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CrocoBlock VS Elementor Pro (Features & Pricing)

CrocoBlock VS Elementor Pro (Features & Pricing)

In the modern-day, creating a website is even easier than you would have imagined. Although it is still valid to pay for developers for a more hand-on touch, website creation is easy, and you can also do so by yourself. To create a good website, all you need is a page builder and a set of plugins for improved functionality. CrocoBlock and Elementor Pro are examples of reliable page builders out there that you can use to create a website. 

CrocoBlock is based on the Elementor page builder. Crocoblock features several Elementor addons and tones of Elementor templates. Elementor Pro, on the other hand, is the premium version of Elementor page builder with more functionalities. But which page builder is better than the other? Let us see about that. In this article, we review these two web-page builders. 


CrocoBlock and Elementor Pro are both based on Elementor Page builder. Elementor Pro is a premium version of Elementor, while CrocoBlock is an addon. CrocoBlock works as promised despite being an addon. However, being a new player in the market than Elementor Pro, there is not as much functionality on the platform that you will be able to enjoy. In this review, Elementor Pro is the winner. It has more app integrations supported, more plugins and widgets, more functionality, and offers better value for money. Still curious about the same? Read on as we highlight the features one by one.

CrocoBlock VS Elementor Pro: Features

CrocoBlock Features

Kava Pro and free themes

Part of the main advantages of getting CrocoBlock is that it comes bundled with Kava Pro and Kava Free themes. Although the two are pretty much similar, Kava Pro features more skins that are not present in the Kava Free themes package.

Plugins support

Like you would expect from any other page builder, CrocoBlock allows the addition of plugins. CrocoBlock has premium Jet plugins that take the whole experience of building websites easy. Jet plugins consist of various top-selling addons that are aimed at expanding Elementor’s functionality. Examples of Jet plugins included are Jet Elements, Jet Engine, Jet Search, and Jet Blog, to name a few. In total, CrocoBlock comes bundled with a total of 17 Jet plugins.


Another thing that you should pay attention to keenly while looking for a page builder is the availability of templates. But most page builders out there come with templates, so CrocoBlock is not a special case.

CrocoBlock has three different types of templates available. Those include; pre-made websites, popup bundles, and website models. Each of these templates packs a good amount of templates that you can use on in one click to create your perfect website for a given purpose. 

Premade Websites

Under pre-made websites, CrocoBlock has several templates available. These templates range from different types of businesses or industries. To put this into perspective, CrocoBlock has a template for charity organizations, IT conferences, consulting agencies, sports news websites, hosting websites, travel blogs, and more. In total, CrocoBlock currently has a portfolio of over 45 pre-made website templates. With this massive amount of pre-made templates, there is a high chance you might find your suitable website design already available.

Pop up bundles

Popup is another excellent collection of pre-made templates available on CrocoBlock. For those who have been in the marketing space for a while, you already know how essential popups can be. Pop-up can be a handy tool when a visitor is just about to exit your blog. With popups, you can be able to collect email subscriptions, advertising sales, and more. CrocoBlock includes six different kinds of popups that are ready for use. 


Aside from templates, widgets are also important. Which website does not have widgets anyway – very few if they exist. On its part, CrocoBlock includes tones of them, from WooCommerce widgets, blogging widgets, content-organization widgets, form widgets, action widgets, and menu and search widgets. CrocoBlock is baked in with over 150 widgets.

Are you satisfied with all the functionality included in CrocoBlock already? Hold your guns. Let us now move to Elementor Pro and see what is available there.

Elementor Pro Features

Elementor Pro is the premium version of Elementor. With that in mind, it is evident that the premium version packs more functionalities than what is available on the free version. Here are the various features available on Elementor Pro.

Theme builder

Elementor Pros theme builder is one of the best out there. It not only makes it easy to build your website but also brings in more customizability that could not be achieved by your theme. With Elementor Pro, forget about the limitations; it enables you to edit any part of your theme limitlessly. You can visually design your header, footer, and even other single posts pages, among other website locations, like archive pages of your site using Elementor. Other pages you can customize with Elementor Pro include the 404 pages and Search Results Page.

Professional blocks

Just like CrocoBlocks, Elementor Pro also includes professional blocks that are pre-made for you. The blocks and templates are easy to use, and what is even good is they integrate with the pre-made widgets so you can achieve any functionality in your journey to create a stunning website. You can obtain slides, animated headlines, forms, and more features with the pre-made templates.

Drag & drop editor

Aside from the theme builder, Elementor Pro also includes a drag and drop editor. For the record, Elementor Pro drag and drop editor is one of the most intuitive editors in WordPress. All you need to do is to drag, drop, and customize. Honestly, it does not get any easier than that.

Popup builder

Popup Builder is also available on Elementor Pro. Unlike in CrocoBlock, where you have pre-made popups, Elementor Pro also gives you a chance to design and customize your popups the way you like. 

Designer-made templates

Like in CrocoBlock, Elementor Pro also comes with pre-made templates. So aside from having a choice to make your templates using the theme builder, you also have an alternative to pick from the pre-made templates which are professionally made. Elementor Pro features over 300 beautifully crafted templates. The pre-made templates are also designed to fit almost any industry out there. 


Apart from pre-made templates, you also have access to a plethora of widgets. You can use the already available widgets to create anything you want, ranging from buttons, headlines, forms, and more. Elementor Pro has over 90 widgets available that you can choose from. Some popular widgets available on Elementor Pro include Nav Menu Widget, Login Form Widget, Search Widget, Posts Widget, WordPress Comments Widget, Portfolio Widget, Yoast Breadcrumbs Widget, Author Box Widget, and Advanced Query Control.

WooCommerce builder

With WooCommerce Builder, e-commerce users can gain more control over what their e-commerce stores look like and feel like. Instead of having a typical design that everyone else has, why not have your unique online store feel and look? That is why you need this specific functionality.

Global widget

Global widget is a feature in Elementor Pro that enables you to save your favorite widget settings so that you can reuse later on any page through a simple drag and drop.

Motion effects

Motion effects enable you to tweak your website to include customized interactions and animations. 

Action links

With action links, you can be able to connect directly with your website audience via WhatsApp, Waze, Google Calendar & more apps

Custom fonts

Elementor Pro also allows you to add your custom fonts. Apart from your custom fonts, it is also easy to customize your website via the TypeKit integration that packs its own set of custom fonts. 

Social media features

Apart from the already mentioned features, this page builder also includes a set of social media features to help your audience connect with you. Social media features available on Elementor Pro involve;

Share Buttons, Blockquote, Social Icons Widget, Facebook Embed, Facebook Page, Facebook Comments, and a Facebook-Button.

Role manager

A role Manager is a feature that helps you take control of your build theme. It enables you to Restrict access to the editor altogether or restrict users from making changes to the content only. Thus, ensuring the theme remains intact.

Custom CSS

It is no secret that even page builders, may at times not have specific functionality that you wish to have on your website. In that case, you can also use custom CSS to port into your website some styling features that were not possible with the page builder alone.

Embed templates anywhere

On top of just having pre-made templates available for use, Elementor Pro also gives you access to the template shortcodes so you can be able to embed them anywhere.

Small Comparison Table

Who is this for?

This might come a little bit late, but that does not make it invalid in any way. Page builders can be used by website developers to develop websites for clients, and at the same, they can be utilized by anyone with no prior coding experience to make a website. So, yeah, it applies to everyone who wants to create a website.

Pros and Cons

CrocoBlock Pros

  • Packs amazing Templates
  • Nice plugin package available
  • Excellent support

CrocoBlock Cons

  • Less functionality as compared to Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro Pros

  • Rich in features
  • Has a live front-end page builder
  • Includes the ability to Create Custom Headers / Footers and post types

Elementor Pro Cons

  • Header Builder Lacks Schema


Both page builders are placed behind a paywall. Elementor Pro has three different paid plans. The basic plan is exclusively for one website and includes the following;

  • 50+ Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Pro Templates
  • Theme Builder
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Popup Builder
  • Support for 1 Year
  • Updates for 1 Year
  • The basic plan, which is called Personal, goes for a price of $49 per year.

The next plan is dubbed Plus and includes similar features to what is already available on Elementor Pro personal plan. The only difference is that this plan supports up to 3 websites. As a result, you will have to deep inside the pocket a little bit deeper. Elementor Pro Plus costs $99 per year.

The last plan, dubbed as the Expert plan, is what you should go for if you are a developer. It includes support of up to 1000 websites.

For CrocoBlock, it has four different paid plans. CrocoBlock’s subscription plans are implemented in a slightly different way than its contender. CrocoBlock has placed its plans with various functionality capabilities so that higher plans are the ones with more features. At the same time, you can pay for the highest plan and only obtain a license for one website.

Design Plan

It goes for $49 per year for a single website and $69 for unlimited websites. It includes; JetElements, JetMenu, JetBlog, JetTricks, JetTabs, JetBlocks, JetReviews, JetSearch, JetPopup, JetThemeCore, and JetStyleManager

Multi-tool Plan

It goes for $69 per year for a single website or $99 for unlimited websites. It includes all that is on the Design plan, plus JetSmartFilters, JetEngine, JetBooking, and free website models.

E-commerce Plan

This plan includes various functionalities and must-have tools for online stores. It consists of all in the Multitool plan bolstering that functionality with new features like JetWooBuilder, JetCompareWishlist, and JetProductGallery. It only lacks Jet Engine. This plan goes for $69 per year for one website and $99 per year for unlimited sites.

All-Inclusive Lifetime

This is what we recommend to developers out there. This plan packs all the functionality CrocoBlock has and for a one time fee. At only $299, you get lifetime access to CrocoBlock page builder.


Both platforms are not tricky to get a hang off. However, Elementor Pro is one of the most natural page builders out there with its drag and drop functionality. It does not any easier than that.

Integrations Table

Integrations have always been important for any SaaS business model. That is still the case for CrocoBlock and Elementor Pro. You can integrate the platforms with other apps to get more functionality.

CrocoBlock can be integrated with the following apps; WooCommerce

Elementor Pro, on the other hand, can be integrated with the following apps:

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • ConvertKit
  • Campaign Monitor
  • HubSpot
  • Zapier
  • Adobe TypeKit
  • Discord
  • GetResponse
  • Drip
  • ReCaptcha V3
  • Facebook SDK
  • MailerLite
  • Slack
  • Font Awesome 5
  • Custom Icon Libraries

Customer Support

On customer support, both Elementor Pro and CrocoBlock won’t fail. Both platforms have excellent customer support teams that have been praised on different online platforms. Wish to get started? There is a knowledge base center available. Contact the customer support team? They are available to serve you 24/7.

The Verdict

By going through all the highlighted features, there is no chance that CrocoBlock can beat Elementor Pro. The pricing is much similar, and Elementor Pro has all the pro features included in all of its plans – which ends up offering better value for the money.

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