How does Wikibuy work?

How To Use Wikibuy

Wikibuy is a web browser extension that applies discount coupon codes while shopping at merchant sites. Wikibuy has a very simple concept, but to bring this feature to the shopper takes a lot of effort. It takes both the shopper and the shopping sites to work in tandem to make use of the platform’s convenience.

Convenience means two things here. First, there it is time-saving in finding the cheapest products, and secondly the power of saving money by using the browser extension. There could not be a better winner than the Wikibuy browser extension at any time for those folks who consider time as money.

Now that we know what it is for and how the shoppers benefit from it, let’s go into more detail about how does Wikibuy work.

Getting on to the platform

  • For the shopping sites: For discounts to work while shopping, the first step is to get on board the shopping sites that sell their products online. Often there is a fair bit of marketing involved in this process. The merchant sites’ main attraction is that applications like Wikibuy tend to bring in customers in large numbers to their sites.

    Now, it would be somewhat naive to say that Wikibuy is the only operator in finding discount coupons. There are many players in the field; some very popular and others not so preferred. The marketing team of Wikibuy approaches the merchant shopping sites with what they can offer. In turn, the shopping sites need to pay a commission on deals struck using the browser extension.

    Often with competing discount browser extensions, it is how cheaply the platform can provide a service and the reach the platform has among the customers that frequent a particular merchant site. It is wrong to assume that the sites that offer the most discounts tend to get the customer. Equally important is the need to ship the commodity to the customer in a quick time. In large countries like the United States, shipping times can play a significant role in the customer’s decision.

    Another feature is that it is just possible that two brands of a product can offer different rates of rebates to the customer even with the same shopping site. So, often the customer has to decide which of the product he would prefer given the discounted prices on offer.
  • For the customer: While shopping online for a product, the shopper gets an offer for the most discounted prices. With the extension activated, recalling the various discounts that are on offer at a particular time is effortless. The extension brings to the shopper’s attention the available deals when he is paying the cost of the shopping cart.

    No doubt, there is a convenience to the shopper when using the Wikibuy browser extension. The customer is up to date on the latest offers and by the different merchant sites all in one place or application. This feature is handy during festive seasons like Christmas or in situations when there are many offers from each of the merchant sites. Moreover, the offers tend to keep changing by the hour too.

    When using Wikibuy, the customer has the choice of picking out the cheapest commodity or service. Also, you can install the extension on all popular browsers: Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

How to ensure that the customer can make Wikibuy work

For people to benefit from the Wikibuy browser extension, they have to install the application onto their browser.

To install the extension follow these simple steps below:

  1. Visit by typing in in the browser bar. This should take the customer to the website.
  2. You would see a clickable like that says Add Wiki to [web browser]. In case you don’t see such a link, update the browser and try again. In case you are using a browser that does not support browser extensions or the Wikibuy extension, use a compatible browser of choice.
  3. Select the option to add a browser extension. This can redirect you to another page where permission would have to be given to install the browser extension to the particular web browser.
  4. The customer would now have to enter the Zip code and indicate if he is an Amazon Prime user. This helps calculate the shipping charges while shopping. For Amazon prime customers get added features from the member site.
  5. You may now close the installation window and open up the browser to shop. You should notice a blue icon on the browser directly. The customer is now ready to go.

Understanding how Wikibuy credits work

When you use the Wikibuy extension you have an option to acquire Wikibuy credits. This is something of a loyalty program that the platform employs to keep customers on the browser extension. It is aimed at the repeat shopper most of the time.

When you have a certain number of credits, you can exchange them for cash when checking out. But some conditions have to be met. For example, the purchase must be over a certain value, or you need to gather credit points to a minimum number. This feature is mostly promotional for attracting and keep customers.

Has Wikibuy been able to affect the purchasing habits of customers?

The reason people use Wikibuy and similar discount coupon web browsers is that they are relatively convenient to use. They save money and time. In the long run, it is possible to save considerable amounts of money by using the platform each time a person shops. People had inevitably made purchases even when they did not need the stuff. But that is the essential human nature or human weakness that apps like Wikibuy are trying to use.

Looking into the future, it is relatively safe to say that there is going to be a still more innovative use of products like Wikibuy. There is a vastly untapped market waiting to be picked up by creative entrepreneurs. The customer will be made the king of the shopping sites with more added features to existing ones.

We hope we made this topic easy and clear, and that we answered the question about how does Wikibuy work for everyone!

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