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Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019)— Features and Pricing

Avira and Bitdefender offer what you exactly need; both antivirus programs do the work well. But of course, Avira vs Bitdefender? Who is the winner?

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
Avira and Bitdefender offer what you exactly need; both antivirus programs do the work well. But of course, Avira vs Bitdefender? Who is the winner?

In the current digital world full of threats around the web, you never know when you will get caught up by bad actors. The AV-TEST Institute discovers every day over 350,000 new malicious programs and potentially unwanted applications (PUA)Consequently, over the past five years since 2015, the number of total malware has grown from 470.01m to 939.65 in 2019, that’s more than double the amount in 2015!

For the uninitiated, AV-TEST Institute is an independent lab located in Germany that has been around for over 15 years conducting security research on software programs.

As a result, having an antivirus installed on your device is a need more than just a good idea. And as of now, you may be wondering between Avira vs Bitdefender which Antivirus program should you use. That is exactly what I’m going to help you solve by providing you with the various advantages and disadvantages of the duo.

What makes the pair easy to stack against each other is the fact that both programs have great reputation in the industry and have their own advantages and downsides that you will discover as you go through the comparison below.

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
Students in a classroom full of Mac computers.

Which Software Has the Best Overall Security Protection?

Security is the core factor behind having an antivirus. Apart from other factors, knowing that you’re protected while surfing the web in the current world is satisfying. In terms of security, both Bitdefender and Avira perform well. But of course, the need for this article is to find out who is doing better than the other. 

In Malware detection reports released in March this year by Australian third party firm, AV-Comparatives, Bitdefender scored 98.7% in both offline and online detection rate. On the other side, Avira lagged with an offline detection rate of 95.8% and blew away Bitdefender in online detection rate by hitting 99.99%. In the online protection rate, Avira blocked all the malware (100%) while Bitdefender scored 99.99%.

Since security is such a critical matter, we cannot rely on one company for these tests. AV-Test, a German third-party company also this year released a lab test report comparing the available antivirus programs. In real-world testing, Avira detected 97.1% zero-day malware attacks inclusive of web and e-mail threats. Bitdefender, on the other hand, detected 97.1% zero-day malware attacks still inclusive of web and e-mail threats in real-world testing.

Windows vs. Mac Malware Protection

AV-Comparatives also compared malware protection rates based on Operating System. Both Avira and Bitdefender detected 100% of malware on Windows platform. However, on macOS Avira Antivirus Pro protection rate dropped a bit to 99.8% which is not bad. Bitdefender, on the other hand, maintained a 100% robust proof protection against malware on Mac.

Best Protection Winner: Bitdefender

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
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Who Has the Better Phishing Detections?

Phishing refers to masquerading as a trustworthy entity/person to acquire personal information from an individual which may range from usernames, passwords, Credit Card details, among other things.

Bitdefender was certified back in June (2019) as an anti-phishing program after detecting 98% of phishing URLs with no false alarms on Windows. Avira was also approved by AV-Comparatives as an Anti-phishing program but scored lower than Bitdefender with an 88% detection rate and no false alarms.

Best Phishing Detection: Bitdefender

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
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Direct Impact on Performance Between the Two

I’m sure by now you already know that using Antivirus programs has its impacts on the performance of your device. You don’t want an instance where the antivirus slows down your PC while performing a scan. In tests conducted by AV-Test, Avira antivirus had more impact on performance than Bitdefender. Avira scored a 5.5-star rating out of 6 while Bitdefender had minimum impact on performance being awarded a stunning 6/6 rating.

AV-Comparatives another independent test lab crowned Bitdefender as the top “ADVANCED PLUS” program with a minimum performance impact. Avira still featured on the list but on the “ADVANCED” section. Comparing the two in terms of star-rating Bitdefender was awarded 3-stars while Avira was awarded a two-star rating on performance impact.

Best Performance Impact: Bitdefender

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
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Who Has the Better Freeware Version?

Considering Avira and Bitdefender have both a freeware version, it is always worthy of upgrading to unlock the full features and advanced protection mechanisms. However, note that Bitdefender’s free antivirus suite supports both Windows, macOS and Android. Avira’s free antivirus suite is exclusively available on Windows and macOS. 

Avira Free Security Suite

  • Free antivirus
  • Free VPN
  • Free System Speedup
  • Manual Software Updates
  • Safe Online Shopping
  • File Shredder
  • Password Manager
  • Safe Search Plus

However, there is a downside of using Avira’s free antivirus that is worth mentioning; you will be shown ads, and the installation process tricks you into installing other software programs, as well.

Bitdefender’s Free Suite

  • Anti-Phishing & Anti-fraud
  • Complete Real-Time Data Protection
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Web attack prevention
  • Automatic Upgrades

Bitdefender’s installation process is quite simple. Bitdefender first downloads a downloader which upon launch will start downloading the full package of the antivirus which is slightly over 300MB. The good thing about Bitdefender is that you will not be asked to install other freeware programs in the installation process.

Both the two antivirus programs have no live customer support, which is preserved for paid customers.

Best Freeware: Avira

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
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Who Has the Better Pricing Options?

Bitdefender Pricing Options

PlanFeatures1 Device 3 Devices 5 Devices 10 Devices 15 Devices
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus – Up to 10 devices
– Windows support only
– Free Online Support
– Automatic Upgrades
$39.98 $59.99 $69.99 $79.99 N/A
Bitdefender Internet Security– Up to 10 devices
– Exclusive for Windows devices
– Automatic Upgrades
– Free Online Support
$59.99 $79.99 $84.99 $89.99 N/A
Bitdefender Total Security – Up to 5 devices
– Supports Windows, macOS, Android & iOS
– Automatic Upgrades
– Free Online Support
N/A N/A $89.99 $99.99 N/A
Bitdefender Family Pack – Up to 15 devices per household
– Supports Windows, macOS, Android & iOS
– Automatic Upgrades
– Free Online Support
– Protected Family devices
N/A N/A N/A N/A $119.99

*Prices in USD

Avira Pricing Options

Plan Features1 Device 3 Devices 5 Devices
Avira Antivirus Pro – Antivirus Scanner
– Cloud Technology
– Smart A.I.
– Improved ransomware protection
– Protection of email
– Avira Intelligent Repair System
$35.99 $46.99 $56.99
Avira Internet Security Suite – All feature Included in Avira Pro
– Software upgrader
– Password manager
$46.99 $56.99 $67.99
AVIRA PRIME – Premium antivirus protection
– VPN (unlimited surfing)
– Automatic software updates
– Password manager
– Personal privacy assistant
– VIP customer support
– Browser tracking blocker
– Premium apps for Android & iOS
– Free access to future products
– System Speedup Pro
N/A N/A $79.99

*Prices in USD

Apart from the pricing above, Avira also has monthly packages for their various products which is uncommon for antivirus products. Avira charges US$3.99/month (1 device) for Avira Antivirus Pro, US$4.99 (1 device) for Avira Internet Security Suite, and US$7.99 for Avira Prime (5 devices). Also, it is good to note that Avira Prime has a license for unlimited devices which goes for US$103.99/ year, US$200.99 for two years and US$288.99 for a 3-year license.

Note that there is a fair policy use that restricts the number of devices up to 25. So, it is not “unlimited” as they call it. But before immersing yourself in the paid plan, you can still use the free plan Avira provides to test out the waters.

Apart from these Avira also offers other products as follows;

  • Avira Optimization Suite (Windows only)
  • Avira Total Security Suite (Windows only)
  • Free Antivirus for Mac (Mac only)

And just like Bitdefender, Avira Supports Windows, Android, iOS or macOS. Besides, it is also good to note that Avira has flexible payment plans with both three options featuring variable prices for licensing either 1, 3, or 5 devices.

On product pricing, Avira is cheaper as compared to Bitdefender. Avira Antivirus Pro (most affordable plan) will set you back US$35.99 for one device per year while the cheapest Bitdefender plan starts at US$39.99 for Bitdefender Antivirus Plus.

Best Pricing Options: Avira

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
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Main Features— Avira vs Bitdefender

Features Avira Bitdefender
Complete Real-Time Data Protection Yes Yes
VPN Yes Yes
Parental Control No Yes
Ad Block Yes No
Password Manager Yes Yes
Safe Online Banking Yes Yes
WebCam Protection No Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
Anti-theft Yes Yes
Rescue Mode No Yes
File Encryption No Yes
Microphone Monitor No Yes
Anti-tracker Yes Yes
Malware Protection Yes Yes
File Shredder Yes Yes
Anti-Phishing Yes Yes
System Optimization Yes Yes
Autopilot No Yes

In terms of features, Bitdefender has more security features that lack in Avira. In the table above, we’ve included some interesting features among the two.

Best Main Features: Bitdefender

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
Tasks on the mac.

Ease of Use— Avira vs Bitdefender

The user interface, although not so important, matters regardless of the software. A user interface should be easier to use and give more priority to the new end-user who shouldn’t have to immerse him/herself in Google to know the workarounds.

Bitdefender has a quite impressive user interface, which is easy to navigate also. Bitdefender has it all figured out; you can access its features by going to the various menus provided.

Avira provides you with everything on the home page, but you have to do some scrolling to access other features. Which I find not user-friendly, but still that is the only issue with their interface.

Compared to Bitdefender, Avira loses it on the ease of use perspective.

Best Ease of Use: Bitdefender

Who Has Better Design and User Interface?


Bitdefender has a pretty well-organized interface with all of its options placed in under a category. Apart from the dashboard on the left, Bitdefender also has a Protection, Privacy, and a Utilities button. Under Protection, you can access Safe files, Antivirus, Firewall, Antispam, Online threat filter, Vulnerability scan, and Ransomware remediation.

For the Password Manager, Parental Control and Webcam protection navigate to the Privacy menu. Under the Utilities menu, you are provided with tools that help to speed up your devices like a One-click optimizer and a way to clean your local disk, plus an anti-theft tool.

Under the dashboard, Bitdefender provides an easy way to launch a quick scan, open VPN, and you can still add additional options for your convenience.


Avira offers a neat design, yes, with an easy to use interface, but it does not look impressive from a first contact perspective. Although the design has been kept minimalistic, giving priority to the end-user. Avira offers an easy way to access their different kind of products, including its VPN, system boosters, scanning options, and its privacy pal, among other features depending on the type of product you use.

Generally, Avira’s UI has improved over the years, but still, Bitdefender offers the best interface out there.

Best Design and User Interface: Bitdefender

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
Working on Macbook.

Customer Support Avira vs Bitdefender


Customer support on Avira’s website has been organized well with FAQs on their portfolio of products. The customer support section is quite informative for a free user. However, to access support from the team directly, you need to be on a paid plan.


Bitdefender, however, the case is quite different. Bitdefender’s customer support page offers answers on their products. The major issues addressed here revolve around tutorials on how to either install, upgrade, activate the license, and how to auto-renew your subscription – a bummer you can say.

Still, Bitdefender provides instant support for paid customers just like Avira. For paying customers, you can access Bitdefender live support easily via instant support on their website. Alternatively, you can use other channels like email or a plethora of customer support numbers provided on the site. Additionally, their forum is quite informative with almost 100,000 posts on their products – you won’t miss something there.

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
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Summary— Avira vs Bitdefender

Looking for an Antivirus program that you can count on is a lucrative task. Even the leading antivirus programs do not hold the crown for a long time. Various lab tests, including the one above, has been performed by well-known independent antivirus test firms including AV-Comparatives, AV-Test Institute, SE Labs, and MRG-Effitas.

Bitdefender Wins when it comes to Design and User Interface, Ease of Use, Main Features and has the least performance impact. Besides, Bitdefender also leads in terms of security with a 98.7% in both offline and online detection rate test reported by AV-Comparatives in March this year.

However, Avira holds the crown for having the best price than Bitdefender. But on matters security do note that these live test results do change with time. But generally, last year’s AV-Comparatives independent lab tests summary for the whole year awarded Bitdefender 2018 Outstanding Product Award for retaining a 3-star rating on all the seven tests performed in the year.

For customer support, both companies offer excellent support to their paying customers.

So, both programs offer what you exactly need; both antivirus programs do the work well. But of course, we must have a winner right? Which is the primary intention of this comparison.

Final Winner: Bitdefender

Overall Bitdefender emerges as the best offering a wide variety of features although with slightly steep pricing as compared to Avira.

Avira Vs. Bitdefender (2019) Features and Pricing
Above view desk setting

Thank you for reading with us today! Let us know in the comments below if you still have any questions regarding these two programs, maybe there’s something we missed on discussing.

Need assistance in email marketing as well? Be sure to check out “Mailgun vs Mailchimp (2019) Features & Pricing” for more. If you’re interested in learning more about any of our articles just head on over to our full blog here. We’ll see you there!

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