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How Does Honey Work


The Honey app or web browser plugin is intended to make shopping cheaper and more convenient to the user. The extension does compare the different coupons available for the goods you have purchased online and applies the optimum coupons to give the maximum discounted rates. So how does Honey work?

Apps like Honey save the customer money and time. It saves money as it optimizes and calls to action the most applicable discount codes to be applied at the shopping cart’s checkout. Online shoppers can be assured of getting the most out of the discounts available at a merchant site at any time.

Secondly, it is the time saved. The Honey plugin would be working in the background as people get to shop at online merchant sites. It enables the customer to save time in choosing the right discounted codes. For folks that consider their time as money, the Honey browser extension is a win-win situation at all times.

How does Honey work?

How Does Honey Work
The Honey app or web browser plugin is intended to make shopping cheaper and more convenient to the user. Let’s find out what is Honey and how it works!

With the Honey app, it is an automated deal-making situation all the time. The application would always be running in the background as people open their browsers. When a person loads a participating merchant site, the plugin tends to scan the shopping cart as it is being loaded and computes the best possible coupon codes available for the chosen products.

The software tests and compares different codes if more than a single coupon is found to be eligible to be applied to the product. It then chooses the most suitable or the ones that provide the most savings of money to the cart. The actual coupon is used at the end of the shopping session as people tend to pay for their purchases.

Another exciting feature of the Honey app is that it tends to provide credits to Honey Gold’s purchases. These are points that are awarded to each coupon purchase and are stored in the user’s profile. When a person has accumulated 1000 points, this can be redeemed for a $ 10 gift card. The card can be used as a discount card for future purchases.

But most of all, we must point out that Honey works only on merchant sites that are participants in the program and with people that have signed up for the Honey account. Honey is honored across 40,000 plus online business establishments across the world and on over five continents.

Signing up for the Honey plugin

The Honey browser extension would have to be installed on the browser that you use to start with. This is instead a simple affair and can be done by visiting the site There would be links to the most popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. A brief click on the relevant link and the plugin would be installed on the browser. At times the browser needs to be permitted to use the additional extension, but this is a one-time affair at the installation.

The customer then would have to make an account with Honey. It can be done using the profiles on Google, Facebook, or it can be created with an email address. The details of the person being transported from the social media sites’ relevant profiles and loaded onto Honey’s profile section.

By successfully installing the browser extension and login, the user would see an icon on the browser’s top right-hand corner.

Using Honey’s coupon finding feature

  1. Shop around on an online store as you would typically do. To use Honey, it must first be ensured that the plugin supports the merchant site. The extension’s logo would light up to notify this.
  2. Before the shopping is completed, click on the Honey plugin icon to see all the coupon codes that are available currently. It is done during the checkout process or added to the cart. It depends on how the particular shopping site supports Honey.
  3. At this moment, Honey would indicate the number of coupon codes available for use. This can vary on what is on offer at the moment of purchase and is very dynamic. Click on the apply button to test out the different coupon codes and arrive at the combination that provides the most discounted bill.
  4. Testing out the codes happens quickly, and in case there are no applicable codes to be used, it would tell the customer that he has the best deal. In case any loyalty credits are available for use, this is also indicated when the coupon codes are being tried out.

The history and drop list features of Honey

History feature: With this particular feature of the Honey plugin, it is possible to track the specific commodity’s price history at a store in time. Thus, the customer gets to see when the price drops happened in time and can make a predictive decision when a possible discount would occur in the future. The Honey browser plugin does not take part in the decision process but provides the price history.

Droplist feature: Here, the shopper can enter the item he is interested in into a list called the drop list. It can set the time frame of the drop list from 30 days to 120 days. If the goods’ price falls during this set period, the customer is intimated by an email to the effect. It is a time-saving feature to keep track of price movements as and when they happen.

What makes Honey browser extension stand out? How does it work?

The most notable feature of the Honey cashback browser plugin is that it has managed to enlist many merchant sites in the shortest time. That is 40,000 plus and counting. It would mean that the chances of hitting upon a deal at a particular site increase probability.

The most telling part of the application is using the history and drop list features in tandem. It can predict a product’s price into the future and make a purchase when it is most opportune. Few applications have such innovative features added in.

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