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Notes on the Go: A Comparison of Google Keep & Evernote

The beauty of both softwares, Google keep & Evernote, just like physical notebooks. These two software solutions are quite famous for note-taking tasks

Notes on The Go A Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote
The beauty of both softwares, Google keep & Evernote, just like physical notebooks. These two software solutions are quite famous for note-taking tasks

This one of our favorite reviews, because it’s about Google Keep and Evernote.

As writers, we take many notes. These notes may be for work or for something exciting we want to explore. For this reason, note-takers are vital to our work. You can find a good use for them too. Whether it is for reminders, to-do lists, pictures, web pages, or anything else, you can also use note takers productively. After all, technology always serves up easier ways of doing things. The development of note-taking software was still inevitable.

In this review, we will look at Google Keep and Evernote. Besides the good old fashioned notebook and pen, these two software solutions are quite famous for note-taking tasks. The beauty of both software is their portability. Much like physical notebooks, you can carry them around in your pocket across all your devices.

For many enthusiasts and users, the question on all our minds is: Which of the two is better? Moreover, what features can you expect from each? You may also be curious and want to see what each software has to offer. Either way, we’ve got you covered.  In addition to a discussion on the standard features of each, you’ll also get to see a comparison of prices.

Evernote— What is it?

Stepan Pachikov founded Evernote. His purpose was to connect how the brain remembers the past, makes connections between things and creates new ideas for the future. Many people consider Evernote to be a superior platform because of its array of features. These features include the following:

Notes on The Go A Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote
Evernote, a superior platform @zeitbox

Web Clipper

With a simple browser extension, you can bid bye to bookmarks or having to remember interesting web pages. The Evernote Web clipper gives you the ability to capture and save website screenshots. Whether it is a full page or just a portion, you can obtain it and save it to your account. Furthermore, the clipped content is always available. You can even annotate or highlight essential bits. These annotations are useful as it reminds you of why you saved the page in the first place.


Evernote has a pretty good template selection. Evernote tries to be intuitive. It attempts to anticipate the critical events of each user. These templates can convert Evernote into weekly and monthly planners for students, goal trackers for employees, and more. Templates also exist for different categories of users. A quick browse through their website yields the following categories:

  • Creative writing templates.
  • Home and garden templates.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Party planning.

You can fully customize these Templates and use them over and over again.


Whenever you synchronize Evernote, your content is automatically uploaded to cloud storage. As a result of this, it is possible to sync all your devices. The implications of this synchronization are quite staggering. You can, for example, start a note on your phone then finish it on your computer. Synchronization doesn’t mean that you must have an internet connection to access your records. You can write to them now and when you get internet access, sync them into the cloud. Your notes are always made available to you on your local device.

Notes on The Go A Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote
Support of Evernote @focusatworkco


Spaces are a way for teams to work together in Evernote. You can create a space to include all your workers. As you perform tasks and share workloads, you can collect, compile, and organize everything. Any member of the team within the space has full access to all the information in that space. You can also make your space searchable. This way, you can interact with members of other spaces.

Search Capabilities

One of the basic features of Evernote available to all subscribers is the ability to attach files to your notes. If you are a Premium and Business plan subscriber, you get to enjoy more benefits. You can search through these attached files even if they are handwritten notes. Evernote also has advanced search algorithms. These algorithms enable you to conduct searches based on the date and place where a note first appeared.


Evernote is strongly compatible with integration. Integrations aren’t limited to any specific platform. You can link Evernote to Google Drive, Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, and other software. For general connections to over a thousand applications, you can use Zapier. The Zapier add-on makes it possible to connect with a variety of apps, not just the prominent ones.

Google Keep— is it Better?

Let’s look at Google Keep now.

Google Keep has considerably fewer features but still manages to offer more than the basic capabilities of a note-taker. Let’s first look at these fundamental capabilities before analyzing the more specialized features.

Notes on The Go A Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote
Fundamental Skills @fcsandcreativeness

Basic Features

The primary feature on Google Keep is note-taking. You can take notes on the Google Keep Android app or any web-based client.


Using Google Keep, you can synchronize notes from anywhere. Keeping track of your records is, therefore, easier. You don’t have to go to different devices to get them.

Free Service

The service is free as long as you sign up for a Google account. This account gives you access to all Google services, not just Google Keep. You can download the Android app for functionality on-the-go or stick to a web browser. Most clients usually have both.

These are the essential services you get from Google Keep. That isn’t all, however. Google Keep has tried to come up with specialized services to attract clients. There are many note-taking services out there, so these innovations make quite a difference.

Creation Methods

On Google, Keep note-taking isn’t just limited to writing. There are four different ways you can capture notes.

Basic Note-Taking

Typing is the typical way of taking notes. You type out your notes just like you would in any other app. There is a standard format and a bulleted list format. The bulleted format is useful when taking down lists.


You can also draw instead of writing. On the app, you use your finger, whereas on the browser you use the mouse. Drawing is fun and can be faster than typing if you’re naturally artistic. This approach is especially handy with a device like the Galaxy Note with its specialized stylus

Notes on The Go A Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote
Draw With Google Keep @myclassbloom

Voice Creation

Creating notes with your voice is only available on the Android application. You press the microphone icon at the bottom then speak out your notes. Google Keep will write the note and also save the audio version.

Image Creation

You can also save images as notes. You can import an image from your gallery or capture one with a camera. After capturing, you can add text, audio recordings, or drawings to your image note.


The android application offers unrivaled flexibility. It is a handy tool for taking notes on the go. You can use it wherever, and whenever. It is not necessary to have an internet connection because that is only useful for syncing. Keep in mind though that these flexibility benefits don’t apply to the browser. For the browser version to work, you must connect to the internet. Synchronization is fast and extends to Gmail too.

Alerts and Reminders

You can impart extra functionality on all your notes by creating reminders for them. You can set reminders based on time or location. This feature is handy for notes that require your action at a later time, for instance, or a note to pick up a parcel. To create a reminder, tap on the bell at the top when creating a note. You will then be prompted to enter all the required details. You can also add a reminder to an existing note. Long press on it, then tap the bell and proceed as before.

You can find reminders on the Reminders tab, and you can also find them on Google Calendar.

Capturing from the Internet

This feature is similar to Evernote’s web clipper. It works differently on mobile devices compared to browsers. Let’s deal with browsers first.

For the browser, you have to download the Google Keep Extension. You can find it in the Chrome Store. You then have to click on the “Save to Keep” icon located on the top right of the browser.

Notes on The Go A Comparison of Google Keep and Evernote
Google Keep Extension @tdahadultos


Google Keep limits integrations to only apps on the Google platform. Integration with Gmail and Google Docs (which we will discuss shortly) is effortless. For apps outside the Google platform, integration is not a priority.

Integrations with Google Docs

Google Docs provides more ways of manipulating notes. You can have different colors and fonts on your notes in addition to other tweaks. Google Docs also offers a better platform for sharing files.

For you to send a note to Google Docs through your mobile device, you first have to long-press it. After that, choose the ‘more actions’ icon. You then select the “Copy to Google Docs” option, and that’s it. On a browser, you hover your mouse over the note before proceeding with more actions.

Pricing Options Between the Two

If pricing is your only consideration, then Google Keep wins hands down. It is free to use. The single scenario where you’d have to pay is if you ran out of the free storage space that Google offers.

Evernote has a free plan – the Evernote Basic plan – but it has limited features. There are storage limits, and you also won’t be able to access the scanning and searching features.

The next subscription is Evernote Premium. Just like the basic plan, it is for personal use. You get scanning, an unlimited number of devices, and searchable notes on this plan. For all these added benefits you’ll have to pay $7.99 every month.

Evernote Business is ideal for teams. In this package, there’s more storage, group features, and administrative features. You can’t sign up for Evernote Business alone. This service plan requires at least two members. It costs $14.99 a month. See all the pricing options here for Evernote.

Notes on the Go: A Comparison of Google Keep & Evernote
Checking emails on Mac computer.

We conclude that both Google Keep and Evernote are powerful note-taking tools. We also find that Evernote and Google Keep are complementary more than they are competing against each other. Google Keep will perform light tasks as effectively as Evernote, but Evernote will serve a team better than Google Keep can. Google integrates quickly with all other Google services, bringing you a wholesome experience. Evernote, on the other hand, will even integrate with Google products.

What do you think? is Ever Note better for these types of tasks or is Google Keep superior? Give us your opinion down below in the comments, we’d love to hear from you! If you want to learn more about other products, check out all the products we compare here.

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