How To Remove Capital One Shopping (Wikibuy)

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Unmistakably the Capital One Shopping web browser extension brings shopping convenience to the fingertips of customers. Over time, people have noticed specific patterns emerging out of the use of the plugin. Of all the issues that arise, it would be worth noting that some points keep repeating over and over. Find out how to remove Capital One Shopping.

Why remove Capital One Shopping?

Briefly discussed are the most commonly occurring needs for the Capital One Shopping web browser to be removed from the customer’s systems.

  • Malware program: Once the Capital One Shopping web browser extension is added to the browser, it tends to keep track of all the sites that the user visits. The program then sends out advertisements to products that are being handled by the participating merchant sites very frequently. Clearing the cache often does control this occurrence to a small extent, but it does not completely remove it. Another feature of the program is that many anti-malware products tend to identify the Capital One Shopping extension as a potential threat to the privacy of the individual. It has been reported to do a fair bit of snooping despite the best efforts to prevent users’ access to online activities. A significant number of systems identify the Capital One Shopping plugin as potential spyware too.
  • Amazon affinity: A very prevalent view among the users is that most of the time, the Capital One Shopping software points to offers and discounts on Amazon. It has been noticed that despite there being cheaper options to choose from, the extension tends to prefer the Amazon site to shop at. When signing for the Capital One Shopping program, it asks the user if he is an Amazon Prime customer. This is seen by many to help influence purchase decisions most of the time. Thus, it is desirable for those folks who do not prefer the use of the Amazon site to remove Capital One Shopping from their browsers.
  • Ignorance of shipping times: When the customer signs up for a Capital One Shopping account, he is told to enter his Zip code. This is to help with the calculation of shipping rates for the goods ordered. Often, when shopping for goods, the customer is not informed of the shipping times involved in a particular dispatch. The accent is always at the lowest cost, and there is no indication of possible faster shipping.
  • There are instances when people would want to know when they can expect a particular shipment, and this applies a lot to the purchase of perishable goods. People who live in remote locations find this specific feature rather annoying most of the time and would seek to remove Capital One Shopping from their systems.

How to remove Capital One Shopping

It is possible to remove the Capital One Shopping browser extension in many ways. Moreover, with each of the popular browsers, the steps are slightly different too.

Option 1. Using the Control Panel option

  1. As per the Windows Operating System in use, Click on Start, go to Settings, and then Apps and Features.
  2. Find Capital One Shopping and mouse click on Uninstall.
  3. Wait for the program and the associated files to be removed from the system.
  4. Restart the browser to have a Capital One Shopping extension for free browsing.

Option 2. How to remove Capital One Shopping from Chrome

  1. Start the browser. In the top right-hand corner, there is the menu icon. Click on it and choose Tools and then Extensions.
  2. Select Capital One Shopping and after it has been highlighted, click on the trash bin symbol in the dialog box.
  3. After that select the menu icon from the top right-hand corner and enter Settings.
  4. Go all the way down in the Settings menu till the Reset Browser setting is reached. Click on this. This is done to eliminate the malicious scripts associated with the Capital One Shopping extension from acting up again.

Option 3. Removing Capital One Shopping from the Firefox browser

  1. Start the Mozilla Firefox browser and go to the Menu icon.
  2. Choose Add-ons and then Extensions
  3. Select Capital One Shopping and then choose Remove.
  4. Re-enter Firefox Menu settings. Choose Troubleshooting Information.
  5. Press Reset Firefox to bring back the browser to the earlier state.

Option 4. How to remove Capital One Shopping from the computer using a malware removal tool

Numerous malware removal tools are available in the stores. Anyone capable of tracking the Capital One Shopping program can be relied on to remove the browser extension. The use of such software is just a straightforward affair with only the need to click through.


No doubt, some of the well-known computer pundits classify the Capital One Shopping browser extension as malware and do not encourage its use in any way. At the same time, those folks who tend to take their privacy seriously have issues using the plugin. It is thus comforting to note that the Capital One Shopping program can be removed quite easily with much fuss.

The existence of more than a single option to use in case people want to know how to uninstall Capital One Shopping only adds to the program’s versatility. Thus, the customer has the final say in deciding whether to use the Capital One Shopping extension or the coupon discount codes.

One of the known features of modern computer systems is that they can be readily configured without advanced knowledge or techniques. This is true with the installation and use of the Capital One Shopping browser extension as well. The uninstallation is just as easy as the installation part.