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  • Mint


    Introduction  Mint is a free to use online financial application that can be used to control personal budgets and spending. Some various tools and tricks would make personal finance and goal setting an easy affair. It is available as a website complemented by use as a mobile app that is available for the iPhone, Android […]

  • You Need a Budget

    You Need a Budget

    Introduction  You Need a Budget app is to inculcate a sense of financial discipline in the users. With the app, it is possible to manage the finances while also getting to learn about and better understand life’s monetary side. Like the typical budgeting software, You Need a Budget, too, gets to alert the user to […]

  • Wally


    Introduction  With most people, sticking to the desired amount to spend for a particular activity is hard enough. When the pulls of balancing out a budget take over life, people often tend to have their spending habits dictated by circumstances than any plan of sorts. It would be where the typical budgeting application or the […]

  • FIRECalc


    Introduction  An essential part of any financial planning is retirement planning. People often neglect this one factor until it is too late to make amends. It is crucial to plan for retirement and particularly so for those people who are seen to be vulnerable than others. So why is a retirement plan so important? Not […]

  • Best Expense Tracker Apps

    Best Expense Tracker Apps

    Introduction Nobody needs a lecture in need to limit spending to what is being earned. In other words, balancing expenses is not just thrifty but also the most desired thing to do. Unless a budget is balanced correctly, the chances of the person getting into debt increases dramatically. We shall now look at the five most […]