Honey vs Shopkick

Introduction to “Honey vs Shopkick”

In this article, Honey vs Shopkick, we hope to help you determine which one is better for you by comparing the two apps. But first, let’s get into the cashback system itself.

Affiliate Marketing groups use cashback schemes to bring customers to a shopping site most of the time. They work on the principle of low margins and high volumes. It basically means that the numbers of transactions are rather high, and the money made on each of those transactions is very low. Thus, the large user base of cashback applications would provide for a viable financial model to work with.

honey vs shopkick
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Advantages of cashback system

We must say that there are a number of benefits to the shopper with the typical cashback schemes. But its wrong to say that each of the cashback applications would suit every shopper, be it online shopping or at the stores. Listed out are some of the advantages to the user of cashback software that makes it so attractive to use each time.

  1. There are many items typically on offer on the cashback schemes. They would vary from groceries, online banking, entertainment, insurance, and the likes. Thus, it is possible with the right kind of cashback offer to avail of a discount every time.
  2. It is possible to earn a cashback by referring others. Some sites provide a percentage value of the shopping done by the references as cashback to the original user. Sometimes, shoppers’ teams are formed that allow the pooling of shopping credits, thus maximizing the earnings by the applications.
  3. Most cashback schemes do not have any entry fee or charge. They are thus free to sign up. Therefore, the benefit to the user is always 100%.
  4. It is often noted that customers that use the cashback scheme often tend to be very knowledgeable shoppers. They tend to keep track of what is on offer and some of the best deals possible. This sort of community is advantageous to the participants as it directly benefits the users.
  5. No matter how good a deal is offered to a customer by a site, it is possible to match it or not better it at some other site. So, the diligent shopper is bound to pick up some very attractive deals all the time.
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What is the Honey system?

The Honey cashback system matches the best possible discount coupon codes to the shopping cart when checking out of a purchase. It works in the background and is quite autonomous in that it does not require any direct supervision. The shopper is thus assured of getting the best deals possible each time he shops on the site.

Honey Gold

With the Honey system’s Gold program, customers are offered certain credit points for each dollar spent on the platform. These are accumulated over time and can be encashed at a future date by either finding digital gift cards for the credits surrendered or as cash that is credited to the PayPal account.

Price History

This feature of Honey lists out the historic price of a product in a graphical representation. The online shopper can then make an informed study as to when to time a purchase to bring in the most beneficial price.


With the use of droplist, it is possible to add an item of choice to a list that is under watch for lowered price. This feature saves the time and effort needed to check on the item by visiting the website from time to time. It saves time and effort as well.

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a free mobile shopping app that allows cashback to be added as ‘kicks,’ which are then redeemed at select online stores for gift cards.

Ways to earn kicks

  1. The cashback credits, kicks can be earned by shopping on the app. They are honored at select stores, and making purchases on them awards the user kicks.
  2. Shopping online by using a credit card that has been linked to the Shopkick account would enable the user to earn kicks or credits.
  3. It is possible to accumulate credits by scanning products that are featured in the app while shopping at a store.
  4. After purchasing at a regular store, it is possible to load the kicks by scanning the system’s receipt.
  5. Just opening the app at participating merchant stores would enable the addition of credits to the user.
  6. Credits can be accumulated by watching videos on the app as well.

Redeeming kicks

It is possible to know precisely how much credit or kicks have been accumulated by visiting the center of the kick at any time. Once the minimum threshold has been reached to enable a redemption, the kicks are selected to affect a discount. Most of the time, the discount does bring free goods at some of the participating stores, including places like Starbucks.

Honey vs Shopkick – Which app saves more money?

When making a comparison between the Honey app and Shopkick, it has to be noted that Honey principally works with Amazon and some of the larger shopping sites available. Shopkick is suited for the smaller format stores.

Savings would be more to a customer who frequently shops on Amazon and other large-format stores regularly with Honey. The promoter of Honey, PayPal, does have strong promotional skills that push through deals. Shopkick is more of a fun to use a product that involves the individual to a larger extent than Honey.

Cashback system and the tub of ice-cream

It is a wrong notion that people actually make money with the cashback systems in use currently. Most of the time, cashback shopping is nothing but an affiliate marketing that plows back some of the sums of money earned by its users back to the customers. It would be wrong to try and make a living out of using the cashback software, but the more practical aspect is to expect a tub of ice-cream at the end of the shopping month and regularly.

We hope that we helped you in this article, Honey vs Shopkick, to determine which one is better for you!