Best Apps for Selling Stuff

Introduction-best apps for selling stuff

Selling stuff online has been the trend in the last few years. There has been a range of sites that offer this facility. There are online stores that cater to every need of the individual and online flea markets as well. It would only be prudent to look at how the typical online store functions in matching customers to buyers for their produce. This blog covers some of the Best Apps selling stuff.

Setting up an online store or an e-commerce website is not the easiest of things. It takes specialized knowledge about computers and databases. The promoter needs to understand how customers are attracted over the internet and get the right kind of attention for sale products.

Secondly, opening an online store quite contrary to the perception is not cheap. There are a lot of logistical hurdles to surmount, and it requires people who are experts in their fields. People that have the right knowledge and expertise would not come cheap at any time. True, there are no rentals to pay, and space requirements are lesser too. The overheads, when compared to a traditional store, is much lesser, but it takes a certain doing to get an e-commerce venture up and running.

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Advantages of selling online

All said and done, there are some advantages to selling online, and this cannot be denied by those running e-commerce sites or those willing to buy from one. If a customer were to adjust to buying without actually getting to feel and touch a product, then online shopping can be just as satisfying as the actual physical store.

Geographic boundaries

An online store or an e-commerce platform has few physical limitations. People can shop from right across the world and is certain political compulsions prevent goods from reaching some places on the planet. With most online stores, they have a robust logistical side, something like the national postal service.

Always open

There is not an eCommerce site that is not available 24×7 and 365 days in the year. The fair degree of automation and the need for minimal human intervention gives online store access right around the clock without any restrictions. Often it is this sort of convenience that gets people to shop at such establishments.

Competitive prices

Most e-commerce operations are done with minimal intermediaries, which would, in turn, mean a better price to the end consumer. The stores to take advantage of this situation by realizing a better profit margin than most traditional format stores. Most online stores’ key feature is the discounts and rebates that are on offer practically right through the year. Consequently, shopping becomes cheaper for all concerned.

Omnichannel stores

An omnichannel store is more of a traditional brick and mortar store that has integrated an online channel to sales right through the setup. The advantage of such systems is that it tends to take advantage of both the online store format and the traditional stores.

Customer profiling

With the typical online store, it is possible to collect a wide range of data regarding customers and their spending habits. It enables the online stores to offer custom made offers and rebates and other sales directly to the end consumer.

Best apps for selling stuff

If you seek to buy the latest products or just a way to declutter the home or office, there are online solutions that provide all the conveniences necessary to have it done. Online flea stores can sell second-hand and used goods in large format. Besides, online stores sell everything from groceries to furniture; the range is endless. Discussed in brief are some of the Best Apps for selling stuff that dominates the field of e-commerce. The list is not the most exhaustive but is indicative of what a customer can hope to get.


Set up in 1995, this is an online marketplace that has over 200 million users worldwide. Most of the market is divided into different continents that allow for greater customer focus and faster reach. Often this is done to get over restrictions to selling outside the political boundaries for the commonly used goods.
There are two ways a seller can participate in the online store. The first is through an auction mode and the other through a fixed price system. When putting up a product for an auction, it is critical to wait for the auction period to get over before it can be allotted to the highest bidder. While with the fixed price sale, it is more of having a fixed price to be paid for processing a product.

eBay has an automated bidding process that sets the price the next bit when a bit has been successfully entered. The seller has to deliver the goods at the highest bid and without any preconditions if participating in the auction.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace attempts to create a neighborhood marketplace that can unload unwanted stuff lying in the house. It stands to reason that it has been in use; it has managed to get hold of over 800 million customers in over 70 countries.
Facebook Marketplace is one of the online shopping apps that have little structure. The buyer and seller usually agree to the Payment terms and methods after the deal has been finalized. It is possible to upload snaps of the items on sale, and with every Tom, Dick, and Harry on Facebook, this is too large a market to ignore for any product.
An excellent positive is that people do not have to download and install another app. Or start another selling account. Facebook Marketplace is an extension of the Facebook app and no further.

Nextdoor- one of the Best Apps for selling stuff

Nextdoor at the very heart is an app that tends to create neighborhood communities. It has a sales and free section where things can be sold, bartered, or given away. It is just an excellent option to selling in the neighborhood and does away most of the time with the need to ship out things. The photos of the product along with the price are uploaded. On top of that, a description is added to the listing as well.
The search option brings out the stuff that has been put up for sale in the searched category. The app has an advantage, i.e., a product for sale is announced as a newsletter to the group members and not to those wanting to purchase the product. This feature advertises the product on sale. It is possible to narrow down the sale to the products a person is interested in. It is more like a general search.


Another of those great apps that allow the sale of used cars to baby clothes, the platform has just the right deal for the buyer. Here’s why. The seller has to put up the description and other details along with the photograph of the item on sale, and it would go online in 30 seconds or less. Each seller has a rating that depends on how the person has conducted sales on OfferUp in the past. Consequently, the buyer gets to know about the person he is dealing with and makes an offer for the goods.
With the OfferUp app, it is possible to take a pick between selling nationwide or selling locally. The local sales do not need shipping, and the cost is settled between the seller and buyer. When selling nationally, the seller needs to ship the product, and payment is made through the app. Unless the buyer gets the goods, the price is not released but kept in an escrow account till then.

CPlus for Craiglist

Craigslist, an online classifieds’ website has given license to a third party app i.e C-Plus. Most people who use CPlus often comment that there is no beating the app’s reach as it rides on the use and popularity of Craiglist.

Description and uploaded photographs create a free listing to sell an item on the platform The price expected is also mentioned in the listing. Sellers can opt for getting notified with an item of interest gets to be listed, and this helps reach out to a large set of customers each time. There is also geo-location enabled, and it is little wonder that the item reaches the most people to view in quick time as well. Thus, ensuring a fast sale and good price realization.

Poshmark-Best Apps for selling stuff

With 25 million items on sale from 5,000 brands, Poshmark is the one-stop selling solution to all fashion needs. From Used clothes to used shoes, all can be put up for sale on the platform.

There is a simple listing process. Take a few photographs, fill in the description, and you are ready to go. Of particular note on the app are the Posh Parties that take place only for no reason but to get more people to shop on the system.
If the item does not fit with the description then buyers on Poshmark will be returned with the sum paid. The app does charge a commission for sale done through it and can vary from a fixed amount to a percentage of the cost.

Tradesy-one of the Best Apps for selling stuff

Founded in 2012, Tradesy is an app for those seeking to sell and buy fashion related items. It is designed for women to connect their closets so that selling becomes seamless and straightforward. Just a snap and a prospective price are all that it takes to transact on the platform.

The first step to selling on Tradesy is to take few snaps of the item and fill in the description. Item’s age and feedback in the past on Tradesy will recommend its price. Accept the price on offer, and the sale is on. Remember that the platform is seeking to sell only high-value items that have not been worn much. So, people looking to offload worn-out clothes would do best to avoid the app.

Tradesy charges a commission for sales conducted on the platform, and it is possible to cash out the earnings either by way of money in the bank or conveniently through PayPal.

Does it cost to sell on the apps?

There are those free to use apps that thrive on third party advertisements that run on them. But the vast majority of selling stores tend to charge a small commission for trade conducted over them. Then there are those shopping sites that have a boost feature where clients do not pay anything to have an item listed for sale but need to pay something extra to have it boosted or, in other words, promoted.

Conclusion-Best Apps for selling stuff

It is instead a challenging part to compare different selling apps or platforms. Or to find out the best apps for selling stuff.Often each of the offering have their loyal customers who tend to be using the app for some particular advantage that it provides the user. Most of the apps use a fixed price format to sell products and then there are those online stores that tend to conduct auctions to determine the maximum price of the product.

Several points get to decide on what suits the person the most. But more importantly, with sites that deal in used goods, it is the general feel of the platform that decides on the winner. But few people who have got to use such an app would deny that it provides for a utility that far exceeds the cost incurred in using them.