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  • Is Mercari Legit?

    Is Mercari Legit?

    A Beginner’s Guide to Save Yourself from Fraudsters Is Mercari legit? Online shopping has become the most significant trend for buyers these days. During the Coronavirus pandemic, most people preferred shopping online than going to stores to ensure their safety. According to some reports, the online business saw a sudden surge due to a heavy […]

  • Decluttr


    What is Decluttr?  It is a website, which provides an application where you can negotiate used stuff. The site promotes a wide range of used items, such as: – Blu-ray – The telephones – Cell phones – Tablets – Usable – CD – DVDs – Video games (including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo) – Game consoles – […]

  • ThredUP review

    ThredUP review

    Selling Stuff Online Every day, selling things online is becoming more and more popular. It’s more widespread in general than before, which is a consequence of the Internet’s growing presence in all life areas. Likewise, selling old clothes to a thrifter store to get some extra money is an old practice that we usually see. […]

  • Nextdoor


    Introduction  Nextdoor is used by people to connect within communities and neighborhood groups. It is a place where local topics take precedence, and local issues are discussed. Also, it is a space for local deals to take place as well. People intending to get stuff sold can use the networks formed on the platform to […]

  • Best Apps for Selling Stuff

    Best Apps for Selling Stuff

    Introduction-best apps for selling stuff Selling stuff online has been the trend in the last few years. There has been a range of sites that offer this facility. There are online stores that cater to every need of the individual and online flea markets as well. It would only be prudent to look at how […]

  • CPlus For Craigslist

    CPlus For Craigslist

    Why use CPlus for Craigslist? CPlus for Craigslist is a third-party app meant to make things easier for those who buy and sell on Craigslist. Craigslist has endorsed it and thus, we can say it is a dependable platform to use while using the Craigslist software. CPlus is by no means flashy, but it tends […]

  • OfferUp


    What is OfferUp? OfferUp is an online marketplace that aims at matching sellers with buyers for products. Built into the system is a biding process that ensures that the seller gets the best deal possible. There are no automated price settings, which works to the advantage of those willing to bargain hard for their products […]

  • Poshmark


    Introduction The main aim of Poshmark is to buy and sell used clothing items. Several apps are aimed at the used clothes or the secondhand clothes market, but Poshmark stands out in that it is aimed at the designer brands and the less worn items. When dealing with people on Poshmark, both the deals and […]

  • Tradesy


    Introduction  These days it is as if everyone we know or someone we know is trading old clothes for money. There are several apps and software that helps with this, and Tradesy is one among them. There are some features about selling online and more so with clothes as has been listed out below. Picking […]

  • PixelYourSite Free & Paid Version Compared

    PixelYourSite Free & Paid Version Compared

    Facebook Ads are one of the most common ways you can rely on to promote your website or your e-commerce store. Everyone knows that. And that is because Facebook, itself as a social media platform, has tones of users globally. That has placed the company in a sweet spot as the marketers’ most prominent online […]