Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing

Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing

We will compare Filmora VS Movavi based on several criteria. We’ll look at the pricing of each software. We’ll also assess several essential features and functionality that a standard editing software should have. After that, we’ll look at the unique characteristics each editing software offers. Other things we’ll look at are ease of use and support.

Video has become such a massive part of our lives today. We capture the first steps our children make. We also capture when they utter their first words and when they attend their first graduation. We capture the bloopers of other people, important events and even short videos for YouTube and other video-based social media platforms

Before posting a video, we edit it so that it conveys the message we want it to pass. How do we do this? We use video editing software. Video editing software is basically any computer program that edits your digital video recording after it has produced on a non-linear editing (NLE) system. This system will set up your video recording as a sequence of clips for playback. All NLE systems have tools that trim, cut, slice, and arrange clips on the timeline. After that, you can export the video in a format of your choosing, based on the platform you want to send it to.

The video editing software market is vast, and there are many offerings. In this article, however, we will only compare two different commercial editing software. We shall look at Movavi Video Editor and Filmora Video Editor by Wondershare. Both software solutions are simple to use and quick to learn for newbies. Professional versions are also available for advanced users!

Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing
Movavi starting screen.

What is Movavi Movie Editor?

This software is developed by Movavi Software Limited who has various products depending on your needs. All their software products are available for both Windows and Mac users. They have a basic Video Editor, the Video Editor Plus with more editing options and the Video Editor 360 for panoramic videos.

They also have a premium Video Suite and Video Editor Business that is an all-in-one solution. These two solutions have everything you need to edit videos. Other products Movavi offers includes a video converter, a slideshow maker, a screen recording studio and Gecata which records gameplay. They also have an academic program with tools for practical training on video editing and screencast recording.

What is Filmora?

Filmora is a video editing software developed by Wondershare, a company of Vbrodcast Limited. Filmora, much like Movavi, offers its solutions to both Windows and Mac users. They have three essential products. These are Filmora9, Filmora Pro and FilmoraScrn.

Filmora 9 is their primary film editing product for home and personal use. Filmora Pro and FilmoraScrn are their premium products, offering extended functionality and capabilities. They also have a video editing academy for training.

Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing
Filmora starting screen.

Pricing Options Between Filmora & Movavi

An interesting thing to note about both software products is that they retail at roughly the same price. For just about $70, you can get yourself a personal license for either Movavi or Filmora. However, each product has its own variation, and each variation has different prices and plans

Filmora Pricing

Filmora allows you to determine whether you want an individual or business solution. Each comes with its own package. For example, their individual package costs $39.99 for a plan renewed annually. This package comes with all the features of the program, has no watermark, receives free regular updates and technical support. The same program is sold as a lifetime package that can be purchased one-off at $59.99. Once purchased, you enjoy all the benefits as the yearly package. They also have the unlimited package which comes with added unlimited downloads from their filmstocks standard library and new effects added monthly. This retails at $99.87.

They offer a business plan broken down into basic, standard, and premium packages. Filmora offers its basic plan at a monthly fee of $12.99 per user, billed annually. Their standard plan costs $24.99. Their premium package costs $57.99 also billed per user, monthly, paid as an annual fee. All these products have full features, free updates, and tech support. They also have permission for company use and access to the filmstocks premium library. The business plans all have multi-user control, and you receive discounts when you purchase the program in bulk. Only the basic plan lacks one-on-one sales support and flexible payment options.

Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing
Filmora pricing options.

Movavi Pricing

Movavi, on the other hand, sells each product with an individual or business price. Products classified as personal only have singular prices. These are; Movavi Video Editor at $39.95, Movavi Video Editor Plus at $59.95 and Movavi Screen Recorder Studio at $59.95. Movavi Video Suite values its personal license price at $79.95 and its business license price at $169.95, a price structure also identical for their 360 Video Editor. Movavi Video Editor Business costs $99.95.

From this assessment, it is easy to determine that Filmora has a higher price for its business products than Movavi. Filmora puts most of its products on monthly or annual payment plans, and this eventually ends up costing more. Once you purchase a product from Movavi, you only need to renew your license once for a fixed cost. While the price is a critical factor in choosing the best editing software for your needs, it is only a scratch on the surface.

Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing
Movavi pricing options.

Features Filmora VS Movavi


An important thing to note about both programs is that they both have very similar basic capabilities. Both Filmora 9 and Movavi Video Editor offer support for most input media formats. They both also support most output formats. Both programs can read AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, AAC, MP3, and other typical video and audio formats.

This feature is quite essential, just in case you have to edit media stored in a rare file format. They also support multiple devices and 4K video. Both software solutions have recording functionality. They just differ slightly. For example, both Filmora and Movavi can capture videos from both camcorders and webcams. They can both capture audio as well. However, Only Movavi can capture video from TV tuners and VHS. On the other hand, only Filmora offers screen capture. Movavi sells its screen capture program separately.

User Interface

Both programs have a software user interface that looks similar, but with very significant differences. Buttons are much larger and more comfortable to access on Movavi. The software also shows you the buttons you use the most on the screen. The same cannot quite be said of Filmora. While functional buttons are accessible, they are slightly much harder to see than in Movavi. They are mostly hidden in between other features that you can access via a power button tool.

Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing
Filmora title animation

Editing Tools

Both Movavi and Filmora have a rich set of tools to help you edit your audio or video project. The most notable thing about both of them is that they have essential features required for editing software. Trimming, splitting, adding fonts and effects to videos and the ability to edit tracks individually are all features available on both software.

Both programs also have unique features. For example, Movavi will enable you to edit an overlay on a video with the existing background. In Filmora, you may not be able to do this unless the video has a green screen. Filmora can let you split videos in so many different ways, something that Movavi can only do in two ways: either horizontally or vertically. Also, Movavi can adjust your audio automatically, but you’d have to do it manually on Filmora.

Ease of Use Filmora VS Movavi

Both software solutions are easy to use. They have similar interfaces and functionality that has been simplified for the ordinary video editing enthusiast. Once you download the software, you also get access to training manuals and videos that will help you quickly grasp the basic concepts you need.

Support Filmora VS Movavi

Movavi provides proper instructions in their program, but they also offer additional online support to all their users. They have created articles and other resources in a vast knowledge base on their website. Filmora also has impressive tutorials, but they lack a forum that addresses the issues a user may have. Their FAQ section is not entirely helpful, and support links lead to material that addresses issues of older versions of their programs. You can open a ticket with Fimora, but it remains difficult to tell whether they have a backlog of tickets or when they will respond to yours.

Filmora VS Movavi (2019) Features & Pricing
Movavi title animation

Movavi edges out Filmora but only so slightly. Both software solutions are strong contenders, offering an array of functions and features that you would expect of a video editor. Purchasing Movavi costs somewhat less than Filmora. While that in itself is not such a significant thing, Movavi’s support system is much better than that of Filmora. This is very critical because if you experience problems, you want a program that has extensive customer support.

Both software solutions give you free trials before you can purchase their licenses. We suggest that you take both programs and take them out for a spin. See what feels right for you.

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