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Bonavendi Review

What is Bonavendi?

What is Bonavendi? It is a website responsible for comparing special prices in seconds: with just one click, it is possible to compare prices and buyback prices of used items on all websites to buy and sell used products.

It is often unknown how to sell things online, such as books, CDs, DVDs, video games. In case you want to make money with the above, try the Bonavendi price comparison and quickly sell used things online for a subject price.

Bonavendi benefits the user with quick and easy money! There are no complicated instructions and conditions. It’s an easy way to compare prices from 20+ resellers for buybacks like selldvdonline, bookbyte, and cash4books.

The website is relatively quick and straightforward price comparison, whether you want to sell at the best possible price or buy affordable used products. You’ll find CDs, DVDs, half-price books, cheap textbooks, and even the latest video games of your choice.

Bondavendi logo

Bonavendi is the best option for eBay and other online auctions if you want to make money from used products and produce instant cash. If you are a student and want to search for cheap textbooks or if you’re going to sell them, you don’t have to worry about different websites and worry about price comparison. You sell books on this website or get the affordable books you need. All of this will save time and money. On the other hand, it is not only possible to buy and sell used books. You can also make sure you buy the cheapest Xbox 360 games and sell used video games at the highest price.

Bonavendi on mobile

Bonavendi allows you to compare prices smartly and efficiently. You can use the iOS and Android apps and run the comparison as fast as possible by scanning barcodes for great deals. The recommendation is to pay special offers and coupons for higher discounts.

What are buyback websites?

Through these websites, it is possible to sell used items, for example, CD collection, books, DVD collection or computer games, Bluray, as well as video games, all in a simple, very convenient way and at the best possible price thanks to the free comparison of Bonavendi. You can also sell several items simultaneously for a predefined fixed cost that the distributors will indicate in advance on their website. After you have destined the things to the distributors, then you will get your cash immediately.

Notably, Bonavendi is an excellent price comparison website. Apart from that, it also provides special offers, bonuses, and coupons. There are many ways to make money here! After registering, you will receive the free newsletter: promotions, exciting news, special offers, and coupons that will send directly to your inbox, completely free!

How does Bonavendi work as an online economy store?

Many internet stores present used items at a significant discount from the original cost. 

You can easily save up to 50% and, in turn, help to take care of the environment. The products are in good condition, practically like new, and to make sure you buy from the lowest-priced supplier, Bonavendi compares prices with just one click.

Why is it necessary to compare the prices of used items?

The different buyback and second-hand websites’ costs and conditions are not in agreement. Bonavendi collects prices from all distributors with one click, and, as mentioned above, it would save money and time.

The costs of repurchase of used products are not in agreement with the different distributors, and those price differences more significant than 100% are widespread. Only when comparing prices, selling used items online pays off.

Pro of Bonavandi

 – It has advantages over eBay

Only distributors who pay a fixed price for their products are listed. There is no need to run a complex, expensive, and time-consuming online auction. Selling to suppliers is convenient, easy, and fast.

– Compare buyback prices

No other price comparison platform or service provides such an extensive diversity of distributors and items, so you can be entirely sure of getting the most out of used products.

– Protect the environment

 And straightforwardly: reusing second-hand products is not only beneficial for the wallet but also the environment.

Cons of Bonavendi

 – Bonavendi seems to be unsafe for some people, and this is due to the NLP (natural language processing) analysis of more than eight user comments acquired from the app store and the stored app store rating of 2.0/5. The Justuseapp safety score for Bonavendi is 19/100.

– They claim that Bonavendi may not be working

 It turns out that Bonavendi works most of the time. If it suddenly doesn’t work for you, the recommendation for that is to have a little patience and try again later; finally, you can contact support.

 The Bonavendi shopping cart will fully help you stay on top of everything and allow you plenty of time for other essential things in your life, even if you have many items to sell or buy. This page provides optimized pricing suggestions.

Bonavendi, Being the largest price comparison site for used products in the United States, considers more than 30 dealer websites to buy and sell used products.

Conclusion about Bonavendi website

You will find the supplier that offers the best price for your used products on the page. You have to enter the products in the search field of Bonavendi, and they will provide you with the best offers, and to acquire a more significant profit, you have to sell different items at the same time for a fixed price. Finally, it would help if you waited until the end of the online auctions.

Eventually, you may find that it is the fastest and most efficient way. 

Bonavendi compares the following US retailers: Bluerocket books, Book It Buyback, Buyback101, bookbyte, Bookjingle, buybackmedia,, Ckybooks, K12Bookbuyer, MX123, Cash4books. Powell’s book, Secondspin, Sellbackyourbook, SellDvdsonlinebooks.

And German providers: 1-2 Ankauf, Amazon, bamas, barfix, Blidad, Buchankauf24, Bü, Buchmaxe, buchpfand, Buchx, BuchankaufOnline, Cashfix, easyAnkauf, Cash4Games, Flip4new, fleahaus, UsedMedienbkauf, ibuymosall, Medienkosall, Medienkosall, Medifanten, Mehrwegbuch, MusucMagpie.

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