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  • How To Use Honey

    How To Use Honey

    What can I use the app for? How to use Honey app? Most people find shopping online rather convenient and pleasurable. And when shopping at an online merchant, it is common to find a column asking for a coupon to enter the codes. These coupons are discount tickets that allow a specific, fixed discount or […]

  • How To Use Capital One Shopping (Wikibuy)

    How To Use Capital One Shopping (Wikibuy)

    Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links provided. There are two aspects of Capital One Shopping that attract shoppers to it. The first is the cost saved with its use, and the second and equally important point is saving money. At first hand, Capital One Shopping is a tool […]

  • How Does Honey Work

    How Does Honey Work

    Introduction The Honey app or web browser plugin is intended to make shopping cheaper and more convenient to the user. The extension does compare the different coupons available for the goods you have purchased online and applies the optimum coupons to give the maximum discounted rates. So how does Honey work? Apps like Honey save […]