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  • WizeHire


    What is WizeHire? In the ever-changing job market, recruitment is an ongoing process than a one-off event. Both HR agencies and companies are on the lookout for good talented people to employ.  However, the a pressing need to find a more qualified and experienced workforce. They would have a telling effect on the present business’s […]



    What is VIVAHR? One of the common mistakes that HR consultants make is to look in the wrong places for candidates or even hiring the wrong kind of person. The typical recruiting software looks to find the most people suitable for a given position. It needs to fill it with just the right person as […]

  • Recooty


    Introduction  What is Recooty? In the contemporary business world, recruiting people has become highly competitive. Manpower agencies have competition from other and similar agencies when filling in a vacancy or requirement on time. At the same time, businesses have to go through a mountain of candidates for each vacant position. And there is no guarantee […]

  • Best Recruiting Software

    Best Recruiting Software

    Best recruiting software What are the best recruiting software? We are living in an era that uses automation in every possible way. Nevertheless, recruitment is no different either. There are many tools and automation that come into the recruitment field, which helps with recruiting and onboarding candidates into companies or employers. The role of automation is […]

  • Vincere


    Introduction  Why use Vincere? The field of recruitments has seen a lot of competition. It is hardly surprising that some people have taken advantage of the situation to deliver some of the most useful and innovative recruitment software possible.  There are no doubt advantages to using automated processes to the long drawn out procedures like […]