Dabbl App Review

Here is a new app for your review. The app with the name “Dabbl” is on the market on both Android and iOS devices. Be careful, though, as there are several apps with “Dabbl” names that are online. The basic idea for the Dabbl app was to allow users to earn compensation through playing games, quizzes, and video viewing. So let us begin with the discussion and some additional details.

Dabbl App

What is Dabbl App? 

The Dabbl app is a free app that pays people to use their downtime. You can earn by playing games, answering surveys, and watching short videos to earn tokens. The AdJoy company created Dabbl. They offer mobile advertising and deliver digital advertising. AdJoy was founded in 2015, and in-house offices are located in Tampa and San Francisco. 

Dabbl App – How to Get Started? 

A Dabbl is available on both iTunes and Google Play. Follow these steps to get started with Android and iOS. 

1. When you open the app, you see the Welcome screen and a mini-tutorial.

2. After completing the tutorial, click “Launch Now.” 

3. The app will ask for your cell phone number and the day you were born (you must be over 13 to use Dabbl) 

4. After this, confirm your phone number with the pop-up.

5. Wait for the Dabble confirmation, then enter the four-digit PIN code.

6. Next, Dabbl requests permission to use your current location or to estimate the location from your current location. You have successfully registered for Dabbl.

You can fill out your personal information, such as your first and last name and an email address, on your Profile screen. Additionally, you can also select your preferences, such as notification alerts and notification preferences (as requested earlier). Moreover, you may upload a profile photo as well. 

What does this app offer? 

When Dabbl is opened, it will show the dashboard. The top left of the screen will be a blank profile outline. It will be your points counter to its right. The points counter opens a new screen displaying how many points have been won. The counter only goes up to five thousand marks because you need to redeem a value of this amount ($5 or $10). Beneath the point values, you will see your lifetime points, Dabbl points, and how many referrals you have got:

  1. The main screen shows multiple kinds of various activities to browse and additional savings. Under the ‘From Dabbl’ title, you can find “Premium experiences exclusively offered by Dabbl” and then the different fast ways to win, such as the referral program. Underneath the Surveys, there are other short surveys from different companies.
  2. You can browse through the many quick ads and videos to view and earn.
  3. There is the Extra Savings, which you will find links to from Dabbl.

After users click on a video, a survey, or a pop-up ad and complete the task, the site offers a pop-up informing them of the money they earned. The survey asks if you enjoyed the experience and offers an emoji face that corresponds with your response. 

How do you make money? 

They pay you for things you do through their app. As mentioned, there are various ways one may earn money on Dabbl. In the ‘From Dabbl section,’ you can earn points based on the number of videos watched and the speed at which you complete the quizzes. Nevertheless, one can earn up to 30 points for an interactive video, 40 points for video ads, and 40 points for an additional video ad. The Tap Research introduction survey, under the ‘Survey’ section, sets up a user to earn 20 points. Now that Tap Research has opened, you can earn points on various surveys corresponding to your specific preferences. Moving on to the ‘From the Web section,’ you can earn points by watching quick ads and quizzes, which can be of just 5 seconds long, and answer one multiple-choice question to earn 10 points.

In the ‘Extra Discounts section,’ you can get huge discounts by clicking through to a sponsored website, such as – savings like $37 off a skincare product, 80% off wellness products at Vitamin World, 50% off CityPASS Attractions, 25% off college football gear from Fanatics, and many more promos. Lastly, you earn points through referrals to your friend. One thousand points are awarded to you when your friend completes a Dabbl experience. But remember, you can only invite up to 20 people to Dabbl. The total points available on this app change each week due to the number of points available to claim. Dabbl only lets you play one card at a time, so there is no option to keep playing in order to gain large amounts of cash. 

How are you paid? 

Dabbl offers a unique payout system, unlike other platforms. Instead of having various denominations, you are limited to a set amount of gift cards. The point counter reaches 5,000 points, at which time the player receives a gift card, claims the card, and continues the process. The conversion rate is $1 USD per 1,000 points. The gift cards you can claim are $5 or $10, and you will earn 5000 points for them. Gift cards are as follows: 

  • Ulta $10 
  • Spotify $10 
  • Best Buy $5 
  • Barnes and Noble $5 
  • AMC Theaters $5 
  • Amazon $5 

Only electronic gift cards worth $5 can be used on the Dabbl app. 

Pros and Cons of the Dabbl App 


  • Great customer service- The customer is quite prompt to reply to the emails. 
  • Quick and Easy – This app is really good for those who can spare some time from daily chores. 
  • Savings: Good discounts can be found in this app. 
  • Clear to read- Each section is explained in detail, and the FAQs provide a wealth of information. 


  • Limited – Not many options available to be performed at all times.
  • No cash option- Do not expect PayPal or larger denomination payments.
  • Videos: Videos are not captioned, so you cannot hear what they say if you are watching them in silence. Therefore you do not understand it.

Overall, it’s a nice app, but it does not stand out from other money-making apps.