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Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify (2019)

When you compare 3Dcart vs Shopify, you find that these are two of the most capable e-commerce platforms on the market. Read on to know which is better!

Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
When you compare 3Dcart vs Shopify, you find that these are two of the most capable e-commerce platforms on the market. Read on to know which is better!

Ecommerce gets us quite excited. This space has seen an explosion of growth in the past ten years and has made many people millionaires, if not billionaires. It continues to do so daily. Ecommerce also welcomes thousands of individuals and businesses into the marketplace daily. You may be an enthusiast like us, or you may be looking to start in this space and are exploring your options. You may be new to e-commerce, and all you want to do is to know more about Shopify or 3Dcart. We’re glad to help.

In this article, we’ll explore two giants of the e-commerce platform market. Both platforms are robust and have been built meticulously to serve your business needs. Both platforms are used every day by hundreds of thousands of online stores worldwide. They take away the hassle of building stores from scratch by offering easy-to-use and powerful tools and features for your business.

You should note that both e-commerce platforms have some similar features and capabilities. We’ll go through all of them in a bit. We’ll also look at the few but significant differences between Shopify and 3Dcart. These few differences are the criteria that we will use to help you choose the platform that is best suited for you.

Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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Did you know that Tesla, Los Angeles Lakers, and Wikipedia, use the Shopify platform on their websites? Shopify is a top-rated e-commerce platform and is probably the one you’ve heard about the most. There are excellent reasons why too. Shopify reportedly hosts more than 800,000 stores all over the world. Shopify is a popular platform because of how usable and affordable it is. It is a highly customizable platform, and any merchant can develop a store to their liking. Shopify also offers solutions for small and large businesses alike.

Shopify was launched in 2004 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand and Scott Lake. This happened as they attempted to open their snowboarding shop. Shopify has since developed into a platform expanded to accommodate a vast app store, a payment gateway system, and Point-of-Sale software for physical stores.


3Dcart is much older than Shopify, founded in 1997. It hosts an estimated 22,000 customers, but make no mistake; it is still a significant player in the e-commerce industry. They host substantial stores as well, with Karen’s Cookies, Too Cute Beads, and Diaper Junction being their most considerable clients. 3Dcart supports many integrations from many major companies, including but not limited to Facebook, Google, and Amazon. 3Dcart comes fully equipped with features and capabilities built directly into their software.

Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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Pricing: 3Dcart vs Shopify

When assessing the price points of each software, it is essential to know you get what you pay for. Both e-commerce platforms charge monthly fees to all their users. However, each pricing tier offers store functionality up to a certain level. The premium tiers provide unlimited capabilities to users. However, we advise that you go for these only if you are already an established business and are looking to scale your business online.

Shopify starts with their lowest plan; the Shopify Lite plan. This plan costs $9 a month. As with many software solutions before, Shopify gives you a 14-day free trial period to test out its platform and its functionality. If applied well, you might raise the fee needed within the 14 days while using the trial version. With the Shopify Lite plan, however, you cannot host a standalone Shopify website. Instead, you will only sell less than 25 products on facebook, chat with your customers, add a limited number of products to any other site or blog, and accept payments made by credit cards.

Next on the tier is Basic Shopify, a plan that will cost you $29 a month. Some of the benefits you enjoy with this plan include a full online Shopify website and blog. You get two staff accounts, a free SSL certificate, and the ability to sell on any online channel, depending on your country. Notably, you get to sell unlimited products, customer support 24 hours a day, and shipping discounts up to 64%. You may also, if needed, access their POS software.

The next plan on the tier is the Shopify Plan, which costs $79. It offers you everything available to the Basic Shopify Plan, adds three more staff accounts and provides gift cards and professional reports for your account. You also get up to 72% shipping discounts, fraud analysis, their POS app, Register shifts, Hardware support, and unlimited POS staff pins. Advanced Shopify, their premium plan, offers up to 15 staff accounts, and third-party calculated shipping rates. These features are extended on the Basic Shopify plan, and Advanced Shopify costs $299.

3Dcart has a tiered payment plan similar to that by Shopify. A Start-Up store charges $19 monthly. A Basic Store costs $29 a month while a Plus Store costs $79. Their Professional Store costs $229. As you go up the price chart, you get more staff accounts for your store. You go from 1 staff account on the Start-Up store to 2 in the Basic Store. The Plus Store gives you five staff accounts, and the Pro Store gives you 15. This is quite similar to what Shopify gives. All 3Dcart accounts come fully loaded with all the features you will ever need for your store. 3Dcart also gives you a 15-day trial period for you to test out their platform.

If you’re very concerned about the price you’ll pay, you will note that 3Dcarts costs slightly less than Shopify across plans. We suggest that you try out their free trial periods and determine which is worth paying for. Read on, and we’ll tell you more about what to look for in their features.

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Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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Features: 3Dcart vs Shopify

It gets interesting at this point because both platforms are very well engineered. As we go on, we’ll demonstrate many similarities between these two platforms. However, the differences we’ll identify will have a significant impact on which platform you choose for your business.

Payment Processing: 3Dcart vs Shopify

Both Shopify and 3Dcart have proper payment processing. You will be able to sell your products directly and accept payments directly through their platforms. However, there is a slight difference in how Shopify handles payments. While they can integrate with over 100 payment gateways, they have an in-house solution called Shopify Payments.

Shopify Payments is their preferred payment gateway. While you will still pay processing fees, you will not be charged any other transactional fee. However, if you opt to use another payment processing gateway, Shopify will charge you an additional cost that will be paid to the other payment portal. This may seem punitive to those who prefer to use other payment gateways. Shopify transactional fees range from 2% on their Shopify Lite and Basic plans to 1% on their Shopify Plan and 0.5% on their Advanced plan.

3Dcart, on the other hand, does not charge you any transaction fees on any of their payment plans. You will still have to pay transactional fees charged by the gateway you choose to use. They do not offer any in-house payment gateway either, but they support up to 200 payment gateways, which is a plus. While Shopify Payments is only available in select countries, with 3Dcart, you can accept payments from all over the world much more quickly.

Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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Web Design: 3Dcart vs Shopify

Both e-commerce platforms can create beautiful and responsive websites. Shopify, however, edges out 3Dcart on web design. There are over 50 different theme options in Shopify’s Theme Marketplace. Ten of these are free. If you are not satisfied or want to make your design, Shopify allows you to. If you have some experience in graphic design, you can use their drag-and-drop editor. With this editor, what you see is what you get. If you know to code, you can use the Shopify Code Editor to customize your store appearance and functionality.

While 3Dcart has a theme marketplace and 90 free responsive themes, their themes are a bit outdated. This does not mean they are ugly; they lack the sleek look; most modern website themes have. 3Dcart has a drag-and-drop editor as well, but it is less efficient than Shopify’s. It is also not readily available to use.

Shopify offers much better web design capabilities. If you are looking to build a beautiful store, you’ll do better with them than with 3Dcart.

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Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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Integration and add-on: 3Dcart vs Shopify

Both platforms allow you to use custom integrations and add-ons to improve the functionality of your online store. These add-ons and integrations extend the functionality of essential features. Some are complete replacements to features already offered by either Shopify or 3Dcart.

In the Shopify App store, you have access to over 1500 different apps. You should find an app for whatever feature gap you might need to fill in your store. The only drawback is, many of these apps must be paid for to be used. The cost of acquiring new add-ons may soon outweigh the benefits. However, if you are a coder, you can develop your special features through the Shopify API.

3Dcart also has apps and add-ons, with the same disadvantage of increasing costs. You can also use the RESTful API offered by 3Dcart on their platform.

Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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Ease of use: 3Dcart vs Shopify

The beauty of both 3Dcart and Shopify is that you can sign up for 14-day trials and get hands-on for yourself. We will suggest you do this. It is our verdict that both platforms are easy to use. What you should note, however, is that Shopify is designed with the simplest end-user in mind. It is, therefore, more comfortable to use than 3Dcart is. It is effortless to set up and get your store running on Shopify. While Shopify has very professional themes, you can easily customize them to your liking. 3Dcart offers a simple interface as well but lacks the intuition that Shopify has. You need some coding knowledge to make changes to your site theme, and this may be a little complicated for simple users.

Unfortunately, 3Dcart is only available online on its web app. On the other hand, Shopify allows you to carry your business on your devices. They have a fully functional mobile application that has powerful capabilities but yet remains easy to use. This is what makes Shopify very attractive.

Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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Customer support: 3Dcart vs Shopify

Any company with a large user base should ideally have an active customer support system. This way, they can address the problems that their customers face daily. They can also learn from the users, who will often suggest improvements to the platform. These improvements go a long way to increase the value proposition of a company.

Shopify has a proper customer care system. As a user, you get access to a live chat with their assistants. They also have an open phone line available 24 hours a day, and you can call with questions and issues. They also have a comprehensive knowledge base that would be ideal for new users. When you purchase their premium plans, you have access to a dedicated support agent who will help you use Shopify for the best possible results.

3Dcart also has excellent customer support for its users. Much like Shopify, they have an open line 24 hours a day, live chat, and a dedicated resource center.

However, both platforms get a lot of complaints about their customer support. This is not uncommon for big companies such as Shopify and 3Dcart. Most claims against Shopify come from their transaction charges, and their tendency to withhold payments and cancel accounts. These issues can be quite frustrating, especially for people who need to access their cash frequently. 3DCart has faced complaints about slow or unresponsive customer support. Their live chat feature also limits your ability to interact with them, especially when your issue is extensive. This often requires you to make a call to their customer care service.

Ecommerce Comparison: 3Dcart VS Shopify
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When choosing an e-commerce platform to work with, it is essential to look at factors that will make your experience as hassle-free as possible. When you compare 3Dcart and Shopify, you find that these are two of the most capable e-commerce platforms on the market. Many reviewers and customers say that Shopify gives a more user-friendly experience than 3Dcart. Users also report that 3Dcart offers more functionality than Shopify.

Both platforms offer free trials. Try them out and see which one works best for you. 

Thank you for reading! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever come across these two apps when online shopping. Be sure to also check out “Easy Investing with Webull & Robinhood (Review & Comparison)” for a guide to finding the best ways to invest online and see which of these software are easier to use just for that. Check out the rest of our blogs at BestandVS. See you there!

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