What is Clockify?

Clockify is at its heart built for tracking teams of people. You can also use it in keeping track of time for individual workers and professionals. There is a free version that can do many of the timekeeping functions, which could help those students and amateur workers. The professionals use the software’s premium version, which starts at $10 per month per user. Clockify cannot justify the sums being paid to access the premium features unless you are a professional who bills the clients.

The strong point of Clockify is that it is simple to integrate into the work environment. A simple web browser extension is all that the program installs in your system and provides for all the platform’s functionality. It is also supported on handheld devices, with compatibility being the order with iOS and Android phones. The traditional web-based website is available for those who prefer to do it in this manner.

From the very start, Clockify has been built keeping in mind teams of workers. Thus the free version has enough features to satisfy the single worker, and those desirous of having the team features must use the premium version as far as possible.

Clockify – perfect software to track your project time

Features of Clockify 

Clockify comes packed with many futuristic features. Ideally, you must use it to keep track of multiple user projects. But the single user or the student would find enough functionality in the free version to keep them interested in the software.

Time tracker 

With this feature, Clockify manages to keep the time that is billable and non-billable of the various employees on record. It is possible to add and modify the time people clock up during the week. The calendar function allows the viewer to see the times logged in on a monthly or weekly calendar. This format allows for the more comfortable viewing of the entries. It also makes for a better analysis of the time logged in the system.  

There is a function to mark out the billable and the non-billable time in the timesheet. This being a convenience, it is also one of the positive sides of the time tracking software.

Time Sheets

Most businesses and consultants keep timesheets to track how time is spent on a project. It splits the total time from the billable time. One of the notable features of Clockify timesheets is the range of templates that it offers the user. It allows a fair bit of customization and helps present something as drab as a timesheet in a pleasing manner.

Activities in a sheet can be entered quickly, and keeping track of the various activity can be done in its full flow or as a condensed approach. Additional information can be saved as notes attached to the activity sheet and easy retrieval of information.


It is the one-stop solution to finding all that is there in the time tracking activity most of the time. All relevant information is presented pleasingly, and it is easy to fetch some of the more in-depth information with just the click of the mouse button.  

The team’s top activities are highlighted in color codes that make it easy to read and understand. The power of visualizations has been put to fair use at the top of the dashboard. It makes for easy retrieval of information at any time. The use of bar charts makes comparison possible from one week to another on the same project. It prevents a pile-up of activities and the congestion of work.

A good break down of the charts makes it possible to see what each team member has been up to. It gives the breakup of work among the team members. The live status provides information on a real-time basis.  


With any time tracking software, it would be practically useless unless an accurate report of the user’s time usage is made. Clockify tends to make reports rather exhaustive so that nothing is left to chance or luck. It is possible to reach out to the project’s depths and understand how each member of the team is performing.

You can apply filters to the data. That way, only what is relevant at a particular time is getting reported to the manager. It is possible to share the reports among team members and fellow workers as a link that you can email conveniently. Further flexibility to the software is had as it can export the data to other supporting applications as CSV, PDF, or Excel sheets.

Clockify Projects 

Clockify can have numerous timesheets about the project. It can all be collated onto a single sheet for easier reading. The entire project can be split into different components, and the time scale of each one of them studied in detail. Custom rates for each participant can be fed in, thus helping to manage the projects better. A status bar would enable the manager to keep the project’s tabs from afar and help understand where every penny is getting spent. Over budget parts of the project are highlighted in red, thus making it convenient to monitor the whole program.


No doubt, Clockify remains one of the in-demand software to track times across different projects simultaneously. It allows a fair bit of flexibility, and it is possible to customize a large part of the application’s workings. The versatility of the dashboard is brought out when people get to work on different projects all at the same time. It is customizable, and the added filters would weed out the superfluous information.

Clockify is a customer-centric software and can offer some of the most powerful tools to manage time on a project. The result is that the manager gets to keep tabs on the working of the employee. At the same time, it comes to grips with the project at large.