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Ebates vs Cashback Monitor

Ebates vs Cashback Monitor
In this article, Ebates vs Cashback Monitor, we cover the topic of how these two apps work, and which of the apps saves you more money.

How to Put Cashback Applications to Use

Before we get into Ebates vs Cashback Monitor story, let’s dig into the topic about how to use a cashback app to its full potential.

There’s been an explosion of cashback systems which made it increasingly difficult to tell them apart. Often with branding exercises, it becomes necessary to identify specific strong points and convert them into USPs over time. Cashback platforms are all about the customer getting paid back. A part of the commissions received from merchant sites after they refer a customer to the store.

Although, the typical cashback applications tend to focus on online stores and websites while shopping, there are those systems that pay equal attention to both the online and traditional stores. It could be a win-win proposition in this case.

Finding the Local Shops

Many shopping apps and cashback systems identify local stores that offer cashback on purchases. By using a mobile app the shopper gets to track the nearest shops offering cashback. People earn cashback and shopping credits while scanning the products at the time of purchase or when uploading the receipt after the shopping is done.

Getting the Right Deal

Many of the stores have discount coupon codes announced from time to time, and it is not uncommon to have different codes floating around at any particular time. One way to keep track of emerging codes is by paying attention to the local newspapers and magazines. A more convenient method is to use the cashback app that tends to run in the background as people shop around for goods.

The relevant discount coupons are applied at the end of shopping when paying for the shopping cart contents. It is possible to stack coupon codes most of the time. More than a single code is applied in combination, which results in the least price being offered to the customer each time.

The Digital Card

Many cash-back apps work as a browser extension. Meaning that you can use them anywhere because it’s a digital card. It is the same principle with mobile apps and customers needing to use just about an email to log onto the system. The cashback systems are digital forms of payment options that can be accessed from any digital device.

Great Planning Apps

One of the features of the cashback app is that you can access it from anywhere. So, if you are out on a stroll and would fancy a meal, then just pulling out your mobile phone and opening the app would point the user to a range of options that are around in that area. Thus, it becomes possible to plan for the unplanned most of the time. It is convenient with the added measure of saving on money spent.

So, read on and let’s see who wins – Ebates vs Cashback Monitor!

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a cashback system that refers shoppers to shopping sites. In turn, the shopping merchants pay a commission to Ebates for the reference, which refunds the amount partially to the customer. With the Ebates system’s ready acceptance at many online stores and the traditional brick and mortar stores, it comes as little wonder that its utility is relatively high. It is possible to find an offer for practically any product that the customer is seeking.

One of the most vital working points with Ebates is that it keeps looking out for discounts all the time in the background. When it finds a match you will get an email about it. The shopper is never at a loss for an offer or that he missed out on the chance to save some money.

A prevalent use for Ebates is at travel sites. This is because it is possible to earn a few extra credits over and above the travel site’s travel miles. People who have been loyal to the platform have been amply rewarded with cashback. Plus, there are referral benefits also for the customer. If a user gets other customers onto the cashback platform, they are paid a fixed sum, which can be encashed.

By Ebates – March 2017 snapshot, Public Domain, Wikimedia

What is Cashback Monitor?

There would not be anybody today that does not use a credit card. Cashback Monitor comes into play when purchasing or shopping with any credit cards. The system is used at over forty online portals. Also, it adds extra credits when shopping with a credit card.

When shopping at travel sites, the Cashback Monitor adds a few extra travel miles as well. On top of this, there are credit points for a referral to other customers as well. Many non-stop users of Cashback Monitor are the ones who aspire to small customers from time to time. It pays off to stick regularly with the platform, with most people getting substantial sums of money in the long term.

Ebates vs Cashback Monitor – Which of the Apps Saves the Most Money?

It would be tough to decide which of the two platforms would end up making more money. The target customer tends to be different in each case. Ebates has more potential of saving you more money than Cashback Monitor because it’s accepted at more shopping stores. But if large ticket purchases are made on the Cashback Monitor, it can provide equal benefits to the user as Ebates.

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

Cashback system

The very simple logic is that people cannot make money by spending money. The cashback system offers customers a saving to the normal cost price if the system is used for long periods. For the participating merchant establishments, it is a means of self-promotion, and like all marketing activities, this also has its cost. It would be advisable while using cashback promotions to refrain from binge shopping and impulsive shopping. Because they often tend to make shopping budgets get out of hand.

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