as most modern computers easily surpass them. The Avast interface is simple. Navigating your way around it is quite comfortable, you have to click on a link, and you’re done. While browsing the interface, your passwords and network are regularly checked against any threat of invasion.


The Avast support page provides you with several options. Just like many other security products, Avast offers multiple channels of support. They have links to the most common issues a user might face right at the top, of their website. You can solve all your problems with installation and activation. You can also address all your account, subscription, and purchase issues. The Avast website also has a helpful search bar just in case you don’t find what you need.

Avast also gives you access to simple how-to articles for individual products. Another form of support Avast has is forums where fellow users of the product come in handy and provide assistance for particular problems you may have.

Avast has contact avenues include dedicated phone lines, email, and social media pages. Email support is notoriously slow, unfortunately. Many other service firms are as guilty of this, so you probably want to avoid it entirely. You can access customer support on their social media pages easier. Live phone support depends on your level of subscription. Clients receive priority according to their subscription. Higher value clients get more reliable support than standard and free users.

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Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
Avira @avira


Avira is a German software company, founded in 2005. It is one of the major players in the online security segment. Avira recognizes the ever-increasing threat faced by unwitting internet users. Therefore they came up with a couple of products to supplement their Antivirus. Of course, the antivirus remains their main product. It is fascinating to research and look at all the products they offer how you can use them.

Ease of Use

It is satisfying to note that most antivirus software packages are elementary to set up and use. The installation process follows a prescribed guide, and it even has an allowance for custom sets of preferences. Once set up, there isn’t much else for you to do. The Avira interface provides all the information you need. In case you are required to perform any actions, The Avira interface will guide you accordingly.

Free Antivirus

The free antivirus is Avira’s primary product, and it’s their fundamental value proposition. According to Avira’s website, Millions of people worldwide use the free version of their antivirus. What set of features does it have? Read on to find out.


The scanner is the primary tool. It detects and blocks all malware. Malware is a collective term referring to viruses, trojans, ransomware, and other threats.


Threats are evolving every hour. Having an antivirus that is static and acts only against a predetermined set of risks is not helpful. Avira comes with a Nightvision module just for this purpose. Nightvision is a learning system that is always on guard against evolving threats. You won’t have to worry about any new risks; Avira already anticipates them.

PUA Shield

Quite often, threats hide within innocent software and files. A simple example is an infected email that introduces a threat to your system once you open it. The PUA shield is an effective guard against these kinds of risks.

Avira Browser Safety

The free version of Avira includes a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. This extension has several features to make your browsing experience safer.

Secure Browsing

The extension actively scans all websites and blocks any harmful or suspicious ones before they load to ensure safe browsing.

Ad Blocker

It also includes an ad blocker. All pop-ups, malicious ads, banners, and all other kinds of intrusive content are blocked.

Browser Tracking Blocker

Your presence online can be monitored through your browser. To help prevent this Avira Browser Safety blocks this kind of tracking.

Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
Block Your Popups @avira

Price Comparison

In case you want to shop online, the extension also brings you a list of prices so that you can pick the cheapest on offer.

Software & Driver Updater

The software update feature is available on the free version. It, however, does not have as many features as the pro version does. We’ll discuss this version shortly.

Still, you can update all your regular programs easily and automatically.  Avira supports a list of over 150 programs. There’s very little chance that your favorite programs aren’t on this list. Your drivers are kept up to date too. Most of us don’t even know when our drivers are out of date, so having a tool that keeps track of this information for you is right.

Avira Premium Version

You purchase the premium version of Avira, which comes with a host of extra features.


Boasts an intuitive and straightforward to use interface. Everything you want gets done with a single click, be it scanning, or updating something. The interface provides you with all the information you need as to the current safety state of your device. You are also able to automate tasks giving you much more freedom.

Using Artificial Intelligence In Combating Threat

When you purchase Avira Pro and install it on your device, you get instant security and several other benefits too. Avira connects you to a global detection system. This system is cloud-based and is always vigilant for new threats. Round-the-clock detection is the first part of this threat-protection system. Once Avira Pro detects a new threat, the system analyzes it immediately and finds a way to combat it. Artificial intelligence comes in to anticipate. Any new threat detected equips the system with more knowledge needed to anticipate future threats.

Online Banking & Transactions

Avira Pro works correctly against threats that come with banking and making other kinds of financial transactions online. Avira pro has boosted ID theft protection in the latest version to give you the safety you need online. Specifically, Avira Pro protects you against:

  • Phishing: Phishing is growing more and more advanced by the day. These phishing attacks target even your credit cards, passwords, and other bank details. Avira Pro protects against this kind of attack.
  • Various Threats: While shopping, you aren’t just at risk of phishing. Other threats to be aware of include: banking trojans, fake carts, and variously infected websites. Avira Pro also is vigilant against these kinds of attacks.
  • Keyloggers: The last threat is keyloggers that try to steal your passwords. With Avira Pro, you don’t have to worry about this.

Email Protection & Firewall Manager

Email protection involves a scanner specifically for emails. Emails are one of the most effective ways of targeting a system. With email protection from Avira Pro, you can safely access your emails. The firewall manager focuses on your firewall settings and optimizes accordingly. Windows is a great system, but its firewall is susceptible to attacks. The Avira firewall manager boosts your firewall for ultimate protection.

These are just some of the features you get in Avira Pro. There are other features that you can read about on their website.

See how Avira compares to another protection heavyweight and see which one is better for you in “Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019)— Features and Pricing“.

Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
A Perfect Manageable Guide @Twitter

Avira Safe Things

The internet of things is well and truly here. Many people have made their homes smart and added all types of features in them. Avira SafeThings is a solution for keeping all these connected devices safe. This solution comes in the form of a simple plug-and-play router. Once connected, the router does several things.

  • Home Protection: Acts against intrusions such as hacking, phishing, spying, and hijacking.
  • Remote Security Management: Enables you to manage your home’s security through a mobile device directly.
  • Network Mapping: Gives you a map of all your connected devices. Useful for keeping track of your devices.
  • Free Avira Prime: When you get the router you also get Avira Prime for free.
  • Risk Assessment and Alerts: Your devices are scanned and given a score based on how vulnerable they are. For any intrusion attempts, Avira Pro notifies you.
  • Customizable Firewall: As a user, you have ultimate control over your system. Set your rules over access to different devices, from where these devices can be accessed, and at what time.

The SafeThings router manages to give you all these benefits without compromising on speed. You get 15 times more (RAM) and ten times more CPU power compared to a regular router. The standard router comes with 64MB of RAM and 300MHz of CPU power.

Avira Phantom VPN

The Avira VPN gives you three major benefits:

  • Anonymity: Surf the web without anyone figuring out your identity.
  • Secure web connection: Through encryption, all your traffic is kept safe from prying eyes.
  • Unblocking websites: The VPN can work through firewalls, and other kinds of censorship to grant you access to sites.

From accessing music online to using social networks, to managing torrents, and even streaming, the Phantom VPN has it all. Another awesome thing to know about this VPN is that it comes in a free option as well as a more advanced paid option. The free option comes with 500MB of data every month. The paid version has no data limits.

With Phantom VPN, there is a no-logging policy. No logging means any websites you visit will not. The lack of a record ensures that any person looking for your history cannot find it.

Lastly, you can be able to use the VPN on multiple devices. This feature saves you money while guaranteeing the same level of protection for all your devices.


Avira provides various avenues through which customers can get the help they need. The official support page features a host of options including a comprehensive FAQ section, info sheets, and access to specialized resources. Perhaps the most famous avenue of help has to be the community. In the community, users discuss multiple issues, and you are very likely to meet and procedures for almost anything you need here.

Avira offers customer support through the phone in categories. Avira categorizes your call as either home or business. Personal users of products should use the home line for help while business users should use the other line. You should also know that the level of support you get is dependent on whether you are a free or premium user.

In addition to these official channels for support through email, and social media are also accessible.


Avira’s free antivirus is decent, but there are paid options as well. You have access to three options:

  • Antivirus Pro Business Edition: Costs $22 for a single device per year.
  • Antivirus for Endpoint:  A multi-user application. It can be used on devices up to three and the cost is $83 annually.
  • Antivirus for Small Business: It can also be used on a maximum of three devices. It costs more, however, at $121 every year.

The free version offers only the antivirus, for all the other benefits and products you have to go for the paid versions.

Avast caters to two groups of clients, and each has its own set of products.

Avast for home has two versions: a free version, and a premium version. The premium version costs $79.99 per year. It has all the added benefits, including VPN and multi-device usage.

Avast for business has a host of different products. The prices for these products are available on the Avast for a business page.

Avira VS Avast (2019) Features and Pricing
Cost of Your Security @Twitter

Avast and Avira are both excellent antivirus solutions. They both have free options that are more than able to provide adequate protection to your device. They also have expanded sets of products for business and other security concerns. On most measures, the two really could be interchangeable.

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Join us at BestandVS for more comparisons to the top products & services in the market!

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