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How To Use Honey

What can I use the app for?

How to use Honey app? Most people find shopping online rather convenient and pleasurable. And when shopping at an online merchant, it is common to find a column asking for a coupon to enter the codes. These coupons are discount tickets that allow a specific, fixed discount or a discounted cost price percentage. Most people are either unaware of what discount coupons to apply at a particular shopping site or have too many coupon codes that they do not know the most optimum one to use each instance.

This is where an application like Honey web browser extension comes to play. The plugin tends to locate and apply all the discount coupons available when checking out or paying for the purchases. The installation of the extension is a one-off affair. Once done, the customer could well forget that he has installed such a thing, and it becomes useful only at the time of purchase from a merchant site.

The application tends to mix around in the background and finds just the optimum number of coupons to apply. Thus, you can assure the customer of getting the lowest cost each time he shops at a participating merchant shopping site.

The other alternative is for the customer to Google for discount coupon codes, which does not guarantee much. It is often a lot of time spent with little result to show for it at the end.

What is the Honey plugin?

How to use honey
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The Honey web browser extension is a free-to-use app that helps the shopper save money. When the person is checking out his shopping cart, it comes to play when it automatically always applies all the best coupon codes to the purchase, providing the lowest bill.

For the application to work, the user must first download the relevant plugin to the browser he is using. You can do this by visiting Honey’s home page and clicking on the appropriate link to the particular browser that the person is using.

Once done, the next step is to create a user account on the application. You can do this by using the profile on Facebook, Google, or any other supported social site. Alternatively, it can be created by using a valid email address too. But you can use the plugin even without an account. This would typically mean that loyalty credits are not added to the account, which might take away the money-saving experience’s full utility.

What is Honey Gold?

Honey Gold is a loyalty program that the browser extension uses to attract repeat shoppers to the sites. Once an account holder accumulates 1000 points in credits, you can redeem it for a gift voucher of $10. The gift voucher can be used instead of cash while making purchases at participating stores.

Let’s give an example of how to use Honey interestingly. Another exciting feature of the Honey application is the Droplist. This is a list of items that can be saved to monitor the price in real-time. Once the target price fed reached into a product, the app would email the user with the offer. The beauty of the list is that it applies to a range of sites. If the price drops to the set level across anyone first, the customer is given an intimation.

Using the Honey App

Would you maybe like to know more about how to use Honey? It works by searching out the various ways to save money in real-time as customers shop on a merchant site. It is a commitment not to waste time in coming to the best-discounted price at any time.

Several tools are on hand to make the online shopping experience a rewarding and fruitful one all the time. They are as discussed below.

Savings Finder: This is the USP of Honey. The customer needs to install the Honey plugin. The application will automatically find the best-suited coupons each time you shop on a merchant site. It applies to thousands of shops, including shopping for groceries, travel retailers, and clothes.

Honey Gold: The loyalty program of Honey is what the Gold plan is all about. It does not apply to all the stores that Honey is used in but to select large merchant sites that encourage the customers to encash the gold credits. When purchasing with the honey discount coupon, a credit accrues to the account holder. This is the loyalty bonus, and only those shoppers that tend to make repeat shopping can make full use of it. You can exchange these credits for a Gold Gift Card, which is valid against purchases for the card’s value.

Price history: For the shopper that would plan out a purchase, nothing is more useful than the price history. This is nothing but a price listing over some time across merchants. It would then be possible to time out a purchase so that the person gets to pay the least cost for the goods.

Other tools

Droplist: The customer may add items to his Droplist by clicking on the Honey icon on the browser for any item. He may then set the target price often decided upon by Price History. When the item’s cost has reached the target price, the customer gets a signal to purchase.

Mobile App: The Honey application is now available as a mobile app on Apple Store and Google Play Store. It works slightly differently than the plugin and can be used to shop around for the lowest-priced goods. All the standard features of the platform are available to the online shopper.


If the ease of shopping coupled with savings in money that the online shopper targets, then the Honey browser extension is just what you require at this point and time. Creating an account with Honey is not mandatory, and people who value their privacy would find this point somewhat helpful. Accepted at over 40,000 merchant sites and used by over 17 million people, the Honey browser extension is here to stay for some time yet.

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