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Candid Teeth VS Smile Direct Club (Review & Comparison)

Candid Teeth VS Smile Direct Club (Review & Comparison)

Candid Teeth and Smile Direct Club are both companies to help take care of your teeth. To be specific, both companies offer services to help you take care of your misaligned teeth. Candid is a new player in the market, but is it worth trying? Smile Direct, on the other hand, has been around on the market for quite some time, but Candid from nowhere appears to be high competition for the company. 

In this article, we review the two companies, candid teeth, and smile direct club to find out which one is best. 

Summary: Candid Teeth vs Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club and Candid Teeth offer pretty much similar features. Choosing between the two, therefore, highly depends on your needs. Smile Direct Club is the winner in this article considering its A+ rating, the use of experts only, the massive network of Smile Centers, and has night routines. Not to say Candid is badly off, by the way. To know how to read on our review to find out.

Candid Teeth VS Smile Direct Club (Review & Comparison)
Mobile-powered teeth whitening kit @smiledirectclub

Candid Teeth vs Smile Direct Club: Features

1. Certification

On medical matters, you can’t go far without first considering the accreditation of a company. You have to be assured of your well-being; after all, it’s a medication service. Candid Teeth and Smile Direct Club are both accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Smile Direct Club is accredited with an A+ rating while Candid is certified with a B rating.

2. Professionals Used

For Candid, things are a bit tighter. Candid only uses orthodontists with specialized training in the tooth movement. Some may argue dentists can still do the work, as well. But the company prefers to work with specialists and not generalists. No limits, dentists can do the job as well, but not at Candid. This has put Candid on edge, rest assured you will only be attended by an expert who has obtained an equivalent of another medical degree after medical school. For Smile Direct, the company works with generalists as well as orthodontists. With that said, you have to consider your choices well in this area.

3. Materials Used in Making Aligners

Candid’s teeth aligning materials are derived from thermoplastics. The company says their teeth aligning materials are both precision-designed and thermoformed using a durable and stain-resistant thermoplastic. Candid’s aligner material is transparent. Smile Direct, on the other hand, uses PET-G resin in making its teeth aligners. These materials, just like what Candid uses, are also stain resistant. Although Candid’s teeth are clear, they are hard plastics. Smile Direct PET-G resin aligners are flexible plastics.

Notably, both companies make teeth aligners, which cover the gum. It may sound like a tiny issue, but being able to cover the gums means the aligners will be more effective in their mode of working.

4. Average Treatment Time

For both Smile Direct Club and Candid Teeth, the average treatment time for completely aligning the teeth will take about six months. 

5. Teeth Whitening

Apart from just aligning teeth, Candid and Smile Direct offer more. The two companies also provide teeth whitening services along with the misalignment treatment. They both help you to achieve sparkling well-aligned teeth so you won’t hold back your smile at any moment.

6. Getting Started

Both companies offer variant ways that you can access their services. Starting with Candid, the company offers two ways for you to get started. The first method is, the company will send you a teeth impression kit directly to your home. With this kit, you will be able to take a structure of your teeth and the smile into a 3D scan. The teeth impression kit is then sent back to the company where your personal teeth alignment materials will be made. For those who would like to get started faster, walk into any of Candid’s Studio centers when the company takes care of your teeth immediately. 

For Smile Direct Club, you also have the two choices above, use the impression kit or walk directly into a Smile Direct Center named as Smile Centers.

7. Store Locations Available

For those who would like to walk directly into a center of either of the companies to get started with your teeth care routine, there are a couple of centers you can visit. Candid has about 23 Candid Studios, as per the time of writing. Smile Direct, citing to its lengthy existence into the market, has over 300 Smile Centers.

8. Number of Locations Available

Apart from the number of locations that both of these companies have their stores, let us look at the areas covered. Candid covers 23 locations while Smile Direct cover over 300 locations.

9. Night Routines

Apart from availability in many locations, another feature of Smile Direct Club that edges out Candid is the availability of night routines. Night routines are made for customers who want to wear the aligners only at night while sleeping. Nighttime aligners do come with their cons, but in terms of convenience, these sounds more practical to users who shy away from wearing the aligners on broad daylight.

10. Aligners Production

As a startup, SmileDirectClub relied on Align Tech – a well-known company with enough product quality – to make their teeth aligners. That changed after some time, however. These days, Smile Direct Club makes their teeth aligners in-house. 

Candid, on the other hand, has partnered with Clear Correct – a well reputable company by dentists – to make their teeth aligners.

Candid Teeth VS Smile Direct Club (Review & Comparison)
Assorted teeth caring items @livecandid

Small Comparison Table

Who is this for?

Both Candid and Smile Direct Club are meant for users who have teeth misalignment. Candid has dedicated its work to help people with minor to moderate teeth alignment. The same case applies to Smile Direct Club. Like most teeth alignment companies, the two companies in question usually turn down customers with more complex cases.

Candid and Smile Direct Club turn away between 10% to 20% of customers with complex cases.

Pros and Cons

Candid Teeth Pros

  • Offers free pair of retainers at the end
  • Cheaper than Smile Direct Club
  • No down payment needed for its flexible payment plans

Candid Teeth Cons

  • Has few physical centers
  • Lacks night routines

Smile Direct Club Pros

  • Has over 300 Smile Centers
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau
  • Offers night routines

Smile Direct Club Cons

  • Expensive in comparison to Candid
  • Charges for the pair of retainers in the end
  • Uses both general dentists and orthodontists
Candid Teeth VS Smile Direct Club (Review & Comparison)
Teeth aligners held between fingers @mycrummycomics


Now on matters pricing between the two services, Candid is a bit more expensive than Smile Direct. Candid will set you back by $1900, while Smile Direct Club will cost you $1895. Both companies do offer flexible payment plans spread across 24 months if you are unable to shell out the whole amount of cash at a go. Notably, Smile Direct Club has a $250 down payment, while Candid does not need any down payment on its 24-month flexible payment plan. In total, you will have paid $2,112 for Candid and $2,290 for Smile Direct Club. Part of the freebies that both companies offer includes whitening foam and aligner carrying case. Candid sweetens the deal further with a free pair of retainers at the end of treatment. Smile Direct Club charges you an extra $99 for the same.

We won’t forget mentioning that Smile Direct Club offers refunds in a 30-day window from the start of the treatment.


Both Candid and Smile Direct Club are easy to use. Both services will have their customer support team call you via phone or video to help you with their product. The installation of the aligners is simple as pie. The same case applies to the removal of the aligners. 

Customer Support

Both Candid and Smile Direct have excellent customer support. Both companies offer customer support via email, chat, and phone. Candid and Smile Direct are customer-oriented and value customer feedback on their services. The companies provide follow up emails, phone calls, and even video calls. Both companies offer extension services like adjusting the treatment plans if there is no response to treatment (provided the customer has followed their curated routine). 

Digging into various customer reviews online, Candid has been well rated in terms of their customer support. Throughout the reviews that we dug into, customers were more satisfied with Candid’s customer support team. Not to say Smile Direct Club’s customer support team sucks in any way. We realized most of the bad reviews are dated two years behind. Recently the company seems to be catching up, as well.

Candid Teeth VS Smile Direct Club (Review & Comparison)
Teeth aligners and whitening kit @smiledirectclub

The Verdict

Choosing between the two can be a daunting task. Taking into consideration, the two companies offer pretty much similar features for the most part. So, before you choose, you will have to consider the little nitty-gritty details differentiating the two services. 

For those looking for affordable teeth aligning service, Candid is there for you. But if the company does not yet cover your area, then you can go for Smile Direct Club considering its massive network of Smile Centers. Some key areas where Smile Direct Club edges out Candid include; A+ rating, use of experts only, the extensive network of Smile Centers, and has night routines. 

Candid is affordable, has fast and supportive customer support.

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