How Does Wikibuy Cash Back Work


Cash back offers are credits earned while shopping at the Wikibuy program. It is meant to be an incentive to keep using the platform and to spend more money shopping. The cash back credits are redeemed as a cash substitute while checking out from merchant sites. That is, after having done the shopping. While paying for your purchase, the customer can offset some part of the bill in place of the credits that he has accumulated in his account.

One of the cash back program features is that it is mostly offered at the more extensive shopping merchants. In this manner, the chances of the shopper happening to find a good purchase happens to go up. The cash back program with most shopping sites does encourage the customer to shop a little more than what he would have done otherwise and helps save money if used consistently over some time.

What is Wikibuy cash back?

What is wikibuy cash back bvs
What is wikibuy cash back?

Wikibuy cash back credits are mostly offered at the larger merchant sites. They are credits accumulated in the Wikibuy account each time a shopper shops at a participating location. In case a cash back offer exists on a product, the customer is kept in the know by the platform. Usually, the amount of cash back is indicated in a box near the product description.

For most parts, the shopper has no role in deciding to avail of the cash back credit. Once the purchase is made, he is credited with the coupon credits directly into his Wikibuy account. It is possible to know how many credits a customer has accumulated by visiting the Wikibuy web browser’s accounts section.

There is a delay of a couple of days to have the credits added to a person’s account. Till the account is credited, it would not be possible to encash the credits during shopping. The cash back program’s strong point is that the customer is encouraged to make purchases from the Wikibuy web extension. As people shop more and more, the amounts credited to the cash back program only increase.

The cash back offers are but a way of discounting purchases over a period. Most people tend to calculate the cash back credits into the price of the product that they are purchasing at any time. To the Wikibuy platform, the offer of a cash back credit is a method to keep the shopper on the web browser extension for as long as possible could be done.

How do you redeem Wikibay cash back credits?

In the Wikibuy program, the cash back credits accumulated in the account are redeemed as an eGift card. The customer chooses to save the credits from the accounts section, and he is offered a range of eGift cards that are available to him.

A selection is made of the particular eGift card that the customer requires. It is then paid for using the accumulated credits in the account. Often, there are bound to be certain conditions and prerequisites to using an eGift voucher. These are laid out when making redeeming the credits, and thus the customer gets to know what exactly he is signing up for.

The eGift voucher is then received at the address that has been recorded in the Wikibuy account. Standard delivery times of the postal department apply here. After receiving the eGift voucher, the customer can redeem it at the merchant sites by entering the coupon’s codes into the column on the checkout counter.

One of the most attractive features of the eGift card is that it is transferable. So the customer might want to gift the card to a friend or relative to be redeemed by them. This particular feature adds to the flexibility and versatility of the cash back credits in the account. The balance amount in the credits can be viewed by checking the accounts section at any time.

How do local offers work in Wikibuy cash back?

Wikibuy cash back offers bvs
Wikibuy cash back offers

Local offers are schemes that run at smaller establishments to help shoppers using the Wikibuy program to get discounts and offers. An account has to be opened on the Wikibuy system by using a credit card in the first instance. This is a relatively simple and straightforward affair. Enrollment is free and would take about a minute of your time and is hassle-free too.

While shopping, it is possible to see the offers at local stores by visiting the It is also possible to see all the prevailing local offers at a time by clicking on the relevant link in the browser too. The relevant local offers may be checked, and payment made using the registered card at check out.

Credits are earned each time a person shops at the participating merchant sites. It is possible to view the accumulated credits at any time by visiting the relevant page on the Wikibuy website. It is possible to link more than a single credit card to the local offers program, and in case the given card needs to be changed, it can also be done.

For the smaller establishments, the local offers are an effective way to take on the big stores. They are, in a manner targeted marketing most of the time.


The cash back credit facility on the Wikibuy application is a great way to retain and keep the customers interested in purchasing using the web browser extension. It is possible to transfer the credits so that it is more to be seen as a gift voucher that can be presented to someone else. If there has to be a strong point to the program, it has to be relatively simple and straightforward to use.

With the Wikibuy cash back credits, the shopper is provided with an additional method to save money. The participating merchant sites have the added option of attracting more paying customers. A couple of people can resist the offer of a freebie when they are out shopping, and the credit system is one such method of getting people to shop more.

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