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Desktime vs Toggl


Managers and workers use Time tracking software to register hours spent working for operations, billing, or payroll purposes. In general, they record time spent doing the various assigned tasks and contribute significantly to the automation of client invoicing or payroll maintenance. They provide more than just an insight into how workers spend their time by keeping track of the more minute steps like the actual sites that are visited and the duration of use of any site. This Blog explains the difference between Desktime vs Toggl.
There are many advantages to using time tracking software, but the below-discussed points cannot be left off from most active candidates when considering one for use.

Increased Productivity

The very mention that a time tracking software has been deployed in the workspace is bound to perk up the employees. They then make it a point to make use of their time better. A useful timekeeping application monitors the workers and ensures that time is not wasted. It puts greater accountability on people within the organization and ensures that everyone is on the same page. Any time wasted can be spotted immediately, and the concerned workers took to task.

Automated Working

Admittedly people working in most offices would like to spend their time productively and not keep track of what other workers are doing. It is here the automated working of time tracking software comes into the picture. Most time, recording software is automated in that it can be set to start recording time automatically and thus produce reports that can be looked over. The app automatically takes care of routine time capture and invoicing. It has been noticed that such applications are more accurate and reliable than manual entries most of the time.

Accurate Deadlines

With time capture software, it is possible to set clear set deadlines and timelines for projects. Due to the availability of trend lines exposed with time capture as the capacity of each of the workers is known to the system. When working on large projects or, for that matter, any project, knowing when components can be finished in time can be of enormous help most of the time. It would ensure that the projects are completed on time and within budgets as well.

What is DeskTime

DeskTime is fully automated time capture software that has been known to boost productivity by up to 30% in workspaces where it has been implemented. The results have mostly been immediate, with improvements being seen within the first few weeks of the application’s rolling.
With DeskTime, it is possible to monitor how employees spend their time and their computers. It is possible to track projects and produce a workable timeline for managers to follow. Once the hourly rates of workers are fed into the system, it is possible to calculate the wages and how much it costs to keep the project going at a particular pace.

Automation (main difference in Desktime vs Toggl)

It is not just time that is tracked with the automation that is built into DeskTime. There is a range of facilities to monitor screenshots, URLs, and apps being used, titles of documents being opened, tracking projects, and cost calculation. So more than a time tracker, DeskTime is a time manager too.


The application can separate the workers into teams working on specific projects and ensure workflow is not interrupted at any time. It can plan out shifts and create them too. DeskTime manages absences and ensures that work is not affected by the lack of one or more workers in a particular team. A close watch is kept on team productivity to ensure that the customer gets the right output at the desired times.

What is Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking application that allows customers to keep track of daily activities on different platforms. Provides the client with detailed insights and an excellent chance to optimize the workflow by identifying the areas that could improve. Toggl can be easily integrated into several cross platforms to deal with project management.

Desktime vs Toggle- What is Toggle-Time Tracking Software-BAV

Auto Tracker

Auto Tracker is helpful for forgetful people who leave out some parts of the tracking. It makes the necessary entries automatically. Integrating the app with the customer’s software will help with project management.

Reporting (major difference in Desktime vs Toggl)

A strong point of working with Toggl is the kind of reports capable of generating for the user. Daily reports give a layout of the application’s routine workings. Further provides weekly reporting and monthly reporting, capture the work team’s entire working. It is also possible to customize the reports and generate customized reports as the situation demands it.

Which is the better software of the two (Desktime vs Toggl)

DeskTime is the better of the two applications for tracking our overall projects most of the time. With Toggl, it is more of a time tracker that needs further integration to other applications that manage projects.
Cost-wise it makes more sense to use DeskTime as it does mean having an entire stand-alone system to itself. But Toggl needs additional support most of the time to work as a managing app. Toggl can be used when the needs are more basic with hardly any sophistication to its application.

Conclusion- Desktime vs Toggl

What stands out with the use of time tracker software is the fair bit of automation being rendered. managers can adopt a handsfree approach to managing time and projects as best as could be done. Most applications can provide a flexible push forward to keeping time with a modular move towards its implementation.

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