carmax reviews

CarMax Reviews

What is Carmax?

A national corporation of used car dealers has increased over the years, and for an exceptional reason. The business proposes a pressure-free and stress-free shopping experience. CarMax recommends purchasing or negotiating a used car easy and stress-free through its “no haggle” strategy.

In this article, you will understand how CarMax works and the development of buying and selling cars. You’ll also see how CarMax compares to its opponents at a price, and finally, you will know the pros and cons of purchasing and selling cars there.

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Did CarMax Change the Car Sales Game?

When people think of buying used cars, they usually feel fear and doubt. People “spend hours exploring car options online, analyze lots of vehicles, and then negotiates a price while the agent makes an effort to pressure him into making upgraded models and expensive upgrades.

It turns out that CarMax is the first serious attempt to transform the impression of used car dealerships.

Circuit City determined itself to sell used cars by opening the first CarMax in Richmond, Virginia, in 1993. The company evaluated proposing customers the chance to acquire a car without wasting time with a humorous experience and a stable guarantee. Since then, this dealership has evolved into a Fortune 500 company with more than 150 used car shops nationwide.

Is CarMax an Excellent Spot to Acquire a Car?

There is an argument of some clients and dealers, and the general impression is that, yes, CarMax is useful. Vendors enjoy their car dealership assistance for the price provided, though slightly below total value, which is acceptable.

Customers like the car buying experience because of the significant vehicle preference, extraordinary customer service, and barely more expensive but straightforward investment procedure. CarMax’s spread warranty is also convenient for numerous happy clients.

  • CarMax Skill Starts Online – Where you can discover cars by make, features, model, or even mpg. If you recognize one that captures your eye at a dealership in another city, you can ask to have it transported to a nearby direction.
  • Then take an examination drive: If you find something you like, pay the price designation, there is no haggling. Besides, each car goes through a substantial examination protocol and includes a 30-day warranty (60 days in Connecticut and 90 in Massachusetts and New York). They also provide a five-day money-back guarantee on all used car purchases.

Another exciting feature for car clients is CarMax’s offer to purchase their old car, regardless of age or condition. If it does not satisfy its quality standard for resale, it will change and negotiate with different distributors.


  • If you move to a vendor, you can only transfer the company’s make and model. And you can also try numerous brands in the exact area.
  • CarMax ensures that its cars have never been salvaged or damaged by floods, which are two warnings of obtaining from a private dealer or a disgraceful vendor.
  • Your automobiles have that “new car” impression. The corporation thoroughly cleans and reconditions its cars to make them look very well inside and out.
  • Customer service is fabulous: from helping prospects check many vehicles and responding to all their questions to following up on extended warranty changes, CarMax is very recognized across the board for the people it employs and makes the procedure without problems.


  • Their tariffs are not that low compared to other distributors. The Truth About Cars evaluated comparable vehicles’ sales prices on eBay and CarMax. It found that their rates were consistently higher, often by a few thousand dollars, and this is because they have more expenditures, which points out the site.
  • While negotiating your car to CarMax is straightforward, the corporation says that they will buy it for less than the retail value because they have to evaluate and resell it. You may want to get an offer from other merchants or look at the importance of Kelley Blue Book first.
  • You may pay a non-refundable fee to transfer an automobile that interests you from another area.

How Does CarMax Sell a Car?

Negotiating a car through CarMax is a minor mechanized procedure, but it is relatively straightforward than going through a conventional dealership or making a private sale. If CarMax is interested in your vehicle, you will receive a statement like the following:

  • “at that moment, you can schedule a time to take your car for an inspection. If CarMax makes you an offer, you will have seven days to determine if you want to approve it”.

That one-week stage to determine is a tremendous challenge: it will allow you to purchase your car with other agents like Carvana or even test the waters of private sale with a secure offer already applicable.

In case you think you want to accept the CarMax proposal immediately, you should be prepared with your:

  • Identification
  • Registration
  • Keys, fobs, and remotes
  • Information on the settlement of the loan, if applicable
  • Vehicle title

Few states may solicit additional papers, but CarMax will deliver advance notice if applicable.

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CarMax vs. Private Seller

Another possibility is to obtain your car from a private agent. Buying direct from the vendor will give you more details about the vehicle, definitely a trading advantage. Without a company running official car investigations, this option can also be dangerous. If you are convinced in your car knowledge, getting it immediately from a salesperson may be for you; Still, if you want a broker for your peace, then CarMax might be an excellent indication.

Should You Use CarMax?

Its most extraordinary charm is how easy the protocol for obtaining a used car is. However, suppose your primary purpose is to get the best price on a used vehicle and enjoy the art of negotiation. In that case, it is best to negotiate online with a salesperson or private seller.

Similar to comparing car prices from different agents, it is appropriate to compare car insurance fees from other insurance organizations to conveniently get the best and most accessible vehicle insurance rates.

Successful Retailer

CarMax twisted the used car market upside down when it began nearly 30 years ago. The corporation is presently working hard to keep up with the competition (mainly Carvana). It will continue to be a great option to quickly acquiring or negotiating a used car.