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  • OfferUp VS Letgo

    OfferUp VS Letgo

    Online Selling and Buying Era Selling and buying things online is booming, and it is a practice that will expand even further. This event is an obvious consequence of the Internet’s growing presence worldwide. But in recent times, it’s also due to this pandemic everyone lives. With most stores closed or with people not wanting […]

  • Honey vs CamelCamelCamel

    Honey vs CamelCamelCamel

    Introduction- Honey or CamelCamelCamel This tendency was exploited on a large scale by the online merchants that offered discounts and festival promotions to attract customers. The traditional shopping seasons were too infrequent to make a quick buck and online shopping sites resorted to creating up events to announce discounts.The cashback apps’ role and use blended […]

  • Honey or Ebates

    Honey or Ebates

    Introduction-Honey or Ebates Who doesn’t like a good deal or bargain? That seems to be the premise that all cashback software tends to believe. The apps are there to make life easier and more comfortable for the bargain hunter at the most. It would be worth noting how most cost-saving apps work. Each time a […]

  • Honey vs Ibotta

    Honey vs Ibotta

    Introduction- Honey vs Ibotta With the number of phishing attacks and cyber scams reported each day, it is somewhat skeptical that people come to see cashback software or applications. But one can point out that some excellent programs do save money for the shopper over time. Most of the cashback schemes work on paid commissions […]

  • Honey vs Shopkick

    Honey vs Shopkick

    Introduction to “Honey vs Shopkick” In this article, Honey vs Shopkick, we hope to help you determine which one is better for you by comparing the two apps. But first, let’s get into the cashback system itself. Affiliate Marketing groups use cashback schemes to bring customers to a shopping site most of the time. They […]

  • Swagbucks vs CamelCamelCamel

    Swagbucks vs CamelCamelCamel

    The credit point system There is no stopping the innovations rolled out in the form of shopping cashback applications. When we look from the shopper’s perspective, the way to earn money or to save money is twofold. The first is to gain or accumulate reward points while making purchases, and the other is to earn […]

  • Swagbucks vs Ibotta

    Swagbucks vs Ibotta

    Swagbucks vs Ibotta – overview of money-saving apps It would be safe to say that there are bound to be deals announced as long as there are shoppers around. To assume that it is all due to competition is rather naive. Statistics point that most shopping, whether online or at the stores, are done by […]

  • TimeCamp vs Toggl

    TimeCamp vs Toggl

    TimeCamp vs Toggl comparison TimeCamp vs Toggl – which one is the best? No longer is a simple time tracking software needed to do just the simple timesheets. With more complexities and functions being added to ordinary timekeeping, the software needs to keep up with the modern-day workspace requirements. One of the key performance areas […]

  • Swagbucks vs Honey

    Swagbucks vs Honey

    However rich or well off he might be, no one would pass up an opportunity to make some extra money. The use of cashback and other money saving software has to been seen in this light. Often money is not really earned but is offered as savings on a current purchase. While there are a […]

  • Clockify vs TimeCamp

    Clockify vs TimeCamp

    Introduction Clockify vs TimeCamp – which one to choose? A study has found that an average of 2 hours of work time a day is wasted by just 0.33% of the workforce. Taken on a weekly basis that is a full ten hours. In a month that would be the equivalent of employing a full-time […]