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  • Hubstaff vs Toggl

    Hubstaff vs Toggl

    Time Management Tracking Platforms In this article, Hubstaff vs Toggl, we will compare one of the most innovative time tracking platforms known. So first, let us discuss the tracking software in general and then get to the point. There is more to time management than just timesheets. The current crop of time tracking software takes […]

  • Recooty vs VIVAHR

    Recooty vs VIVAHR

    HR Automation  In this article, Recooty vs VIVAHR, we will explain the differences between the two, compare them, and give insight into what they are. But first, let’s explain the purpose of such software generally and how they change the game-play for HR. Automation is here to stay in many industries, and manpower consulting is […]

  • Recooty vs WizeHire

    Recooty vs WizeHire

    Recruitment Software  Here in Recooty vs WizeHire article, we will compare the two and explain how they work. But, firstly lets see what purpose do they serve in general. Modern recruitment companies have to operate in some of the toughest and competitive conditions possible. These agencies have to compete with each other, and the client […]

  • Ebates vs Cashback Monitor

    Ebates vs Cashback Monitor

    How to Put Cashback Applications to Use Before we get into Ebates vs Cashback Monitor story, let’s dig into the topic about how to use a cashback app to its full potential. There’s been an explosion of cashback systems which made it increasingly difficult to tell them apart. Often with branding exercises, it becomes necessary […]

  • Ibotta vs Ebates

    Ibotta vs Ebates

    Ibotta vs Ebates – An Overview Most of the cashback sites receive a commission when they do refer customers to shopping sites. The customer receives a portion of the commission in return from the website, and that, in essence, is how the typical cashback app works. In this Ibotta vs Ebates article, we discuss such […]

  • MailChimp vs Omnisend

    MailChimp vs Omnisend

    Email Marketing We can say that practically anyone with access to the Internet has an email account. That means there are billions of email accounts globally, and the number grows every day. As you can see, the potential amount of people you can reach instantly through email is just huge. And email marketing is an […]

  • MailChimp vs SendGrid

    MailChimp vs SendGrid

    Marketing This article, MailChimp vs SendGrid, is a contest between two of the best email marketing services out there. So, read on to find out which suits you better! Marketing is the core of any business. With lousy marketing, a company’s destiny is death, as you can’t expect to sell your products or services alone. […]

  • MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor

    MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor

    Online Marketing In this interconnected era of the Internet, online marketing has become a common practice and something mandatory for any business that wants to stay alive in this century. So, let’s get to MailChimp vs Campaign Monitor, but firstly email marketing. Email Marketing One of the most common forms of Internet Marketing is Email […]

  • Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor

    Ibotta vs Cashback Monitor

    More power to the cashback app What is the cashback about? Essentially, it is the practice of saving a bit of money as the customer gets to spend. The cashback websites and platforms notify the shopper that special deals are on at certain stores as they shop. A link to the store is what the […]

  • Honey vs CamelCamelCamel

    Honey vs CamelCamelCamel

    Introduction- Honey or CamelCamelCamel This tendency was exploited on a large scale by the online merchants that offered discounts and festival promotions to attract customers. The traditional shopping seasons were too infrequent to make a quick buck and online shopping sites resorted to creating up events to announce discounts.The cashback apps’ role and use blended […]