Freshmarketer Review

Introduction to Freshmarketer

The most effective use of email marketing software comes in selling ideas and products. In this Freshmarketer review, you will learn that it’s more than a simple email marketing software. It’s a complete client acquisition system by itself.

One of the most defining aspects of modern-day marketing is the sheer pace at which it’s conducted. At the same time, solutions have to be cost-effective to be accepted by customers. Many solutions have been proposed to bring about these factors into marketing activities, but email marketing is still strong wherever it has been applied.

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Characteristics of email marketing

  • Personalization: This is the watchword in markets today, be it with selling watches to selling cars, people need to get to know the product or service on offer close up. Email services can provide a complete view of the product to the potential buyer, all within the home or office’s comforts. The use of images and simulations has contributed to this phenomenon so much that there are no longer simple text emails.
  • Reports: If a particular email campaign has to work its way to its logical conclusion, people must rely on reports and analysis to help them do so. The strong point of software like Freshmarketer is the amount of reporting to define a marketing solution. The marketer gets a ring-side view of the bazaar and up close to the correct type and kind of reporting. Going hand in hand with reporting is the analysis of the reports. Some of the most in-demand marketing software provides real-time data collection and analysis. This enables the manager to take up to the moment decisions.
  • Traffic: Principally, marketing aims to drive traffic to a site or product. It’s possible to generate a large amount of traffic to a website using automated processes to do the marketing. This is where emails and email marketing come to their own. It drives information to people at short notice. Thus, creating an efficient way of getting to know a product most of the time.

Strong points of Freshmarketer

Freshmarekter is a leading provider of email marketing software and a host of other functions too. Here we are concerned with its ability to deliver an email campaign to the user. One of the strong points of the software is adapting to situations, and the customizable templates do this as well as the flexible analysis.

Freshmarketer review of the features

  • Customizing Contact Lifecycles: It’s important to note that contacts in an email campaign go through a cycle. It starts as a prospect and ends up as a sale of the product or service. As the contact goes through the marketing funnel’s various processes, it follows that the Freshmarketer system too changes to maximize impact. The first email would not be the same approach as the third or fourth email. It is the strength of the software platform that can make possible this type of transformation.
  • Sales Activities: In a well-set sales or marketing company everyone has a defined role. The marketing software must adapt to conform to the changing roles of the emails as well. For instance, the sales executive’s kind of emails would not be similar to the emails that the regional manager sends. With Freshmarketer, it is possible to create this sort of distinction most of the time without putting much effort into it.
  • Supports Multi-Currency: There is nothing as disconcerting as converting every amount in Dollars or Pounds. The operating point of Freshmarketer is that it can support multi-currency and multiple languages as well. The feature can be handy when multinational companies or operations located in different countries use the software.
  • Drag and Drop Function: You can compose most emails of simple drag and drop functions. It’s easier for workers or users to remember images as compared to instructions to be memorized. A friendly uncluttered user interface or dashboard adds further value to the Freshmarketer.
  • Engaging Campaigns: One of the most likable parts of the software is that it can completely engage with a client. There are invitations to be sent, newsletters to be forwarded, promotional emails to be done, and so on. The complete set of marketing and email strategy can be done with the software application. The limits of Freshmarketer lie only in how the salesforce can use their imagination.

Freshmarketer review – the drawbacks

The whole software is rather bulky in appearance as it has a lot of features built into it. The whole suits of the program are usually small businesses don’t use, usually. And it’s not every day that a huge corporation gets to change its email marketing software. So, it is positioning itself in a rather small market.

There is a trial period of 21 days, which is neither here nor there. It does not allow a user to evaluate the platform through a full month entirely, which is not desirable.

Platform benefits for businesses

Email marketing has come a long way. It’s only thus logically that much more sophisticated systems like the Freshmarketer come into the market. The product might not be for everyone, and it is the discerning customer who might invest in such a platform.

At the same time, few low-end features make the software usable and of value to small and medium businesses. This is thus a strong point that software can remain relevant to the higher end of the market as well as the lower end of the spectrum.