Honey or Ebates

Introduction-Honey or Ebates

Who doesn’t like a good deal or bargain? That seems to be the premise that all cashback software tends to believe. The apps are there to make life easier and more comfortable for the bargain hunter at the most. It would be worth noting how most cost-saving apps work. Each time a customer shops at a participating merchant site, the app receives a commission on the sales notched up. Cashback reduces customers’ final bill. To know which one is better for you Honey or Ebates, we need to give an overall overview of them. Read on and find out more!

The concept of discounts, which is basically what the cashback program entails, has been there since time immemorial. But the introduction of online shopping has meant that it is possible to offer greater convenience and ease of use of the programs. In a way, it has automated the system of finding the aptest coupon code while out shopping for products.

Honey vs Ebates- bvs- Cash Back App or Software

Making sense of the Honey app

Honey is a browser extension that aims to run in the background while people go shopping. It works while shoppers are at merchant sites to identify and collate the most up to date discount coupon codes possible. Honey’s active part comes to play as people pay for what they have added to the shopping cart when the program applies the discount codes to give the lowest possible bill to the user.

With Honey, it is possible to stack coupon codes. That is, it is possible to use more than a single coupon on a single shopping trip. It adds to the value of the application as it often leads to the lowest bill possible.

In addition to the coupon codes, Honey has what is called the Honey Gold program. It is a loyalty scheme that rewards customers with Honey Gold credit points each time they shop with the Honey extension. After accumulating specific issues, the Gold credits can be redeemed for gift coupons on some of the larger shopping sites.

Salient points of the Honey application


When people download the Honey plugin, they are asked to register for the program. It is possible to use and make full benefit of the system even without registering. The only point of note would be to accumulate Honey Gold credits; you need to register an account.

Possible combinations:

It is quite possible to combine the Honey cashback system with other cashback programs. It enables the customer to take advantage of the most beneficial of methods to make the final payment.

Own code:

If the shopper does have a coupon code without using the Honey program, he is free to apply the code at the time of checkout. The app would recognize the code if genuine and apply the discounts.

Amazon integration:

When shopping on Amazon and if a particular item is considered for purchase, the Honey icon would appear next to the item when something similar is on offer elsewhere on the Amazon platform. It is an added convenience to reduce the cost to the shopper.

Drop lists:

This feature allows the shopper to keep a tab on the cost of a particular product by creating a list. Customer is intimated via email when the price of a product drops below a set value.

Using Ebates app

Ebates, or Rakuten as it has been called lately, is a cashback software that offers discounts to the price of a product if shopping with the browser extension. The system provides cashback discounts to the cost and includes loyalty credits encashed as cash in the customer’s PayPal account. Besides, Ebates collects discount coupon codes from the internet and applies them to the purchase as well.

Few people can resist a reasonable offer on a price of a product. And applications like Ebates only add to the general convenience and utility of using a rebate site as far as possible.

Advantages of using Ebates

  • Getting a cashback is an effortless action that works automatically when using the Ebates system. Thus, the customer can focus on the shopping part and leave the discounting part to Ebates.
  • Ebates is in partnership with many online stores, which means that a customer is not without an offer each time he shops around for stuff.
  • It’s not just the cashback; Ebates brings to the attention of the user sales and promotion codes as they happen on stores, which means a deal is never missed out.
  • Most of the larger travel sites allow the use of Ebates. It means that the discount is in addition to the loyalty miles that customers stack up on each travel voucher.
  • Ebates pays a sum of money to the participant each time he refers a customer to the site. It could be to the advantage of those networked people who have large amounts of connections that can add up.

The Ebates cash back system uses pop-ups to inform the user of a new deal and offer. Nobody is left without knowing that a sale is occurring at a particular merchant site at any time.

Which saves more money- honey or ebates

It is tough to say that Ebates saves more money than Honey or vice versa. It all depends on people’s shopping habits and whether a shopper prefers the larger shopping sites over the smaller ones. Ebates usually concentrates on the larger merchants and thus provides most people with the most options when it comes to the use of discount coupons.

Conclusion- Honey or Ebates Apps

Honey or Ebates programs are but the increasing sophistication and complex operations. Something as simple as offering a discounted price. But there is no beating the convenience of a plugin or browser extension, and that is precisely what the modern-day cashback software brings to the user. Rest assured that this area’s future is still as promising, and more of the applications are bound to be unveiled.