How Online Support Apps Can Help Grow Your Business

How Online Support Apps Can Help Grow Your Business

In the current digital world, nothing is booming in the service industry like online support apps. But that is understandable since you need these apps to enable you to carry out your business by connecting with your customers in a fast and convenient way. See, there is a necessity and by fulfilling these requirements, it is no surprise that online support apps are crucial to business growth.

There are various ways in which online support apps can help your business grow. Here are some ways in which online support apps prove to be helpful.

According to Zendesk, customers pay attention to three different aspects of customer support teams. One is the speed of response (89%), second, speed of resolution (89%), and lastly, friendliness of representative (82%).

Part of the ways in which these apps can help your business grow is they make it possible for you to keep in touch and provide instant feedback. The response time matters, especially with customer queries regarding your products or services.

The way you quickly become frustrated for having your home WIFI down for hours, and with hours of contact with your Internet Service Provider to no avail – is similar, to say the least, on the way your customers will also feel, due to sluggish responsiveness — response time matters. Only offering your customers instant feedback is beneficial not only for them but for your business as well.

Online support apps have brought customer support to the fingertips of your support team because they do support common platforms like mobile – both Android and iOS.

In SaaS businesses, customer feedback is crucial. Online support apps give your customer support team the best tools they can rely on to sort out customer queries. These apps have pre-made workflows and collaborative features that make it easy to handle numerous customer issues and questions.

Online support apps also have organized channels like your different customer support teams ranging from sales, technical service, and other units for easier management and handling of customer feedback.

Having better tools like modern online support teams makes your team better in tackling issues. From the numbers, Aspect in its research found out that 42% of service agents fail to resolve customer issues because of disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and using multiple applications.

On the multiple applications issue, online support apps have really advanced. These apps nowadays come integrated with CMS, analytics tools, and even chatbot systems for automated workflows and more.

Instead of using multiple apps, online support apps can also be integrated with other business productivity apps to bring all the functionality on one platform, which is time-saving and hence efficient.

For essential customer service, online support apps also include integration with bots. Chatbots have proven to be helpful in most occasions, according to Accenture. The firm estimates that a chatbot can resolve more than 80% of customer chat sessions.

Some benefits of an excellent customer experience bring to your business include;

New Business Customers

NewVoiceMedia estimates that after positive customer experience, 69% of customers will recommend your business to others. This will result in growth, of course. To top it up, about 50% of these customers will use the business more often. See, that is how valuable customer experience is.

Even More Sales

If these stats are not enough, Harvard Business Review state that customers with the best experience of the business end up spending 140% more, concerning the ones who have the worst experience.

Zendesk research has also proved that 24% of consumers will continue buying from vendors up to two or more years after a pleasant experience.

Win Trust Among Consumers

Trust, like in every other business, is a crucial pillar to the success or failure of a business. Gaining more confidence in consumers means more sales and you will gain more loyal customers as a brand.

The Institute of Customer Service estimates that just a 10% increase in customer satisfaction results in a 12% uptick of consumer trust. Winning trust is a surety that your brand will be chosen over others.

Closing Up…

Online support apps are essential for modern-day business. These tools provide customer teams with a smooth experience handling customer queries. In return, your business gains trust, more loyal customers, and what does all this mean for you? More sales and hence, business growth.

If you haven’t been using online support apps, we suggest it is high time you should do so.