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Hubstaff vs Toggl

hubstaff vs toggl
In this article, Hubstaff vs Toggl, we will compare one of the most innovative time tracking platforms known. Read on and learn more!

Time Management Tracking Platforms

In this article, Hubstaff vs Toggl, we will compare one of the most innovative time tracking platforms known. So first, let us discuss the tracking software in general and then get to the point.

There is more to time management than just timesheets. The current crop of time tracking software takes time management to the next level by incorporating some most innovative features. More than anything else, the use of time tracking applications points to a more professional management outlook. The use of this software ensures better compliance with labor laws. Also, ensures that workers are paid according to the efforts that they put in.

We must say that both Hubstaff and Toggl happen to display some of the most innovative uses of time management. Let’s check out the additional features of time management and tracking platforms belowe.

work time
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Distributing the Workload

Often with different workers, each one has his own capacity to perform tasks. This capacity or ability varies from person to person most of the time. When tracking time with this software, it becomes possible to measure efforts that each person takes to do a certain task. It then becomes possible to ensure that each worker works to his full capacity. But also, this ensures that the worker is paid wages that commensurate with the effort put in. The time tracking ensures that no worker keeps idle too with the most spread out work possible among the workers.

Accurate Reports for Compliance

There are labor laws in almost every country that people work in. Businesses need to comply with the latest laws that govern the use of personnel in the workspace. Often these laws are prone to change, and that they do not remain static. A good time tracker software can ensure that any changes to the labor laws, in the hours of work possible per week or even the hourly work rate, can be reflected in the way the workers are made to work. Thus, this ensures compliance with the local laws and is something desirable at most times.

What is Hubstaff? 

Hubstaff is something that any business needs to make work like clockwork. It is time tracking, invoicing, payroll management, and much more. The application monitors hours of work put in and that they do not get to while away their times. It ensures greater productivity of the worker most of the time without being intrusive. The strong point of Hubstaff is that it runs in the background while most workers are performing their work.

Online Timesheets 

Never set the reminder for another timesheet reminder. Hubstaff has automated the process, and another manual submission of the sheets would be made redundant. Another feature of the platform is the ability to keep track of time even when the internet connection is broken. Hubstaff keeps recording the time, and once the connection is reestablished, the data downloaded.

Improve Productivity

There are a number of working features that contribute to the increased productivity of the worker. Some of them are the screenshot capturing and URL recording properties.

With the screen capture action, the software records or captures the user’s screen at regular intervals. This can be set as little as 30 seconds apart, but it is more common to have a five-minute interval. Once a record is made of the screen at regular intervals, it becomes easy to know what the user is doing during his work hours. With URL recording, the tracking software, which is Hubstaff, records the URLs that the user is visiting during working hours.

What is Toggl?

Toggl is also a time tracking software. The main operational difference is that the Toggl is cloud-based in working compared to other software. Thus for all practical purposes, it is device-independent. Toggl has some compelling features, including some of the most intrusive time-keeping functions. It has a rather simple-to-use interface that takes little training as possible.

Revenue Tracking

One of the highlights of Toggl time tracking software is that it is possible to track the revenue per person and on different projects simultaneously.

The incomes are tracked graphically, which means that it is possible to keep track of the most paying ones as well as monitor the most wasteful of expenses as well. Comparisons become possible with Toggl, thus getting to allocate work to the most efficient of workers most of the time. In the long run, it would be possible to increase the workers’ productivity by taking proactive steps as well.

Team Scheduling

Check on who has been given what works so that it’s possible to know how exactly each worker takes to a certain task. Different people have different approaches to work. This is reflected in the faster completion of tasks by some people compared to others. With a team schedule, it is possible to know which of the team members get to perform the activities in quick time and ensures faster completion of work as far as possible.

Hubstaff vs Toggl – Which is the Better Time Tracking Software?

So let us see who wins this Hubstaff vs Toggl contest and why. When comparing Hubstaff with Toggl, all features are taken into consideration make Toggl come out on top. Firstly, for its cloud-based architecture, which gives a device-independent working and for the range of possible reports with Toggl. The user-friendly interface adds value to the product very much.

Hubstaff scores over Toggl in the costing aspect, with the cost per user per month being one of the lowest in the class of tracking software.

Personal Preferences

Over the years since the first introduction of time tracking software into the market, the customers often tend to have strong preferences. Often this can be due to a bad experience they had with a prior software, or it could be that they have really taken advantage of the present software application.

Nevertheless, it is not an easy market, and consumer preferences can be fickle at times.

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