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What is Decluttr? 

It is a website, which provides an application where you can negotiate used stuff.

What is Decluttr?

The site promotes a wide range of used items, such as:

– Blu-ray

– The telephones

– Cell phones

– Tablets

– Usable

– CD

– DVDs

– Video games (including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo)

– Game consoles

– Lego bricks (per pound)

– Textbooks

If you are looking to receive a little extra money, you may contemplate having a second job, which falls into the work-from-home category, or you can sell that abandoned pile of used media that you dumped around your home.

It turns out, Decluttr purchases old media and tech instruments and gives them a guaranteed price, with no hidden fees.

How does it work?

Decluttr’s play is simple. You log in, obtain an instant cash quote, and then send abroad your items for free if you like the price.

The procedure is the following:

– Create a free account

– Once you have an account, you will receive an instant quotation for your stuff online

– You must select the payment method: PayPal, direct deposit, or check

– Pile the items you wish to sell in any box and attach the free shipping label with the default address

– You will be able to obtain payment as soon as the day after your articles arrive at Decluttr

How much does it pay?

The sum that Decluttr will offer you for things like used CDs or an old phone, various prices depending on the item and the type of condition it is in:

– Samsung Gear Wi-Fi (smartwatch) – $ 8

– Apple iPhone 7 (128GB) – $ 109

– Amazon Kindle Fire HD 10-inch (5th Gen, 16GB) – $ 10

– 1 pound bag of loose Lego bricks – $ 1

– Google Pixel (32GB) – $ 40

– Nintendo Switch – $ 150

What are the Decluttr options?

Decluttr isn’t the only website in town when it comes to selling used CDs and DVDs. The following sites will also make you an offer:



– Book Monster


On the other hand, other websites will buy your used tech devices:

– Glyde.


– NextWorth

– BuyBackWorld

– Swappa

What are the regulations for non-tech items?

When it comes to non-technological items, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, games, and books, damaged or marked items are not allowed. It also won’t let these items be missing, such as cases, jackets, artwork, and inlays. It is indispensable to send only stuff that is in good condition, and if the company does not authorize the elements, they will not return them to you. Instead, the items will be recycled.

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What are the regulations for tech items?

For technology items, the significant thing is that the description of the element you delivered on the website during the valuation must fit completely.

If not, you will not get the price offered to you when you placed your order, and if the organization declares that your item differs from the description you gave, they will contact you and deliver you a verified offer price. Moreover, you can decide to approve this offer or reject it.

Furthermore, If you do not wish to approve the lowest offer, the corporation will send you no charges.

How is the payment process?

Once the website receives the elements, obtaining the payment is a rapid procedure.

Once accepted, the website will grant your payment the next business day. Direct deposits are generally cleared within three business days after payment is made, but the controls are slower.

Then you will receive the check within ten business days. So if you want to receive money quickly, don’t choose to get paid by check.

Is it an excellent website to sell used things?

In short, it is a great platform to sell your old stuff.

Selling through this platform brings numerous advantages, and, of course, as you would find with any service, some aspects delay it a bit.

Pros of Decluttr

This platform, described in relation to other comparable websites, is one of the best for essential reasons.

– It is manageable to use 

It is comparably one of the best platforms out there in terms of design, and it makes the whole used item deal process a lot easier.

Both the site and the app are simple to navigate.

– Shipping is free. It is highly beneficial and makes it a suitable platform to sell.

As mentioned above, for non-tech items, you will only receive a few dollars for each element.

So if you have to expend on delivery, selling your stuff will be much less efficient, not worth it.

– Payments are quick. 

The platform pays out quickly, making it favorable.

Once the items arrive and go through a quality inspection procedure, they will pay you the next day. You do not have to wait three business days, as you have to do with other platforms.

– It is a responsible platform 

It is a legal platform.

Decluttr is safe and ethical.

It has a rating of 9.1 out of 10 on Trustpilot. It is a website that illustrates customer reviews on all sorts of products and services.

Cons of Decluttr 

As you can see in this article, it is a great platform to sell your used stuff. While it gives lots of advantage, there is one thing that sets it back:

That’s the fact that if Decluttr disapproves your DVDs, CDs, games, Blu-rays, and books, they won’t return them.

It means that not only do they not pay you, also you lose all the items. It’s not ideal and the most disadvantageous characteristic. However, it does not apply to technology items, and if a technology item is denied, the company will return it free of charge.


This article on Decluttr shows how simple it can be to obtain money with what you thought was garbage in a drawer at home.

Selling used items is smart to make a profit on a devalued thing that you already invested your money in, and you can constantly look around your house for other elements to sell!