Honey vs Ibotta

Introduction- Honey vs Ibotta

With the number of phishing attacks and cyber scams reported each day, it is somewhat skeptical that people come to see cashback software or applications. But one can point out that some excellent programs do save money for the shopper over time. Most of the cashback schemes work on paid commissions for sales generated on the platform. It, in turn, passes some of the royalties to the customer as a cashback. This Blog discusses two schemes: Honey vs Ibotta.

Discussed at length are two of the more reliable and popular schemes: the Honey cashback app and the Ibotta discount app (Honey vs Ibotta). Each of them has its user base, and it has been reported that money can indeed be saved using the application. There are strong reasons for each one preference, but in the end, it is the customer that is gaining from their uses.

Taking a closer look at Honey

Often when it comes to online shopping, time is money. So, if one can save some time searching for and applying discount coupons, it must be a welcome choice. The honey web browser extension aims to try out the latest and most promising discount coupon codes when a shopper is out on an online store. After completing the purchases and checking out the shopping cart, the Honey app will automatically apply the most suitable discount coupons to the bill to leave the shopper with the lowest possible amount to pay.

Honey vs Ibotta-Taking a closer look at Honey-bvs

The Honey Gold program

Besides bare vanilla discounts, it is possible to maximize the savings on a site by enrolling in the Honey Gold program. What this does is it added or accumulates points for shopping with Honey called Honey Gold points. To be eligible for it, the shopper must first start an account on the platform, but it is a simple affair.

It is possible to redeem the Gold points for gift coupons that are valid on most of the larger merchant sites. In addition, also save points for cash on PayPal. It is a wrong notion that people get to make money on the scheme. It is a cashback program that pays out Honey’s commission from the merchant sites.

The Honey Travel Program

It is a cashback program that works with travel merchant sites most of the time. In addition to the frequent traveler miles that the travel sites credit the user, the Honey plugin would allow extra cashback or extra travel miles. Thus, for the customer, it is a win-win situation.

For most folks to make substantial savings, they have to be on the platform for some time at a stretch. At each purchase, a few cents are added back as cashback, and it takes a while for the sums to accumulate to a large amount.

Understanding Ibotta- Honey vs Ibotta

It is free use app that allows cash discounts at merchant stores. There are no points to keep track of or loyalty points to accumulate. The rebate is a percentage of the price or a flat amount discounted from the cost price once the purchase is completed. The advantage of the application lies in purchasing goods that are not branded by the big names. The savings are more as often the cost of branding does not apply in this case.

.Savings are notched as it is easy to shop generically with Ibotta App. There are few tips in making the most savings with the app, and it has been discussed in brief below.


Most of the shopping apps try to induce customers’ quick reaction by making on the spot offers. Thus, people get to purchase products on the spur of the moment and never with the express intention. Planning as to what a person needs for the week or month helps reduce the impulsiveness that discounts often bring about. It makes it possible to buy what is needed, so no sums of money are wasted on unwanted purchases.

Loyalty cards:

Ibotta does not offer customers a loyalty program. Thus, if the shopper does have another loyalty card and is it a credit card, they can use it along with Ibotta to maximize the money saved.

In-store purchases:

While most cashback applications work on online shopping, one can use Ibotta in-store. One can encash it at the time of check out of the shop.


Ibotta has what it calls a team. That is, people can refer friends and relations to start using the application. It forms the team. People in a group get cashback benefits when members of the team shop. It is a multiplier effect that can produce considerable savings depending on how large the team is.

Honey vs Ibotta-Understanding IBOTTA- bvs Cash back applications saves customers' money

Which is the better – Honey vs Ibotta

Many merchant sites accept the Honey app more than Ibotta. Honey, too has better brand recognition in that more people are aware of its uses and advantages to using. Ibotta has significant customer support whenever a customer wants help in shopping or getting a discount. Overall, there are those loyal users of the Honey app and an equally strong base for the Ibotta application.

Conclusion- Honey vs Ibotta

As discussed above Honey vs Ibotta, the most appropriate use of cashback applications is when shopping is done to a scheme.

The whole idea of cashback apps is to induce in customers an impulsive purchase. This does not auger well to good budgeting.

The items purchased are often done not because a customer has a use for them but that it offered a great deal. If shopping is done to plan, this sort of purchase activity does not take place.

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