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Hubstaff vs TimeCamp

Two of the best – Hubstaff vs TimeCamp

People into project monitoring and tracking would tell of the immense utility of software that could help with the management of projects. Hubstaff and TimeCamp are two of the very best time tracking software available in the market. Since a large part of managing projects is the allocation of time for each activity and the control of time, we can say that these time management tools are just right to monitor projects. Hubstaff vs TimeCamp – which one is better?

There are many advantages of using time tracking software. Implementing time management software can often be realized with a few weeks of its deployment in an office space. The application has known to get people to value their time both when they are working online and offline.

Hubstaff vs TimeCamp – Comparing Projects 

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Often with companies and workers, they tend to work on several projects simultaneously. It would take a substantial time tracking program to differentiate between any two projects regarding whether they meet the performance criterion.

The need to compare projects comes about when the same time needs to be allocated to the different projects. It makes sense to spend more time on the tasks that provide a better return than otherwise.

Negotiating Rates 

When it comes to negotiating hourly rates with the customer, it makes sense to have some measurable parameters for comparison. With the project, time is a crucial point of negotiation. If something has to be done quicker, then more man-hours have to be deputed to the activity. That, in turn, calls for intense bargaining on the hourly rates as well.

Therefore, it would go without saying that keeping proper time is crucial to any negotiations. Past performance is often a benchmark for future billing functions.

Negotiating value 

It would come into the picture when people would want to dispose of or sell a business concern to another person. Having a strong timesheet filled in with work would go a long way towards ensuring that there would be interest in a sale. It would also work towards realizing a better price for the concern if the timesheet can show future trends and allocations of work.  

What is Hubstaff 

Hubstaff is a performance monitoring software that goes about the business by tracking how people use time. We must stress that the Hubstaff application does more than just log time. It offers the flexibility of working and operations to manage the time at hand better. It does employee tracking, payroll management, invoicing, and more, all within a compact package.

Employee Tracking 

Every employee that gets to use a computer or a smartphone gets to be tracked by the Hubstaff application. The program runs in the background and records every activity that the worker takes in time. Reports are generated that would make possible the analysis of the timesheets, which are usually done monthly. It is also possible to track the workers’ activities daily or even weekly. That would primarily depend on how urgent the tracking and improvement has to be done.

Payroll Management 

If we are dealing with a fair size business with a large workforce to manage, then an automated time tracking software is indispensable. Hubstaff can calculate the return on investment in people and systems by directly explaining how resources are contained in the workspace. It is possible to completely automate the payroll management so that the wages are calculated and disbursed with minimal supervision.

What is TimeCamp 

Timecamp is more than a time tracking software. It helps manage projects while keeping tabs on how money flows into work and out of it. There are more than simple timesheets on play here. At the heart of the Timecamp application lies a graphical interface that enables the easy operation and the simple working of the system.

Automatic Time Tracking 

The one-click time tracker on TimeCamp works by being in the background and allowing the software to record with the workforce does in the day. For those offices that will enable the workers to use their computers and phones outside of working hours, there is a provision to turn off the surveillance once the work hours are done.

App Integrations 

There is a wide range of software integrations available with TimeCamp. It ensures that implementing the time tracking software does not break with the normal flow of business and makes for a smooth transition. Most firms and companies tend to be using software to run the business much before a time tracker application is being used. The graphical interface allows for the easy addition of things like offline work, overtime, and the sorts.

Hubstaff vs TimeCamp – What makes a better time tracker of the two?

TimeCamp is more comfortable using the application than Hubstaff but takes a more complicated setup to run it the first time around. There are better software integrations with TimeCamp when compared to Hubstaff. TimeCamp is much more graphical compared to the more sheets like the look of Hubstaff.

Thus, we must say that TimeCamp would make the better time tracking software when compared with Hubstaff, but when it comes to the cost of acquisition, Hubstaff is much cheaper per person per annum.

Hubstaff vs TimeCamp – Which one to choose? 

It would be wrong to compare two-time tracking software point to point for the user’s features. A better approach would be to compare the packages as a whole, and it would then mean a better software application than anything else.

Nowadays, it is possible to meet the budgetary requirements of packages needs. Many vendors offer over a hundred applications, and each points out they are the best in the field. So, the right approach would be to look for something that matches the workplace culture more than anything else. 

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