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Gamekit Review


This post will review the hotly debated website Gamekit, which gives users the chance to win gift cards, prepaid credit cards, and games by playing games.

This is the closest way to free money. Hopefully, you have a few questions before you open an account with Gamekit. 

You may be curious how any company would make a profit by paying people to play games.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many answers to these kinds of questions online. Indeed, we found that it’s not easy to see a web page that offers reliable and unbiased details about Gamekit. 

And what did we do?

We signed up to see what this platform entails firsthand.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much access to these kinds of questions online. 

We found that it’s not easy to see a web page that offers reliable and unbiased details about Gamekit. 

And what did we do? 

We signed up to see what this platform entails firsthand. 

We’ve also extensively researched the business, talked to other Gamekit participants, and generally investigated a little harder. All in the name of putting together this in-depth analysis and answering all your questions such as:

  • What is Gamekit?
  • How does it work?
  • Is Gamekit a Ponzi scheme? 
  • How does it make extra cash? 
  • How can you gain income with Gamekit?

There are many topics worth discussing in our Gamekit analysis, so let us begin. 

What is Gamekit?

Gamekit is an online portal, which allows gamers to communicate with gaming brands both domestically and globally. 

Gamekit logo

They reward players with loyalty points for playing games and completing simple tasks. 

These points can be traded for prizes and used in contests.

This point-based incentive system offers incentives for game players to test new games and complete tasks, attracting visitors from a gaming audience. 

In this respect, Gamekit acts as a kind of promotional service provider for its client companies.

Gamekit provides traffic to its advertisers and earns payment accordingly. Users get a share of these revenues through incentives.

There is more to it than this, but we’ll go into more detail later. For now, let’s look at how the feature functions.

How does Gamekit work? 

If a user has signed up, they may immediately start earning points. 

The user has to navigate to the ‘points’ page, where they will gain points for selecting a specific program. They will be encouraged to follow several steps to accept the offer and attain the points. Often, they’ll need to provide proof of completing a mission, such as taking screenshots that display their progress. When they complete the task, they can accrue points (PTS) and experience points(EXP), which you can use to get rewards and level up your Gamekit account. 

This is an excellent aspect that is essentially there to push you to perform more tasks by limiting your eligibility for specific incentives depending on your level. Even though you possess adequate PTS, you will not earn the reward without reaching the right level by earning EXP.

There’s a lot of discussion about this particular function as there are people who believe it’s there to keep you from redeeming PTS.

Is it a Ponzi scheme?

This seems to be the most exciting issue in the investigation, so we will go straight to it. It doesn’t sound like anything that is a fraud, but it comes close to it. We will discuss both the highs and the lows of Gamekit so that you can better understand how we reached our conclusions.


  • They have a high ranking with Trustpilot. 

Gamekit has an overall Trustpilot rating of 8.4. They take pride in it, which implies they may be a little too proud of the legitimacy. Nevertheless, Trustpilot is a trustworthy review website, and the higher your score here, the more convincingly you’re not a scam. Interestingly, businesses can influence review scores and even abuse how the reviewing system works.

  • Gamekit sometimes gives rewards too.

We suspected Gamekit of being a Ponzi scheme, so we put their offerings to the test. We figured it would be fun to request the ‘random steam key’ advertised on their website, and we were surprised that they did the job. However, the price was too high. The award we won was a cheap and inferior game that was not worth the time and energy we spent trying to earn it.

  • There are genuine favorable reviews by users.

The favorable reviews are real, but it can be hard to trace the genuine ones from the false ones. We can tell with some degree of confidence that many of the positive reviews are genuine. They are perfectly frank about the highs and the lows of Gamekit. Redditors are notoriously truthful, so it’s essential to check the Reddit feedback before boarding the wagon.

Please do not click away to sign up right now. There are some more important points to consider.


Here we discuss the negative side of the website. Gamekit has questionable business practices at best and unethical practices of the worst kind.

  • Duplicate games are given out.
  • A large number of users have claimed to have obtained duplicate Steam keys. Gamekit recognizes that some of the games can be re-played but will not be refunded. 
  • Wrongful bans
  • Many users say they were blacklisted from the site while redeeming high-value incentives for $20 or more. The number of these reviews complain about the same issue suggests this is not an accident.
  • These incentives are not worth the effort. 

If you earn a reward for points, you probably won’t find the reward worth the trouble, as the quality of prizes is low compared to the number of points needed.

How much can you earn with Gamekit?

The platform reports that there are over 15 million users and that 7 million people visit the site every month. The overall amount of the rewards received by these customers is approximately $2.2 million. We have calculated that at just under 14 cents each. The reward is not much for the benefit.

In conclusion, after reviewing Gamekit, we cannot give the platform our full support as it misleads the masses, and the points-to-time proportion is far too unbalanced. 

It could be worth checking out, mainly if you like video games, but be careful, as this might be a waste of time.

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