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  • CoinOut App Review

    CoinOut App Review

    Cashback Cashback has been a new trend in the shopping and finance industry in the last 5-7 years. We have seen numerous companies being set up and apps being launched that deliver the customers cashback based on various customer behavior, especially spending, transferring, and using their money. There are various means and business models by […]

  • FeaturePoints


    What is FeaturePoints? FeaturePoints is a mobile application that allows you to generate money with many easy tasks. It also has many different ways to withdraw money, and it is entirely free to obtain the application. FeaturePoints is a mobile app and website, and it provides points for playing games, taking surveys, and downloading apps. […]

  • Earnably Review

    Earnably Review

    If you are here to read, you already know about Earnably. Now you want to find out whether this ‘Get Paid To’ website that promises to pay for completing deals and taking surveys is worthwhile. So, what are the facts? Is Earnably safe? Will making money from completing surveys and deals be done? If yes, […]

  • Survey Club Review

    Survey Club Review

    Participating in surveys on websites like survey club and paid focus groups can earn you money. It requires little time, but extra dollars are given generously after an easy activity. Especially when you think about all that time, we are waiting in front of the TV, in the doctor’s office, or expecting dinner to be […]

  • Snagshout

    Snagshout is an interesting website to find and review products to obtain massive discounts of up to 90% or even free of charge. It has various deals available, which will make you go crazy. They directly connect the buyers with the sellers of the merchandise. Amazon is an excellent platform for both buyers and sellers […]

  • How to Remove Honey?

    How to Remove Honey?

    Online Shopping and Honey Few shopping apps or cashback browser extensions provide the ease of use that the Honey plugin offers to the user. It can be a significant reason that people use online shopping frequently. And not without due cause either. Being accepted at over 40,000 shopping merchant sites and with a customer base […]

  • Zap Surveys  Review

    Zap Surveys Review

    Zap Surveys is a survey app, encouraging the user to share his opinion while on the go. The app does not have a website; therefore, one can only find it on an app store. But is Zap Surveys a legit survey, or should you go with alternative survey apps instead? Early on in this review […]

  • Best Money-Saving Apps

    Best Money-Saving Apps

    Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links provided. Introduction No matter the country or culture you are from, people always seek a good deal. Often it is not as though the shopper needs to make use of the money saved but that he feels good saving a penny […]

  • ZoomBucks Review

    ZoomBucks Review

    Introduction– Zoombucks ZoomBucks is a paid survey site that pays participants money or other incentives to participate in customer surveys. It is never possible to make large sums of money by participating in a single survey and more often than not, the participation must be across a certain minimum set of surveys to get to […]

  • Who Owns Honey

    Who Owns Honey

    The early days of the Honey extension The date of the Honey extension launch is October of 2012. The location is in Los Angeles, California. The founders are Ryan Hudson and George Ruan. It all started when Ryan wanted to buy a pizza one lazy afternoon for the family. At the online site, he had […]