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What is the FutureAdvisor?

FutureAdvisor is an online portfolio management service that serves the investing needs of the average investor. It actively manages investment avenues, often recommending to users the different avenues that arise from time to time. For example, new issues and the likes. The software compares the different expected return rates, thus leaving the user with just the right data to make an investment decision. There is a provision to have an actively managed portfolio with an advisor providing the investor with the inputs needed to come to an investment decision.

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How FutureAdvisor works?

At the heart of FutureAdvisor likes the TD Ameritrade and Fidelity trading accounts. The customer has to either keep a portfolio with the said brokers or load a portfolio manually to the software. The application works out the target risk profile and advises the investor in the maintenance of the portfolio. There is never really a guarantee that a portfolio would work out, but it is based on past performances at best.

Once an investor signs up on FutureAdvisor, he has to link his portfolio account to the software, or else he has to upload the holdings in the portfolio manually. This usually happens when the application does not support the investment account. FutureAdvisor makes a complete analysis of the given portfolio. Futher, it advises the customer how to best optimize the holdings further to lower risk and earn a superior earning on the account.

The strong point of FutureAdvisor is the creation of a good retirement plan. The plan is split into nine steps. Making it easy to achieve specific goals. Updates come in real-time, and recommendations are made with full justifications. There is quite a leeway in deciding upon the investment goals and retirement plans. You can pick between four or five broad templates further customize according to your needs and risk appetite.

The pros of FutureAdvisor

Like any personal finance software, there are some vital points to using FutureAdvisor. At the same time, we must say that the application needs to compete in the market, which means that any solution offered must always tally with the cost to the user. Competition ensures a good product and keeps the costs of using a system to a bare minimum. People who used FutureAdvisor point to the specific plus points to its use.

List of pros

  • Linkups: It’s possible to link up brokerage accounts to the platform; this makes it simpler to manage portfolios and put through trades. Service charges are levied for any sort of service rendered on the account. And, some of the services need a certain net worth to be maintained across the portfolios.
  • Flexible: A customer need not have an account with Fidelity or Ameritrade to take the portfolio management services’ full advantages. The platform’s flexibility lies in the fact that it is possible to have an account with any trader, and just the details of the holdings need to be loaded onto FutureAdvisor. The platform then advises the customer on how to better the returns and lower risk exposure, which can be done on broker accounts that are external to the system.
  • Review: Most of the time, FutureAdvisor reviews the holding in a portfolio and its performance before recommending changes. Thus, folks who have a winning hand already are not at risk of throwing away their advantage by using the finance software. When making recommendations, the application looks at future tax implications and helps keep the tax liability to the least extent.
  • Interface: With FutureAdvisor, the platform’s strong point is that the interface is one of the most user-friendly among its peers.
  • Tax liability: With FutureAdvisor, it’s possible to have losses occurring in the capital account be offset against gains so that the actual gains are taxed at the assessed hands. This step that active tax advisors usually do is automatic in the app.
  • Managing 529 accounts: The 529 college saving plans are managed by the FutureAdvisor system. Provides the parent with the right resources when it comes to their ward’s college studies. Low-cost ETFs are used to build a portfolio for the purpose at no extra fees for the parent.

Does it help to compare different apps?

No matter how innovative an app claims to be, it’s not much later that something better is offered. This applies to the personal finance software as well, and that is what most people must be aware of when using an app for the first time. It does pay to keep using a particular app for some time as it often takes advantage of the historical data to suggest future investments and features.

While tempting to try out using the competition, it does not help to switch the software applications every year. In the long run, the apps that tend to fall behind initially would catch up with the latest offerings.

FutureAdvisor and personal finances

The FutureAdvisor is a perfect software for managing the retirement and pension options of the average income earner. It has many user-friendly features that make it one of the most desirable applications to use for day to day management of portfolios. However, there’s a limit to how the software can be used. For example, the lack of support to manage personal finances. Most people that do use FutureAdvisor tend to rely on other complementary applications to manage their finances better.

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