link to SendinBlue Review

SendinBlue Review

Introduction  One of the features of modern offices is the use of emails to communicate between people and organizations. SendinBlue is a software that automates and sends emails to

link to MailChimp Review

MailChimp Review

What is MailChimp? The use of email to market products and services has been in vogue for some time now. But the fact is that companies and individuals have

link to Omnisend Review

Omnisend Review

What is Omnisend? Emails are some of the most potent yet versatile tools available to the marketer to further his interests. It is in this context that email marketing

link to Robly Review

Robly Review

What is Robly? Businesses are seeking newer ways of communicating and are willing to try out options that provide the best value for money. This is where email comes

link to Keap Review

Keap Review

What is Keap? One of the most telling aspects of modern-day marketing is the role of emails to market and communicate matters. Keap is an email marketing software that