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Application Comparisons

Clockify vs Hubstaff

Clockify vs Hubstaff comparison

There is much time tracking software in the market. It is over 200 and counting as we write. This chooses just the right type and kind of time tracker software somewhat hard. The entire process of vetting out a good tracker could thus be time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. Here we are comparing two of the leading time tracker applications – Clockify vs Hubstaff. They stand against each other to let us understand how they stack up and against each other’s performance.

The function or the need for time tracking applications differ in an employer’s case when compared to a solo worker or entrepreneur. To the former, it is the need to keep a tab on how his worker uses their working time productively. To the solo worker is all about making the best use of the available time and reducing wasted time.

time tracking app
Track your time easily

Tracking time is one of the most crucial functions in any business. It allows the user to know how time is being spent, can help with the billing, monitor the progress of projects, etc. Keeping track of time also reveals how productive each member of the team is and helps improve the business unit’s overall productivity. It helps plan better for the future. There is irrefutable evidence that overall efficiency has dramatically improved with time tracker software in any office or workplace.

Clockify vs Hubstaff: What is Clockify 

Clockify is a time tracker software that has been in use in the market for some time now. It has gained a reputation for being easy to use and easy to integrate into the workplace, and at minimal cost to the employer. The features of the software are simple to understand and master. Few people need actual training with Clockify as it is possible to start with the application and follow on from there. Some of the more notable points of the platform have been documented below.

Dashboard The dashboard is where the entire control and monitoring of the working of the software happens. It has an easy layout that makes for quick reading of the details and at the same time makes it possible to take any positive action as well. On offer are customizable templates that allow a fair bit of flexibility in the way the software is used and handled.


With the timesheets, users understand how each member of the team has been spending their working hours. You can enter billing details onto the sheets, making it possible to track overall project costing and its control. You can monitor different projects for progress by using color codes that allow the separation of the individual projects alone.

Time tracker 

It is the area on the software that shows how the team or worker spends time. Often with workers, there are bound to be idle times when the computer would not be put to any use, like attending a meeting or paying attention to a phone call. It is possible to manually update the time spent thus as good time on Clockify. 

This sort of flexibility ensures that users are not penalized unnecessarily and the actual time is being charted.

Clockify vs Hubstaff: What is Hubstaff 

If ever there was a time tracker software that was feature-rich yet as affordable for the solopreneur, it has to be Hubstaff. The software’s vital point has to be the easy-to-use user interface that presents the platform’s entire working as graphical displays. 

It is easy to change the parameters and undertake closer monitoring of those employees that need to be given an extra bit of motivation. The software is inherently accurate in that it is possible to conduct the costing aspect of entire projects on it.

User Interface 

The user’s offer is a graphics-rich user interface much like the dashboards found in other comparable tracking systems. It is possible to make great changes such as billing hours and billing rates, even differing billing information for the user all at the user interface. The power of the user interface with Hubstaff can be realized in that it hardly takes any training for people to get to use the product. Most of the time it is a simple follow on from one step to the other.


Timesheets are an integral and vital part of the time tracker software. It is no different in the case of Hubstaff. It is possible to separate out the timesheets depending on the worker or on the project basis. One of the most notable features of the timesheets is the somewhat graphical representation that the format has been done in. It enables the quick retrieval of data as also the fast comprehension too.

Time tracker 

Hubstaff has one of the easiest and accurate time tracking software integrations. It is possible to have a worker work on different projects simultaneously with the separation being borne out by the software. The focus is more on the completion of the task than in just the monitoring of the activity.

Check out how Hubstaff compares with DeskTime.

Clockify vs Hubstaff – Which of the two tracking software is better?

It is tough to say that Clockify is better than Hubstaff or vice versa. It is because each of these applications has been made with different user groups in mind. Clockify is the cheaper model to use and has a fair number of features even in the free version.

All consideration taken, it must be said that Hubstaff scores over Clockify as it has a more focused approach to finishing a project on time, while Clockify is the more affordable option for most people.


To say that a particular time tracking software is the best available would be getting it all wrong. Every timer application has its strong points as well as its weak operating points. It is for the user to identify what works best and under the right circumstances as well.

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Application Comparisons

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