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In the modern world where the internet is seen more as a resource than a commodity, software like Honeygain is bound to cash in on the spare internet capacity that is built into a system. It can be the internet capacities at home or the office, Honeygain tries to make use of the spare processing power that is available to the user and in turn, pays sums of money for doing so.

So, basically, the Honeygain software would use the spare capacities that have been built into the home or office internet systems and in return, the users are paid for the use. There are two sides to using the internet. First is the excess processing power that the networked devices have with them and the second is the spare bandwidth that each internet user has available


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How does Honeygain work?

To make popcorn, it is necessary to first put the popcorn into the oven.  Similarly with Honeygain to work, the user must first download and install the Honeygain app onto the devices that he intends to share with the platform. The role of the software is to utilize the excess processing power that the user has as well as the spare bandwidth that the system has to allow external programs to work on the devices. 

There are limits to the number of devices that Honeygain supports. Desktops, laptops, and handheld devices are supported by the application. A separate IP protocol would have to be used in each case of three to connect more devices.

People would be tempted to use Virtual Private Networks to render the connection of more than the three devices. But it must be warned that the system has sophisticated monitoring capability that can pick out any of the VPNs and this could mean the disconnection of the network.  Moreover, your account could get locked out and with it the sums of money that you have managed to rack up. \

Cloud Delivery Networks

It is but natural for people to think about why individuals and companies need to share internet resources? The reason is simple. It would take someone situated in Japan a long time to access files stored on servers in say the United States. This is where the establishment of Cloud Delivery Networks comes into play. CDNs are virtual servers that are situated locally; in this case in Japan, to cater to the local need for data and internet services.

Companies like Honeygain use the spare computing power and the spare bandwidths with private individuals and their computers to create Cloud Delivery Networks.  An in return the user is paid a certain sum of money depending on the amount of use that their computers and internet resources are put to.

What are some drawbacks?

Firstly, the system is used to generate a passive source of income. It cannot rely upon as the major source of income for anybody. The main drawback is that only three devices can be used per IP address and no more. This works to the disadvantage of those having more devices at home and office. It limits the earning potential to a great extent.

Another operating feature of creating Cloud Delivery Networks is that it works principally on the Laptops and Desktops. Thus, people who have access to exclusively mobile devices are at a disadvantage most of the time. Equally disheartening is that the system cannot be used for the iOS yet. 

As stated above, the system is used to generate a passive income and it goes to reduce the overall internet cost that a person pays monthly. It cannot be used to generate surpluses to sustain a lifestyle. Disconcerting feature is that sum of $20 has to be accumulated before the user can cash out on his earnings. This typically would take at least a couple of months to work out.

Is Honeygain legitimate?

There is nothing illegal in the rollout of Cloud Delivery Networks. Platforms like Honeygain are in no way against the law anywhere. It has to be seen in the light of needing systems that are more local and being more responsive to the user than otherwise.

Concerns arise on the privacy of data that is stored on the devices that are networked on the Honeygain system.  It must be understood that the whole computer or mobile is not being accessed by the platform. A small portion is rendered accessible using tunneling technology that seeks to protect rest of the system from prying eyes.

Honeygain Alternatives

There are a number of alternative platforms that provide passive incomes and work to establish Cloud Delivery Networks.


This is one of the most popular of alternatives to Honeygain. It uses the spare computing power of the systems to mine altcoins. The payments are done using crypto currency principally bitcoins.


A good alternate program that uses the extra internet resources available to the user to mine a range of crypto currencies.  One of the defining aspects to the platform is the sleek interface that makes its use rather simple enough.


Here the spare computing power of the networked computers are put to mine crypto currencies and is one of the most useful ones to have around.


To conclude, more and more services are rendered on the Cloud Delivery Network platforms. Therefore soon arises a concern regarding the legitimacy of the programs. Large part of the Cloud Delivery Networks is involved in the mining of crypto currencies more than anything else. This method provides for a rather high computational power which is at the same time economical to use.

Often it must be pointed out that cryptocurrencies by themselves are not illegitimate. But often these are used to fund nefarious activities that give such currencies a bad name.

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