Best Recruiting Software

Best recruiting software

What are the best recruiting software?

We are living in an era that uses automation in every possible way. Nevertheless, recruitment is no different either. There are many tools and automation that come into the recruitment field, which helps with recruiting and onboarding candidates into companies or employers.

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Recruitment process can be exhausting

The role of automation is to integrate better the functioning of the various systems being used in the recruitment. It also improves the team’s productivity as a whole. When an automated process is implemented in the recruitment process, it leaves the managers far greater time to take care of several activities. That would also mean lesser manpower requirements to run the same manpower engagement process.

Automating processes like manual screening of candidates and even interview scheduling allows manpower consultants to focus on much more productive work, such as evaluating the candidate’s cultural fit to an office.

Best recruiting software: What is recruiting software 

There are many steps involved in recruiting a person. It starts with the job order’s receipt at the manpower consultancy and ends with the sending out of the job offer to the candidate. In between the two end activities, there are several related actions like sourcing candidates, screening applicants, interviewing candidates, and the likes that need to be fulfilled.

A recruiting software automates a large part of the manpower engagement process so that the human element comes into force only when you must make decisions. This would reduce the organization’s overall size. It would also improve the working of the manpower consultancy as far as possible.


Recooty is a top-rated recruitment software used by many manpower consultants to automate hiring people to jobs. The software is put to use primarily by the manpower agencies and rarely at the employer side. One of the strong points of Recooty is that it is very user friendly and simple to use. Training does not require much time and people are ready to go in no time at all.

The basic plan is free to use and would not cost the user anything. Many upgrades are decided by the kind of use that the recruiter company wants to put the software through. Key features include website integration, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and job sharing. Cloud-based software, that is, it is possible to consider it as being device-independent.


This is a software that is designed keeping in view the requirements of the manpower consultants and recruiters. With an all-powerful ATS, Vincere can be just the right software for the power feeling. Modular construction ensures that it is possible to integrate the application to many different platforms.  

There is a unified view that provides a nutshell of all that is required to recruit people. Put all the repetitive actions like resume parsing and interview scheduling. Even onboarding to an autopilot that ensures a smooth working action most of the time. 

You can make all time spent in billable recruiting with suitable automation like Vincere.


VIVAHR is an automated recruiting system that ensures that manpower agencies get to spend the least time managing profiles. The recruitment marketing application lets the user create custom culture outlines. They give job seekers some of the best candidate perceptions. It is the perfect recruitment solution for small to medium-sized businesses. It also helps control the whole process remotely.

The recruitment software has been designed to increase productivity from day one. It can post jobs and manage candidates all in one go and from a centralized location. More than simplify the recruiting process, VIVAHR tends to smoothen out a long drawn out process most of the time. The human resources team is left with sufficient time to take care of the not so mundane activities. 

The software manages to automate a large part of the routine procedures and with little effort expended to doing so too.


WizeHire is the next best thing to have in place of expert coaches to help people out with the recruiting requirements. A walkthrough of the process ensures that customers are given the due importance right through the recruitment process. On offer are some of the most comprehensive templates possible in various industries that allow the candidates to have a smooth and pleasant experience interacting with the agency.

Few people that have used WizeHire tend not to be impressed with the live coaching time that market experts spend with recruiters while on the platform. It gives an actionable insight that few other recruiting software can provide the user most of the time. The software helps schedule an interview with the candidates and clients without using any other third-party software. It is great convenience as far as the client companies are concerned. It would cut down on unnecessary expenditure as well.

Which is the best recruiting software?

When it comes to using recruiting software, it must be said that there are several options to choose from. The best solution need not always be just the right answer as often each client requirement tends to be unique in nature. However, it is possible to arrive at a suitable software for just about any recruitment needs by comparing what the market offers the user.

One of the most effective steps in choosing the right recruitment software is the more hands-off experience it provides the customer. The software needs to free up time for the user and not bog down the manpower consultant with unnecessary work.  

Good recruiting software would provide more diversity in the workforce as the system often does not consider biases. The screening processes are impartial to the cultural ethos, making for a uniform rule to select candidates for further interviews and processes. Finally, we must admit that an automated process that recruitment software provides makes the whole onboarding relatively easy and less time-consuming.