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Brilliant Directories VS eDirectory (Features & Pricing)

Brilliant Directories VS eDirectory (Features & Pricing)

Online directory websites are common these days. They have become one of the major resourceful sites online that we rely on to find various services or even jobs online through the vast number of listings made on the directories in a single day. Online directory websites have solved the main problem, which is finding stuff, services, and even jobs online independent of location. As a result, these websites draw a lot of traffic from users. With tons of traffic, online directory websites make some excellent revenue just by connecting users and job seekers online.

If you want to start your online directory website, there are several options you can choose from. One of the easiest and most common solutions is by using directory website building services available online. An example of this is Brilliant Directories and eDirectory. Both of these platforms are good directory building companies, which makes choosing another hard task.

However, in this article, we have delved into the two to help you settle for the best.


Brilliant Directories and eDirectory are some of the best directory websites to use these days. But the two have some distinctive features that make it hard to choose between any of them. But that is what this article is for – helping you choose the better option. eDirectory is the budget-friendly option and packs as much. What is even good about the platform is the Open API that lets you integrate with other apps. Brilliant Directories has emerged as the best online directory website for the past three years. However, we only recommend this to users with a high budget set aside since the main drawback turns out as the pricing. The winner in this review article is eDirectory.


Brilliant Directories Features

Web Page Builder

Brilliant Directories inbuilt web page builder helps you get started instantly with no coding required. With this feature, you can be able to Create, Edit & Easily manage your web pages. The process of creating a new page is easy, thanks to the visual editor that comes in tow with the page builder. But, at the same time, you are not limited to this. You can still add your custom HTML and CSS code using the available plain text editor even to make impressive web pages based on your preferences. 

Another additional feature is that the created web pages are SEO friendly. Brilliant Directories gives you an option to play with the keywords, titles, and meta description to achieve the perfect SEO focused web page that will easily be visible in search engines.

Professional Directory Themes

Yes, there are professional directory themes available on Brilliant Directories. It is no secret that most people misuse the term professional, making it sound like a marketing bluff, but for Brilliant Directories, the case is different.

The themes are easy to edit, you will be able to add your custom logo, images, text, and branding elements in a snap.

White Label

Brilliant Directories gives you purely white label themes to use. Sounds technical? Here is what that means. White labeling means you will be able to add your branding and claim everything under your company directory. Brilliant Directory will not include its name or branding at any point on the final product.

Custom Search Modules

Like in what you would expect in any directory website, Brilliant directory also includes custom search modules. You can be able to customize the search modules so that your website visitors can find the information they seek quickly. Search terms can be based on location, industry, particular keyword, among other factors.  With this, users can be able to search for businesses and professionals on your directory website.

Simple Design Settings

Independent of your experience levels, it is easy to customize any themes provided to create a unique looking directory website. Brilliant Directory themes can easily be edited and customized on various aspects, including colors, font styles, and even home page layouts.

Furthermore, there is also a Real-Time Design Editor that gives you an insight into what changes will be resultant on the front end as a result of some tweaks on the backend. The real-time editing tools can be leveraged to change the website colors, fonts, menus, categories, and more in a few clicks and with no coding experience.

Developer Tools

Developers could be mad if there is no option to edit everything the way they like from the ground. Developers are given a chance to play with various aspects of the website via PHP. They can also edit widgets and create their own custom themes. In addition to that, developers are also allowed to access the website’s cPanel dashboard, MySQL database, FTP, Head files, Htaccess, and more. Simply put, Brilliant Directory gives you Source Code Access.  Brilliant Directories is built using PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, so any Developer with the relevant experience can make a unique custom directory.

Social Media Sharing Options

With the social media boom, its pretty obvious that any platform or business must have a social media presence. Social media is where almost everyone lives. That is why Brilliant Directories gives you an option to add social media profiles to your website.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile platforms are popular these days. Since most people use smartphones to browse the web, it’s essential to have a mobile-friendly theme. Brilliant Directories’ themes are mobile-friendly. And that is not only a bonus SEO score but makes it easy for you to convert your online directory website into a mobile application. Brilliant Directories will even teach you how to create a mobile app for your website in a few minutes with NO CODING EXPERIENCE by using an app builder platform.

Member Management Features

Since directory websites depend on companies and other people in relevant industries for listings, it is crucial to have a member management feature. Brilliant Directories is built several member management features that make it easy to manage your directory website.

Member Dashboard

This allows you to focus on other aspects of your website, like growth, and let the members manage their own profiles and listings. Members can also be able to update their contact information, manage their listings, and also keep track of their leads and reviews as well as update content when they need to.

As an administrator, you can be able to track down every activity of your website’s members. You can view the nitty-gritty details, even including their transaction history, payment subscriptions, and email history, among others.

Bulk Member Importer

For those who have a list of members already, you can use the available bulk member import tool to upload a list of all your existing subscribers. During importation, there is also an option to sort out members and place them in categories. In addition to that, you can also set membership levels, include their geodata, their profile pictures, and even logos, among other things. Data importation is made easy with Brilliant Directories, thanks to their easy template file that will guide you through the whole process.

Business Ratings & Reviews

Brilliant Directory websites allow visitors who visit your site to leave their reviews on either a professional or business. This ensures that you can build a long-term relationship and thus win the trust of your visitors.  Members can be able to manage reviews, or the administrator can also take charge and moderate reviews on the website. 

Email Marketing & Newsletters

Despite email being a legacy communication channel – it never gets too old in terms of practicality. With Brilliant Directories, email marketing is made easier with the built-in functionality. So you do not need any third-party email providers. With email marketing available out of the box, Brilliant Directory has also included all the goodies that come in any email marketing software. You can create custom Email designs, a way to collect emails with signup forms, schedule email marketing campaigns, and includes over 40 customizable email marketing templates. There is also a segmented email list functionality and a method to insert member variables inside the email.

That is all there is to know about the Member management features. That brings us to another feature in Brilliant Directory;

Content Publishing

As much as Brilliant Directories is focused on building perfect online directory websites, there is also the content publishing aspect involved. Here are the content publishing features in Brilliant Directories;

All-In-One SEO

Brilliant Directories is SEO focused. The platform gives you the easy way to make your blog articles stand out in search engines. There is a Site-Wide SEO Editor, which allows you to customize the SEO structure of the dynamic directory pages. Also, you can edit your meta data structure to ensure your website is perfectly optimized for SEO. Other SEO features include the Microdata & Schema Markup and not forgetting the perfect URL structures offered by Brilliant Directories.

Blogging System

Blogging is also crucial to improve your online directory website traffic. Brilliant Directories gives you a platform to do so. The blogging system includes a visual text editor curated to work similar to a Word document, which makes it even easy to use for those unfamiliar with WordPress CMS. There are other features available, as well as the ability to view, edit, copy, unpublish, or delete your existing articles. You can also publish and schedule articles. Brilliant Directories offers a dedicated blog page for your articles.

Event Listings

Online Directory websites build by Brilliant Directory also includes event listing. The feature comes in full package with the ability to publish events with their location, where tickets can be purchased, and even social media share buttons. You can also include external links to link o the event’s main website and more.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries available on Brilliant Directories are stunning. This makes it easy to showcase places, artwork, and more. The photo galleries are easily scrollable, so it is easier to view photos placed on a listing. Photos can also be added with descriptions and metadata for better SEO.

Deals and Coupons

Deals and coupons can be a significant traffic generator for your website. The platform allows you to include deals and coupons plus external links that lead to the business’s official website.

Google Maps

Help your visitors find locations easier by using Instant Maps and Navigation integration. The Google Map is also integrated with events so members and events can be displayed on the map as well.

Monetization Tools

The sole purpose of online directory websites is to help people discover places, events, services, and even professionals around their area. But at the same time, this means more money on your side. Every business has to make money unless it is a charity organization. Some monetization features available include several payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.NET, and more. Brilliant Directories also offers you a way to make passive income with recurring revenue through paid membership. Manage Subscriptions, Refunds, past due payment handling are also available. You can also make money through Google AdSense and banners on your website. There are also lead-generation tools.


Brilliant Directories also includes a hosting plan when you build a directory website with them. You still get hosting features like SSL certificates, daily backups, and experts, controlled email address management system. Login attempt protection and also multi-site management tools.

eDirectory Features

Business Listings

eDirectory lets you showcase multiple business listings on your website. The setup is easy, and you can include every detail about a listing like descriptions, photos, maps, video, categories, keywords, and even hours for events or bookings. You can make use of the multiple levels, field editor feature, and content moderator feature that lets your members submit listings by themselves and go through them to ensure accuracy.

Deals and Offers

Deals and Coupons can also be included in directories built by eDirectory. The redeem process can act as your email collection feature by letting users connect to their Facebook account and share the deal or even fill in their email address.

Event and Activities

eDirectory websites also include event listings. The site will also include a fully-featured Events Module that showcases upcoming events right from the home page. You can set recurring events for those that happen after a specified interval. If you have events in a spreadsheet, eDirectory has an Event Import-Module that lets you import the data directly.


Classifieds allow your members to advertise their job offerings, professional services, and goods that are on sale. These listings include all the relevant details like descriptions, automated renewals upon expiry, and related categories for each listing.


Like the content publishing tools available in Brilliant Directories, you can also write and publish articles on your directory website. Users and sponsors can also post articles directly on your site, which saves so much time.

Blogging System

To build a readership and drive traffic to your blog, you also need to have a dedicated blog. eDirectory includes a full-featured, search engine optimized Blog Module, which can be categorized to be more organized.

Banner Advertisements

eDirectory also lets you monetize your website using the built-in Banner Advertisement System. eDirectory websites are AdSense ready if you want to use this as part of your revenue streams. In addition to that, you can sell banners with variable pricing depending on sizes, and in variable formats.

Photo Galleries

Like Brilliant Directories, eDirectory also features photo galleries. This, as already stated, is an opportunity to showcase products or goods that are being sold. You can upload images in different formats, and even edit them easily using the built-in editor. The built-in editor lets you adjust image sizes and also include captions to make your images SEO friendly.


Videos can also be added to your eDirectory website. This is a perfect chance to include product reviews and showcase products that can only be showcase ideally via video. Videos are inline and integrated, so they run flush with all the other content. For video hosting, you can use YouTube, Vimeo, or any other preferred video hosting service.

Bookmarking System

The available bookmarking system allows your members to bookmark their favorite items or listings on your directory website.

Multi-site management

eDirectory makes it easy to manage multiple directory websites. All of this can be done via a unified interface. As a result, this is a handy feature for those who would have more than one eDirectory installation. Even if you begin with a single eDirectory, you can always add more sites as you grow.

Mobile Apps

eDirectory is an edge over Brilliant Directories on this. The latter only allows you to create your mobile apps using app builders. For eDirectory, that is not the case. You can build an Android or iOS app for your directory website right inside eDirectory’s interface – with NO CODING knowledge. The deal becomes more sweet when eDirectory makes the app for you, so all you have to do is submit it to the relevant platforms for listing.

SEO Friendly

eDirectory gives you the freedom to make a blueprint for your site’s SEO performance. You can tweak every aspect of your website ranging from Titles, Meta, even your keywords. There are also perfect URLs that are SEO optimized, Structured Data Markup, and sitemap generation.

Analytics & Reporting

The available analytics tools allow you to view your business performance. eDirectory supports Google Analytics installation so you can achieve any statistical functionality in Google’s analytics plugin.

Search and Filters

Search functionality in tow with filters is helpful for visitors while searching for a specific listing on your website. Allow your visitors to redefine their search results based on location, product category, and more filters. This feature also tracks what people are actively searching for to help you identify what your visitors care about the most.

Lead Generation

You can also collect leads using lead generation forms. eDirectory gives you the relevant tools to conduct surveys and receive responses that could help you optimize your lead generation campaigns. There is also a statistics tool that keeps records of your lead generation campaigns.

Variable Payment Gateways

To receive payments for your services, eDirectory makes it easy for you to hook up your favorite payment service. There are several payment gateways supported, ranging from credit cards, PayPal,, ignite payments, iTransact, Stripe, WorldPay, among others.

Email Notifications

eDirectory also lets you keeping touch with your members through email. The platform allows you to customize the emails with customizable templates. For listings’ owners, they will be notified when their listings are about to expire and offered a direct link; they could use to renew their listing.

Integrated Mapping

Help your visitors discover events and places quickly through Google Maps integration. Visitors can view what’s nearby and even get guidance on how to reach a specific location.


eDirectory gets you several themes that you can use when setting up your directory website. The themes are also white-labeled so that you can personalize them entirely to your brand’s image.

Social Media Integration

Help users find you on social media by including your social media handles on your directory website. There is also a Facebook Login option to help your users easily sign up and log in to your site.

Newsletters by eDirectory

eDirectory features its email marketing software ArcaMailer. ArcaMailer features subscription lists and other vital basic metrics found in most email marketing software. Talk of customizable themes, A/B testing, Opt-Out and Listing Cleaning, real-time tracking as well as mobile compatibility.

User Systems

This feature allows your visitors to build a name for themselves. They can include their basic information so that others can get to know them. User profiles also showcase the relevant contributions users have made. This makes it easy for you an admin to ban and disable spammy accounts.

Sponsor Backend

With eDirectory, sponsors can easily create an account, pay, and post their listings without your user interaction. The sponsors will also be shown important stats like ROI. eDirectory also has an upsell feature that helps you make more money through the “Increase Your Visibility” option for lower level listings.


eDirectory also includes hosting services. They primarily host on Amazon’s AWS. The service consists of a 24-hour monitoring system.

Source Code Access

This is key and very beneficial to developers. With source code access, developers can work and customize the directory site the way they like. There is also a widget page-based editor to customize the widgets via drag and drop.

Open API

In addition to source code access, you can make the most out of your site using the eDirectory’s Open API. The API can be used to integrate with other CRM software.

Small Comparison Table

Who is this for?

If you want to create a directory website, these are the services you should be looking out for. Both platforms pack the relevant features that you need to create and launch your directory website.


On Brilliant Directories, there are several pricing plans to choose from. The major distinctive feature between the plans is the licensing period. The cheapest plan goes for $145 per month. It includes the following features;

  • Includes Premium Hosting
  • Includes Friendly Email Support
  • Manage 100,000 Members
  • Over 1,000 Built-In Features
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • 100% Unbranded / White Labeled
  • Unlimited Software Updates

For those who prefer yearly payments, there is a $950/ year plan that will give a 45% savings as compared to the monthly plan. All the features available in the monthly plan are still available here.

The last pricing plan offers you a lifetime license. All you have to pay is $1450, but only once. So no matter how much that costs, it will save you a ton in the long term. This plan includes a lifetime Hosting plan and LIFETIME Email Support.

eDirectory, on the other hand, has a couple of plans that are feature conscious. The professional plan goes for cheap at $99 a month or $74.25 if you pay per year.

  • eDirectory Features Included
  • Powered by eDirectory
  • CSS Editor
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Open API
  • Hosting and Support
  • Add Plugins and Customizations

The Enterprise plan costs $199 per month. Paying a year upfront will save you 25% – you will pay $149.25 per month. It includes all the features in the professional plan plus;

  • eDirectory Features Included
  • Unbranded
  • CSS Editor
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Android and iOS App Builder
  • SSL Certificate⁴
  • Open API
  • Hosting and Support
  • Add Plugins and Customizations

There is also an option for a one-time payment of $1499. It includes the following;

  • eDirectory Features Included
  • Unbranded
  • Full PHP Source Code Access¹
  • Unlimited Listings
  • Android and iOS App Builder²
  • SSL Certificate⁴
  • Open API
  • eDirectory Hosting/Self-Hosted³
  • Add Plugins and Customizations


Brilliant Directories and eDirectory are easy to use, but you will definitely have to have basic WordPress CMS experience at least. But both are easy to use. They have good page builders that support visual editing, so it is easy to create and edit a page. For developers, both platforms offer an opportunity to play around with the code and make a unique directory site. On setting a mobile app, eDirectory is more user-friendly since it provides you with app builder tools, unlike Brilliant Directories, where you have to rely on third-party app builders. In addition to that, eDirectory can set up a mobile app for you.

Integrations Table


Brilliant Directory includes priority email support for its clients on all packages. There is also support via phone, which is a handy addition. Furthermore, Brilliant Directories has social media buttons so you can leverage that. And not forgetting the documentation page that will guide you through every little detail you wish to know about the platform.

On the other hand, eDirectory offers support via instant chat – one of the best support methods. Other support channels include email support via a ticket system.

The Verdict

Choosing between the two can be a daunting task. Take this situation, eDirectory is cheap features tons of feature, but its contender Brilliant Directories also features as much functionality, but the pricing is not pocket-friendly. That makes eDirectory seem a better choice than Brilliant Directory in general. But to you, that should not be the case. Your needs matter the most. In that regard, we recommend that you give a try to the free trial available at eDirectory and Brilliant Directory to gauge which one is the best. Generally, eDirectory wins it over Brilliant Directories due to pricing. If you are just starting, you should have no issues with the features available here at all.

For power users, Brilliant Directories is worth checking out. Brilliant Directories has emerged as the best directory platform for the past three years.

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