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DeskTime vs TimeCamp

DeskTime vs TimeCamp Comparison

Time is precious to everyone, no matter their lines of business. The main reason for it is you cannot create that time. Whatever time a person has, it has to be utilized to the full. It is this principle that is being put to use in the simplest time tracking software. Some of the more advanced and sophisticated software does more than record time with added features like screenshots and time logs being created. DeskTime vs TimeCamp – which one is better?

Both DeskTime and TimeCamp are software used to track the work times of employees. The solo worker can also use it to help know how he spends his time, which leads to better management of his available time. 

Once an employee’s timesheets are known, it would be possible to go a step further to control how he manages to spend his time.

desktime vs timecamp
Keep the track of your work

Keep track of workers It is the practice in knowledge-based industries to keep track of the workers who might be on a remote working model. This is where a good time tracking software comes into the picture. It helps the employer know how exactly the time is spent and on what projects as well. So, the contractor needs to be paid only the actual work and nothing outside of his work scope. A tracking software ensures that people are paid for the amount of work done, which is a handy bit of information to have around when it comes to tendering for future projects.

Prioritize projects 

Once the team members’ working habits are understood and clocked, it would make it easy to allocate work. It ensures that only the right person gets the right kind of job too. When handling multiple projects, understanding each worker’s true capabilities ensures that tasks that need to be completed on a priority basis can be handled better.

Most time tracking software provides things like milestones, calendar, and stall allocation features as standard. You would create a time bar at the start of the project to ensure that people stick to the deadlines and ensure better monitoring of work.

Check status 

With even the simplest and basic time monitoring software, it is possible to know the exact status of a project at any time. Often project managers tend to review the progress of projects regularly to ensure adherence to timelines.  

DeskTime vs TimeCamp: What is DeskTime 

DeskTime is a time monitoring software that helps employers utilize the workers’ time to full and help realize the full potential of the business they are in. It accelerates growth and improves business returns over a long time. There are several features with DeskTime that make it one of the most sought-after software. Discussed at length are some of the critical elements that would set it apart from the competition.

Time sheets 

At the heart of every time tracking software is the timesheets, and it is no exemption with DeskTime either. Of particular note must be how easily the sheets are organized to make for easy reading and its interpretations. The use of different colors to denote various projects on the same worker needs to be stressed as it helps with the separation of duties with each person.

Flexibility on offer 

DeskTime is one of the more flexible time tracker software available in the market today. It provides comprehensive reports in nature, and often it is possible to get to grips with the entire project with just the reports generated. The automatic feature ensures that operators don’t need to worry about the application does its job well. It happens without even human control.

DeskTime vs TimeCamp: What is TimeCamp 

TimeCamp is an automatic time tracker software that provides businesses the facility to manage time and the billing and integrations with other software. It is flexible enough to be used by the freelancer as it is with the companies with thousands of employees on a roll. A graphics-rich user interface ensures that interaction with the software is easy to do and productive on time spent.


The timesheets on TimeCamp are instead a complicated affair with tools to understand the productivity of the employee. A graphical representation takes care of every aspect of managing people and their time. There are tracking holidays possible to mirror the work times of the employees. 

Users can manage budgets, compare estimates, and calculate incomes using simple timesheets.


It is essential for software that will apply to over a thousand employees to be flexible in approach. That has been done in Timecamp with some innovative uses of graphics and diagrams. It is possible to monitor whole projects from the reports and make it the project management cornerstone. Many processes are automated, which makes it easy to use and with minimal supervision too.

Desktime vs TimeCamp – Which is the better of the two in time tracking?

Both DeskTime and TimeCamp have very similar reporting styles. It can be applied to more or less the same kind of work environments. DeskTime scores over the other in terms of offline tracking. The activities done without an internet connection are updated to the system files when the connection is restored.

Secondly, DeskTime has the feature to take screenshots at small intervals of time, thus keeping tabs on which type of programs the worker has been working on. It is not intrusive as often the details are blurred, and at the same time, you can read the site.

Thus, with the features on offer, it is DeskTime that comes as better than TimeCamp, but TimeCamp is the more economical of the two. It is particularly true if the annual plans are chosen for payment.


When comparing two software and that too time monitors, it is important to match the two, feature for feature. Despite some features standing out in one case, we must stress that most customers choose a particular software for the total convenience of a single part alone.

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